December 30, 2006

cityofsound: Monocle

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Kermit on Visual Thinking, anyone have the video of this, YouTube fails for once...

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December 28, 2006

December 27, 2006

December 26, 2006

December 24, 2006

December 20, 2006


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December 19, 2006

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Sharecropping the long tail:

"What's being concentrated, in other words, is not content but the economic value of content. MySpace, Facebook, and many other businesses have realized that they can give away the tools of production but maintain ownership over the resulting products. One of the fundamental economic characteristics of Web 2.0 is the distribution of production into the hands of the many and the concentration of the economic rewards into the hands of the few...

"It strikes me that this dynamic, which I don't think we've ever seen before, at least not on this scale, is the most interesting, and unsettling, economic phenomenon the Internet has produced."

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December 18, 2006

vlogbot, Steven Jackson's videoblog bot/viewer.

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December 17, 2006

Google Operating System

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December 16, 2006

Online caste systems in India

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December 15, 2006 :: Unfinished thoughts on user research, Peter's trying to pull together a bit of critique on designers retreating into being researchers... Insightful, but perhaps one egg short of an omelette.

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December 14, 2006 Bad Stereotyping, it's actually well worth checking out the series of posts leading up to this on Gladwell's blog, where you basically see an expert on making clear written arguments stumble through a couple rounds of debate and emerge on a very crisp and strong argument.

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detroitblog » Wild Kingdom

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Joel on Simplicity: "I think it is a misattribution to say, for example, that the iPod is successful because it lacks features. If you start to believe that, you'll believe, among other things, that you should take out features to increase your product’s success. With six years of experience running my own software company I can tell you that nothing we have ever done at Fog Creek has increased our revenue more than releasing a new version with more features. Nothing. The flow to our bottom line from new versions with new features is absolutely undeniable. It's like gravity. When we tried Google ads, when we implemented various affiliate schemes, or when an article about FogBugz appears in the press, we could barely see the effect on the bottom line. When a new version comes out with new features, we see a sudden, undeniable, substantial, and permanent increase in revenue."

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December 13, 2006

The Boomerang Drone, of all the things in the annual NYTMag ideas issue, this is the only one worthy of a "holy shit"....

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December 12, 2006

December 10, 2006

December 09, 2006


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Swivel - Home "Swivel is a place where curious people explore all kinds of data."

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BLDGBLOG: Olympic instability

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December 08, 2006

SmallGantics - Bent Image Lab

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December 05, 2006 The Ghost Map and the inevitability of cities, a very valid critique of the deeply pro-urbanism approach of Johnson, whose views I happen to share. Both as Merholz points out, all three of us happen to live in some of the primest urban pastures, and stay their by choice, many of the billions now in urban spaces are not nearly as lucky...

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December 04, 2006

Caterina Fake - .net magazine

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frogblog / The problem with design It's just a quote and it's a quote worth re-quoting in entirety:

“The fundamental problem is that designers are obliged to use current information to predict a future state that will not come about unless their predictions are correct. The final outcome of designing has to be assumed before the means of achieving it can be explored: the designers have to work backwards in time from an assumed effect upon the world to the beginning of a chain of events that will bring the effect about. If, as is likely, the act of tracing out the intermediate steps exposes unforeseen difficulties or suggests better objectives, the patttern of the original problem may change so drastically that the designers are thrown back to square one… The instability of the problem is what makes designing so much more difficult and more fascinating than it may appear to someone who has not tried it.”

-From Design Methods, by John Chris Jones, page 10 (in the second edition)

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December 01, 2006

BLDGBLOG: War/Photography: An Interview with Simon Norfolk, another BLDGBLOG gem.

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The Long Tail: Pixar Quiz On the incredibly increasing demand for 3D rendering power. Drives home the whole "uncanny valley" thing pretty well, except Anderson never makes that connection to the fact that more "realistically" a 3D model is rendered the less human and more undead it looks...

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