November 22, 2003

Art Notes

Danny Goodwin"s brilliant aerial surveillance constructions at Jack the Pelican. Featuring live feeds of the homes of America's nastiest leaders.

Juan Zhungur's primitive Christmas decadence at Safe-T-Gallery

Dream So Much 2 was quality all around, but Kenji Hirata stood out strongly. Mean while the post graffiti scene continues to walk the tightrope line between brand generation and art creation. So far so good...

No such worries for Daniel Zeller at Pierogi 2000. More of a threat of his millions of superfine lines inducing vertigo in the viewer as he delicately (and obsessively?) maps a space that oscillates between the aerial topographic and the neural microscopic.

Meanwhile I can't find any images that do any of these pieces visual justice, go view the shows. Also note there is an Artist's Talk for Dream So Much on Wednesday December 3rd at AAAC, 26 Bowery. No word on which artists.

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Dear Abstract Dynamics--really appreciate the article on the exhibition that you ran--

I'd love to invite you and your readers to the Closing Party and Catalogue Launch on Thursday, January 8th, 2004! It's at the AAAC at 26 Bowery, 3rd Floor NYC (between Pell and Bayard Streets next to the McDonald's--red door) from 6-9 p.m.

The catalogue is a slick collector’s item that features 32 full-color pages and includes a wonderfully written introduction by accomplished art curator and critic (and editor in chief of Art Asia Pacific) Franklin Sirmans and an essay written by co-curators, Richard S. Chang and Alexandra Chang. The essay is a cultural examination of the context for dream so much 2.

The body of the catalogue features art from the four dream so much 2 artists: James Marshall (Dalek), Kenji Hirata, Sandro Tchikovani (Misk), and Tomo Matsuyama (MatzuMTP). Included are works from the show, as well as new works not in the show. Print run for the catalogue has been limited to 1,000 and will be available at the closing party as well as at the web site:

The event and catalogue was sponsored by Scion and the drinks are sponsored by Tiger Beer.

Hope you all can make it,
Alexandra Chang
dream so much 2

Posted by: Alexandra Chang on January 3, 2004 04:28 PM

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