May 29, 2006

May 28, 2006

May 25, 2006

The Sheep Market

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May 24, 2006

An argument that we are entering a second middle ages, originally from Foreign Affairs. Interesting piece that could be better. It's an argument I've tossed around in my head myself, but ultimately concluded is far more interesting only if you factor in not just the similarities but the huge differences as well.

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May 23, 2006

BLDGBLOG: Interview with Mike Davis: Part 1. In which Davis reveals he wrote his whole book on worldwide slums on his porch without any visiting of anyplace... Much as a love reading his work I think that pretty much cements his status as a science fiction author, not the non fiction one he fronts as. His vision is powerful and worth reading, just doesn't have a huge amount to do with reality...

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May 21, 2006

May 20, 2006

May 19, 2006

May 18, 2006

Whiskey Bar: In Cold Blood

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May 17, 2006

railroad scars

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May 14, 2006

pivotgraph.pdf (application/pdf Object), Martin Wattenberg research on multivariate graphs, as usual great stuff from him.

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sai sriskandarajah | the waste land, this is a great piece from ITP, was sort of funny to stumble across it online.

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May 12, 2006

The Management Myth

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May 11, 2006

Ryan Shaw » What Are You?

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May 10, 2006

Small Groups, Big Ideas on the Gore, "flat" workplace culture.

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May 08, 2006

May 07, 2006

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: One interface to rule them all, a good article with a title that sounds strangely familiar.

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May 06, 2006

BLDGBLOG: Architectural Criticism is a great read, time permitting I'll have some comments on this soon.

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RED: Rebels without a pause

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May 05, 2006

May 02, 2006

May 01, 2006

Stephen Colbert's monologue at the White House Correspondents Dinner, as close to a must read/view thing around lately, its a good routine but to do it in front of both Bush and the entire DC press corp is incredible.

"Fox News gives you both sides of every story: the president's side, and the vice president's side."

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