December 29, 2003

Lego Skyscraper


lego skyscrapers, impressive, and in many ways better then the real thing...

Really wanted to include a link to a designer who make small cast metal models of incomplete monuments, but I completely forgot his name. Google completely failed to compensate for my memory. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Please let me know.

[via No Sense of Place]

Posted by William Blaze at December 29, 2003 09:00 PM | TrackBack

you mean the "buildings of disaster" series?

Posted by: AG on December 30, 2003 12:08 AM

Close enough, same designer, Constantin Boym, different series. The buildings of disaster is the second series after imaginary monuments, which had things like this huge tomb for Lenin that never got built and if I remember correctly Gaudi's massive skyscraper. Still can't find anything in Google, but at least I have the name.

Posted by: Abe on December 30, 2003 10:48 AM
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