September 14, 2003


The new Outkast, Speakerboxxx: Love Below is now playing. Hot. Buy it or something. Making me rethink my opinion of the Big Boi / Andre 3000 relation. Always looked at Big Boi as a talented but not brilliant MC of a pretty traditional mode who happened to pair up with an other freak in Dre. But clothing lies it seems. The Big Boi CD is fucking off the rigging, while the Dre one is just weird, at least on the first run. If anything The Big Boi is actually more out there then previous Outkast albums, but in direct lineage. Dre's seems to have more to do with the black post-rock styles of Cody Chestnutt. A hell of a lot better though, Chestnutt album is unlistenable in my book, while Dre's shit will be listened to further for sure.

Then there is Ghostface's Summertime remix, oh lord. Got me fiending big time. The Def Jam debut was due last spring, where the hell is it.... Odd bit is the song doesn't seem to be commercially available anywhere, wtf? Heard Beyonce was mad about the Ghost remix, but ever her version isn't on Amazon...

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