October 01, 2003

Abercrombie & Zizek


I keep meaning to write a little about the Slavoj Zizek issue of A&F Quarterly, but I keep forgetting as I don't own a copy of the issue, nor can I find any good images online. A&F Quarterly is a magazine cum catalog that has turned Abercrobie & Fitch into one of America's top clothing retailers for teenagers. It's known for masterfully pushing sex and homoerotism to the precise point where it outrages parents and excites kids while still being acceptable corporate behavior. All (or most at least) of the photos are by Herb Ritts, 80's master of the underwear ad.

The latest issue adds a twist, all the copy in the massive photo spread that takes up half the large magazine, is written by philosopher Slavoj Zizek. And it reveals one thing, Zizek's work is a far better copywriter then philosopher...

Ok that's unfair. I never managed to read any sizable amount of Zizek's work, although I've tried quite a few times. Put fcuk he sure is a good copywriter. And his philosophy often reads more like ads for his mind then actual thinking.

Got to stop talking shit, someday I'll read him properly...

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