July 01, 2003

Bitpass - micropayments Grow Up

BitPass is live. Back in the dot.com boom days, you'd say they've discovered the holy grail. But things are more sedate and realistic now so lets just say they have a working system of micropayments that will enable a large range of economic possibilities that never existed before. I've been pretty skeptical about micropayments in the past, but I think their time may have arrived. The internet has created a relatively frictionless economic plane, which makes it possible to distribute content that is best priced in the $1 and under range. Bitpass lets you sell things for as little as a penny. And the user interface is quite nice. I've be experimenting as soon as I get the free time. More soon.

Posted by William Blaze at July 1, 2003 01:34 AM | TrackBack

are you listed on the nasdaq?

how can i get involed/invest in your company?

one small business owner,


Posted by: michael l. hale jr. on December 2, 2003 03:14 PM

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