March 28, 2004

Pattern Recognition, Mediapunk

Somewhere, some space, I've seen the term 'nowpunk' tossed around William Gibson's latest Pattern Recognition. More apropos perhaps would be 'mediapunk'. Provided of course were willing to live with the fact that there is nothing even vaguely punk rock about this genre...

As for a review, you'll have to go elsewhere, the book is enjoyable enough for the few hours it take to complete. For what its worth perhaps Gibson's best. While Neuromancer is clearly a far more influential work, the dirty secret is that, beyond its impressionistic near future cityscapes and new terminology, nothing in the book actually makes any sense. Gibson the author is never quite going to live up to Gibson the sound bite. Mediapunk.

Posted by William Blaze at March 28, 2004 10:00 PM | TrackBack

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