May 25, 2007

May 23, 2007

Old School Messenger on Letterman in the 80's, under a truck!

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Leaving a big mess on campus - Los Angeles Times "After final exams and graduation every spring, America's college campuses become astonishing junkyards of abandoned stuff providing, some say, a snapshot of a generation of students raised in a throwaway culture."

And as a bonus they highlight my alma mater...

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May 22, 2007

Index of MaisonMartinMargiela, pretty much a rip off (or homage to?) of the OG Helmut Lang site, but that was one of the all time best sites in my book so....

For what it's worth a few years ago I got half way through building a portfolio site entirely in apache, no html, no flash, just modded directories and images, should finish that thing....

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May 21, 2007

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Long player, Carr on David Weinberger's, Everything Is Miscellaneous. Like Carr I started reading this, and yeah Weinberger started losing me at the exact same point. I did make it half way through though and the book is pretty much ok. I don't actually disagree much with it's premise, what's in there is generally semi right, but what's missing tells a whole other story. Weinberger's got some serious rose colored glasses, and funnily enough the stories he tells make his little tech elite culture into heroes... More hopefully when I finish the thing.

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May 20, 2007

May 19, 2007

May 15, 2007

What Else Is New?: How uses, not innovations, drive human technology. The New Yorker review of "The Shock of the Old", about a quarter way into this book myself and not quite sure how I feel, it seems rather obvious, but sometimes the obvious really needs to be said...

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May 14, 2007

The Aa Evangelist, my cousin Noah Landes writing about acai and the food politics of rainforest fruit. He definitely got me addicted to the stuff, I've been eating it every day for the past couple weeks, no lie. It's sort of like blueberries merged with chocolate, damn good stuff...

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MASH SF World Premiere long time coming! when is NYC?

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BLDGBLOG: Tokyo Revelation

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May 09, 2007

PSFK Conference London

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May 08, 2007

Networks -

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May 07, 2007

May 04, 2007

May 03, 2007

aNYthing glob OG's

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lastnightsparty: DJ 101

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"The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding." - John Updike (via AG)

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May 02, 2007

Little Snitch app for monitoring network traffic on a Mac

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May 01, 2007

cityofsound: Postopolis + BLDGBLOG: Postopolis!, yikes this should be fun!

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