September 28, 2003

Very Hypothetical

So lets say, hypothetically of course, that Bush for some reason does not run for a second term. Who do the Republicans put up? Schwarzenegger?

Seriously though, they haven't built any alternatives at all have they? Schwarzenegger is the only person they seem to be pushing right now and as an immigrant (illegal?) he's not qualified. Who steps up, Giuliani? DeLay? Jeb Bush? McCain? Its not exactly a star studded field...

Posted by William Blaze at September 28, 2003 04:49 AM | TrackBack

I used to be a pure "Independent", believing that no one party should hold power for too long and see-sawwing back and forth between the two parties was good for the nation. Now I am pretty much in the democrats camp and would like to see the republicans sit out on sidelines for a while and think about what they have done.

As for your question,

I think if W is toast then Jeb is out.
Delay would be funny but I think that he's too crazy if you're not from Texas.
Giuliani gets a little slack for his 9/11 performance but I'd still never vote for him.
I really liked McCain in 2000, I even register as a republican so I could vote for him the primary, but I think he has burned most of his credibility in the last 2+ yrs. I think most of indepentents that he was firing up are with Dean.

I am really at a loss for repubs I like right now, even though I wasn't big on the Clinton impeachment I did watch the hearings and remember being impressed with Henry Hyde, he was giving reasonable and rational speaches on the house floor. He is one of the last repubs that I can remember nodding my head in agreement with and last I heard he was getting together with the ACLU to oppose the Patriot Act. However he is a little old to running for Pres.

I guess that they're left with Frist, but about the only thing he has done is not be as dumb as T. Lott

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