The Disadvantages of an Elite Education: an article by William Deresiewicz about how universities should exist to make minds, not careers | The American Scholar

TheWorldFor - Where the World Votes for U.S. President

The Confidence Game -

Display of market impact in algorithmic trading engine invention

Surprise! Hit Song is Secretly a Commercial | PSFK - Trends, Ideas & Inspiration

OldSchoolPartyFlyers - a set on Flickr

An Attack That Came Out of the Ether -

The lessons of Lil Wayne's No. 1 - Los Angeles Times

American Murder Mystery Very interesting and somewhat disheartening look at the latest developments in the huge story of poverty and crime in America. One huge issue with the article, the tag line talks about the rise of crime in "many American cities", but the causes it pinpoints are much more about the distribution of crime, not the actual rise.

Do food miles matter? | ES&T Online News

Annals of Innovation: In the Air: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

brand tags really nice and simple project from Noah Brier

internet black holes

Hiplife - The Bluffer's Guide - Stylus Magazine

Cassette Playa: Carri Munden - cartoon couture, streetwear, M.I.A. Carri Munden, fashion,cassette playa - Page 2 - LIPSTiCK TrACeZ

Black Stars - Ghanas Hiplife Generation - Hip Hop / Reggae / Afro-beat

Microsoft hacks itself. How retarded is this company? I can imagine they are now about to get sued for false security claims...

Massimo Vignelli's New York Subway Map: Tech:

B e n j a m i n M a r r a i l l u s t r a t i o n s | Bus structure 2am-2pm


Sleevelessness – a blog about graphic design, the web and digital music

murketing “Buying In”, can't wait to buy it myself, Walker is a great writer covering some of the trickiest, hard to capture social terrain of this era.

Larger Prey Are Targets of Phishing - New York Times

"The Clintons, man, they would lie on a stack of Bibles. Snipers? Thats not misspeaking; thats some pure bullshit. I voted for Clinton twice, but thats over with. These old black politicians say, Ooh, Massuh Clinton was good to us, massuh hired a lot of us, massuh was good! Hoo! Charlie Rangel, David Dinkinsthey have to understand this is a new day. People aint feelin that stuff. Its like a tide, and the people who get in the way are just gonna get swept out into the ocean."

Chris Harrison - Internet Map: City-to-City Connections

naked teddy bear

Patagonia - The Footprint Chronicles: Tracking the Environmental and Social Impact of Patagonia Clothing and Apparel

murketing Blog Archive Guest Q&A: The Shirt Project

Cloverbucks - Diner’s Journal - Dining & Wine - New York Times Blog

"So, in essence, cafes that have been using Clovers and the CloverNet have been helping to document and codify a body of knowledge about how the machine, which really is a new bit of technology, functions and performs.

They helped the company compile data about sales, about how the machines are holding up in the field and which specific times, doses and temperatures showcased individual coffees best. Now that information is something that Starbucks a direct competitor to every small cafe in the country has ownership of, and soon it will no longer be available to original Clover users. "

Whoa, that turns the Starbucks Clover acquisition more than a few shades more diabolical... Ultimately I hope it'll work out well for all parties, Starbucks still (or no longer in some cases) can't make good espresso so the indie market has a huge market space. Meanwhile if Starbucks starts making some decent lighter roasts for their new Clovers then coffee quality rises across the country.

The big question remaining is whether someone steps up and creates a Clover competitor for the indie market. Without it there is a nasty gap in the market. It's doubtful Starbucks will be able to brew the uberpremium stuff that places like Intelligencia & Grumpy are producing, and the indies that can do it won't be able to get the machines to do the style.

Why We're Powerless
To Resist Grazing
On Endless Web Data

Doors of Perception weblog: From food miles to fabric miles

Near Future Laboratory Blog Archive What Is Manufacturing in the Era of Design-Art-Technology?

"Were now in the midst of an epic financial crisis, which ought to be at the center of the election debate. But it isnt."

Hillary's Nasty Pastorate yikes, it's a bit weak on details but if true, fuck Hillary, she truly is a monster...


Dolores Labs Blog Blog Archive Where does “Blue” end and “Red” begin?

Eater: EaterWire Coffee Edition: Starbucks Acquires All Clover Coffee Systems Probably doesn't mean much to most people reading this, but in the coffee world this is WOW! First thought is this sucks, although it does mean coffee should improve at Starbucks. Just can't believe they'll be doing the Clovers justice though, and if no one else can get them that's just shitty..

It’s Bondholders vs. Shareholders in a Race to Buy Bear Stearns Stock - New York Times

I have a feeling the term "celebrity whore" just got a little bit more literal.

Taiwans Solution to Traffic Accidents - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog Interesting data on those countdown traffic lights, apparently ones that count down on green increase accident rates, while those that countdown on red decrease accident rates.

It's written all over their faces

village voice > news > David Mamet: Why I Am No Longer a 'Brain-Dead Liberal' by David Mamet


soulincode - a virtual extension of self, written by [sic]

"Fallon was considered by many to be the one man standing between Dick Cheney and bombing Iran. So in the short term, Fallon's resignation raises concerns about our future policy towards Iran "

Algebraic Surfaces Gallery

7th Kilometer Market

Tadanori Yokoo Mazda Supercar 1968 - Can Hillary Clinton Come Back? Karl Rove Handicaps Her Chances on Super Tuesday II -, Karl Rove of all people agrees with my theory that a long primary might actually be good for the Democrats.

The Relevance of Ralph - The Caucus - Politics - New York Times Blog



Stumper : Expertinent: Why the Obama "Brand" Is Working

Here Comes Everybody

Bookshelf Staircase

visual methods: information visualization design for the people!: more progressive visualizations from the NYT

The Goodspeed Update Blog Archive The Urbanists’ Panacea: Parking Reform

village voice > news > Iron Chef Boyardee by Robert Sietsema

The Law and Economics of Pirate Organization

Subprime Primer

Is It Better to Buy or Rent? - New York Times Very useful calculator here, although it's pretty important to note that the settings are biased heavily towards buyers, at least in the context of the NY market (and it is the NYTimes). The investment return is set at just 5% which is essentially a bond only investment, and there are $0 condo/co-op fees! Set realistically and buying a home looks retarded without even factoring in the cost of personal illiquidity one takes on by owning. Retarded that is unless one thinks housing prices will just go up faster than inflation forever...

Europe savors '08 race drama - I wonder if any foreign news outlet can describe the US primary & delegate system without using words to the effect of "archaic and baroque"...

Silobreaker, one of the more promising of the many new news collations/filtering/visualization sites. Kind of curious how many of these seem to be popping up, how many programmers/entrepreneurs are there out there convinced they can make a algorithmic system better than the NYTimes?

Neatorama Blog Archive The Evolution of Tech Companies’ Logos

The Wages of Being John McCain | Redstate

"Just for the record, I have never in my life met anyone who quit working because their taxes were too high, nor have I ever even heard of someone who suddenly wanted to work harder because of a tax break."

Designing What’s Right for Consumers - New York Times

"But you don't have to have an M.B.A. to understand that refusing to compromise on design, for any reason, can lead to fantastic commercial success. Look at Apple, Google, Sonos, R.I.M. (makers of the BlackBerry), or (in its glory days) Palm."

It's a mildly interesting article, but I think that bit about Palm's glory days is pretty telling, just designing a good product once or twice is no indicator of long term success. RIM for instance is in danger of going out of style like a palmpilot, Apple almost died without Steve Jobs around and Google's design track record is hit or miss. It's one thing for a critic to say companies need to incorporate good design and another thing entirely for them to actually figure out how to implement good design and then repeat it.

What Do Real Thugs Think of The Wire? Part Five - Freakonomics - Opinion - New York Times Blog

The Greener Grass: Concept - Current State Slick system for monitoring and controlling a homes power usage via an iPhone. So 21st century! (update: actually it's just a concept not a product, which I guess makes it even more 21st century...)

Department of Citizen Alice: Hugo Chvez's Coca: It's the Real Thing

NussbaumOnDesign Is Search A Lie? Can You Really Believe Google? - BusinessWeek on PR agencies gaming Google.

Pruning Shears - Pruning Shears - The New Authoritarians heh, I guess that's a more charitable way of separating the Coulter/Rush style conservativism as obedience from the other less odious but still not so great styles of conservativism...

Craving the High That Risky Trading Can Bring - New York Times

CNN Hits The Wall for the Election, I actually thought they were faking the multitouch, but it turns out CNN's infowall is a genuine Jeff Han creation.

Like A Super Hero - Newsweek on Microsoft's zooming interface

The Problem With The Trends (Business) on PSFK

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Monkey Boy's three-legged race, on Yahoo/Microsoft

RIP Sheldon Brown. A true bicycle/internet maverick. Fixed gear cycling would never be where it is today without him and the resources he created. Sad day on the internet.

KASHIWA SATO ||| 佐藤可士和

Is the Tipping Point Toast? -- Duncan Watts -- Trendsetting, Watts' 6 Degrees work was pretty misleading, intentionally so too, but still I'm glad he's doing this work, even if his interpretations always feel a little biased...

what vs. how (tecznotes)

EconoSpeak: Time in a capitalist economy analysis: The malware 'shadow economy' -

mySociety Travel-time maps

Google to kill Domain Tasting

Department of Citizen Alice: Venezuela, Allies to Start New Bank

Crip/Blood Graffiti: Washington Heights - New York, NY : with an insane comments section that probably trumps my old reggaeton one...

Vice Magazine - PLEASE SNORT ME - PART 1 - An Oral History of Brooklyn’s Most Notorious Bar

Riding While White on the NYC Subway | RaceWire. Missing a couple stops, but man it drives the point in well...

Ask E.T.: Interface design and the iPhone

At Last, a $20,000 Cup of Coffee - New York Times

Speak Up › The Hardest Working Presidential Candidate Logo

YouTube - Barack Obama Speaks at Dr. King's Church

CR Blog Blog Archive Uniqlo Reborn

Doors of Perception weblog: Traveling without moving in Uncanny Valley

Robert Reich's Blog: The Politics of an Economic Nightmare

Calculated Risk: Wachovia: Homeowners just Walking Away Yow, the crazy thing about this housing crash is that you could see it coming from a couple miles (or years) away. But one thing I never anticipated was that all the no money down and interest only loans would mean that buyers had no commitment to the houses and would happily walk away when the payments turned into a drag. This actually might be a good thing though as historically housing declines are marked not by prices going down but by them becoming illiquid as people are unwilling to sell their homes at a loss. If they are willing to cut and run at least liquidity might return quicker...

from the comments on that link:
"In retrospect, getting a home loan in the last couple of years has been like going to a casino: play any game you like, no matter how risky; the house doesn't care, because the house always wins.

"So who bought, the last couple of years? A lot were gamblers and speculators, the kind of people who know how to cut their losses when things go bad. And let "the house" keep the house."

Closely Watched Trains - New York Times, On the L Train arrival signs, which are often but not always accurate. So if you have a sign that conveys information you can't trust, is it still useful?

NussbaumOnDesign The Military In Davos. "Overheard on the street'those private equity guys have gotten us into deep s.'"


What Does Goldman Know That We Don't?: Michael Lewis

Five Simple Steps to Becoming a Billionaire: The Greenspan Method

Networks Of Design - Design History Society Conference ‘08, hosted by University College Falmouth

BLDGBLOG: Lyons-Dubai, whoa....

With friends like these ... Tom Hodgkinson on the politics of the people behind Facebook | Technology | The Guardian

New Left Review - David Graeber: The New Anarchists

apophenia: Technology and the World of Consumption

Analysis: Why the "Hillary hacked NH?" story is important (Updated)

NussbaumOnDesign New Distribution System for India's Nano Car From Tata. - BusinessWeek

Doors of Perception weblog: Drops in the bucket - On the problem of a non smooth transition from fossil to alternative energy.

50 people who could save the planet | Environment | The Guardian

The Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry

RIP Hans Monderman, Engineer of Livable Streets, 1947-2008

The World Question Center 2008

Everyone Forever

influx's 8 preoccupations for 2008 :: Influxinsights

wrapping up 2007 (28 December 2007, Interconnected) Matt Webb with a year worth of thoughts..

Obey Plagiarist Shepard Fairey, only scanned it, but there seems to be too much hate and not enough real exploration of the implications of image sampling and reproduction. Loads of good research on where Shep gets some of his images though. Consider it a good reference point for a more interesting discussion...


wear palettes (sartorialist remixed!)

Hadoop (open source cloud computing)

Theme Magazine - Tobias Wong

Give one, get one, give a "$100 laptop" (for $400) and get one for yourself free...

Michael Pollan - Argiculture - Disease Resistant Staph - Concentrated Animal Feed Operations - Sustainability - New York Times Interesting article, and also interesting is how the NYT has changed the html page titles on their site, the link above is what they now are using and it's clearly designed to improve how the article ranks in Google...

Facebook Admits Ad Service Tracks Logged-Off Users - Yahoo! News

Staple Crops Hip-Hop Word Count

One Week's Worth of Food Around Our Planet

Joint Venture - a photoset on Flickr

Michael Bierut "How To Be Ugly"

rap represented in mathematical charts and graphs

China Makes, The World Takes

The New York Times > Key Magazine > Slide Show > Making the Cover

To Sharpen Nike's Edge, CEO Taps 'Influencers' -


ZIPskinny (demographics by ZIP Code)

Complex Blog aNYthing Countersuing A-Ron for $5 Million

The Piracy Paradox: Financial Page: The New Yorker

The Whole Internet (as a tree map) Literary Style By The Numbers

"Why do today's 'sustainable cities' look like 1980s golf resorts?"�

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Google, Apple and the future of personal computing

Strange Bedfellows: Why an Apple/Google collaboration has been so difficult to make happen.

Bamboo Bikes in Africa

Ecolect - A Sustainable Materials Community

The ArtReview Power 100

David Graeber: The Shock of Victory. Graeber might be the most provocative of all today's academics, and this might just be his provocative piece, in which he argues that anarchistic direct action is actually widely successful and just doesn't know how to handle success. All this despite most anarchists being completely frustrated with their failures... Most interesting political read I've encountered in quite a while...

NSA's Lucky Break: How the U.S. Became Switchboard to the World

Chimps choose more rationally than humans

Awesome Tapes from Africa

Leaked Media Defender is a company used by the entertainment industry to infiltrate P2P networks, and all sorts of dirty emails are now leaking... Talk about networked warfare.

YouTube - walking (2 times)

Anita Roddick: The last interview - Telegraph

Dame Anita Roddick, Body Shop founder, dies - Telegraph

Through the Looking Glass - The Post-9/11 Era Has Caught Up With William Gibson's Vision

The Frontal Cortex : The Psychology of Subprime Mortgages

The Road to Clarity - New York Times

The Big Picture | How Does Google Work?

Why New Yorkers Last Longer -- New York Magazine

Richardsona // Adam Richardson's Blog - Blog - So You Think Chinese Pet Food is Bad?

Flooding cripples New York's aging infrastructure. So is "aging infrastructure" the new meme du jour? And is it the new political cover for maintaining a deeply (and increasingly) flawed infrastructure rather than creating a better way to live?

Data Visualization: Modern Approaches

Freakonomics Blog Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Street Gangs (But Didn't Know Whom to Ask)

Walking to the shops ‘damages planet more than going by car’ - Times Online

Barnbrook Bible: A Graphic Autobiography

Streetsblog Famed Danish Urbanist Jan Gehl Hired to Consult on PlaNYC

Advertising Age - Digital - The Early Days of Video Search

Online Advertising: Facebook's secret rate card - Valleywag

Neck Face & Mannerist Graffiti Art in the 21st Century

Ironic Sans: Terrorist organization logos

Design View / Andy Rutledge - quiet structure - filed for future comment. Quick version, I agree that de-emphasizing structural elements is often a good thing (and as much as he's going out of vogue, Tufte has been emphasizing this for years.) But why does de-emphasizing the structure so often get paired with de-emphasizing the culture? In Rutledge's example the CNN site is way to quiet, it's a cold flavorless stripped down piece of alienation. A lot like an airport really. USA Today would never me my choice for a favorite site, but it least it has some character and energy.

The iPhone User Experience: A First Touch, Tog on the iPhone

Immersion Corporation - Mobility Overview - make a tactile feedback system that works for touch screens, interesting. Course force feedback mice have had pretty limited success despite how nice they can be. Guess the big success in this feed are game controllers, which have well integrated force feedback now. The Webnography of Reggaeton Faultlines Fascinating post from Wayne Marshall where he digs through one of the more fascinating posts over on this blog. No pomo.

Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace - danah boyd is definitely onto something big here, although as she freely acknowledges it is a draft and aspects need evolution (especially the absurd good/bad binary which she pushes way too far). Still the class/cultural differences between MySpace and Facebook are blatantly obvious from the first log in, but perhaps maddeningly difficult to pin down.

YouTube - BOMB IT- Fuckin Revs

Redeye VC: Myspace - the next Prodigy? It's funny to read the tech types on this stuff cause they just don't get culture. Sure the Facebook app platform is light years ahead of what MySpace is doing, but it doesn't exactly help you promote your band or your photo studio or your art does it? I'm actually more optimistic about MySpace's long term relevance now than I've ever been. That doesn't mean what Facebook is doing isn't cool and potentially important, it's just a big fork in the paths these companies are taking. Analyzing the Facebook Platform, three weeks in "This is an amazing achievement -- one of the most significant milestones in the technology industry in this decade.", and well plenty of bloggers get all hyperbolic like that, but when the blogger is Marc Andreessen, former lead developer of Netscape and co creator of Mosaic... Then again he also is the founder of Ning so make what you want of those statements.

"Peter Saville said I find it a bit cheesy. Those rings dont sit happily within that angular form and the typographic expression of London is a little insecure and apologetic. On the other hand, its incredibly noticable, brave and confrontational. Designs which are effective are abrasive on our sensibilities initially, that is how they work. It doesnt have to be nice because they are familiar, while a great design forges a new aesthetic. Its real job is to be a catalyst for awareness of the Olympics and its doing that already."

The New York Times Magazine - Money Issue, as good and as sobering as an issue can get.

NYT - Kids and Money | New York Times Shorts -- The First Ones - yow, 15 minutes well worth watching.

emo beer = busted career, great visualized music reviews.

Streetsblog Eyes on the Street: A Historic Sidewalk Widening in Williamsburg

Red Hook food vendor guide

london 2012 (tecznotes), got to agree with Mike, took a couple days but I rather like the London 2012 logo now, and the video is as good as that design by committee stuff could ever hope to be. Not quite Mexico 68, but similarly psychedelic and still damn good as these logos go.

Feature Presentation, James Surowiecki on feature creep in The New Yorker

Old School Messenger on Letterman in the 80's, under a truck!

How To Keep Hostile Jerks From Taking Over Your Online Community By Cory Doctorow,

Leaving a big mess on campus - Los Angeles Times "After final exams and graduation every spring, America's college campuses become astonishing junkyards of abandoned stuff providing, some say, a snapshot of a generation of students raised in a throwaway culture."

And as a bonus they highlight my alma mater...

Index of MaisonMartinMargiela, pretty much a rip off (or homage to?) of the OG Helmut Lang site, but that was one of the all time best sites in my book so....

For what it's worth a few years ago I got half way through building a portfolio site entirely in apache, no html, no flash, just modded directories and images, should finish that thing....

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Long player, Carr on David Weinberger's, Everything Is Miscellaneous. Like Carr I started reading this, and yeah Weinberger started losing me at the exact same point. I did make it half way through though and the book is pretty much ok. I don't actually disagree much with it's premise, what's in there is generally semi right, but what's missing tells a whole other story. Weinberger's got some serious rose colored glasses, and funnily enough the stories he tells make his little tech elite culture into heroes... More hopefully when I finish the thing.

Why Work Is Looking More Like a Video Game - New York Times

Reaping Results: Data-Mining Goes Mainstream - New York Times

Estonia accuses Russia of ' waging cyber war'-News-World-Europe-TimesOnline

Koolhaas, Foster clash over ‘similar’ designs - Building Design

Easy Writer: Behind every good design journalist is an editor. Not so true of online critics. By Rick Poynor

What Else Is New?: How uses, not innovations, drive human technology. The New Yorker review of "The Shock of the Old", about a quarter way into this book myself and not quite sure how I feel, it seems rather obvious, but sometimes the obvious really needs to be said...

The Aa Evangelist, my cousin Noah Landes writing about acai and the food politics of rainforest fruit. He definitely got me addicted to the stuff, I've been eating it every day for the past couple weeks, no lie. It's sort of like blueberries merged with chocolate, damn good stuff...

MASH SF World Premiere long time coming! when is NYC?

murketing A totem of a forgotten era

Global Guerrillas: JOURNAL: Russia's War with Estonia

Teaching the Bigger Picture: Design schools need to shift focus from the form of objects to understanding the systems that produce them.

BLDGBLOG: Tokyo Revelation

Dept. of Popular Culture: Banksy Was Here: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

Click opera - Secondhand best: the point of not designing at all

PSFK Conference London

Radio 1 pulls 'promotional' track for brand of hair gel | The Guardian | Guardian Unlimited

5 Boro Generals, Rumble through the Bronx + more

"Media companies don't control the conversation anymore", is about as blandly obvious a quote as you can get, but coming from Rupert Murdock...

Freedom to Tinker Blog Archive You Can Own an Integer Too — Get Yours Here

Networks -

Nike X Junya Watanabe ‘From the Iron’

Verge The Futurist's Bookshelf

YouTube - Macaframa SF Track Bike Promo

aNYthing glob OG's

lastnightsparty: DJ 101

apophenia: maps tech companies + dpblog: utopia maps: more vs. myspace

"The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding." - John Updike (via AG)

LL Cool J - Its Yours Live Freestyle

Little Snitch app for monitoring network traffic on a Mac

cityofsound: Postopolis + BLDGBLOG: Postopolis!, yikes this should be fun!

NAHBS 07 - a photoset on Flickr

YouTube - Bjrk "No Limits" Live March 14th 2007

Is The Bedouin Worker Killing The Third Place?

Google's Four Part Strategy //

Interview with G.L.S. Shackle

52 handblocks/jailhouse rock

YouTube - Tiesto Studio Interview

YouTube - Seconds - Title Sequence by Saul Bass

China To Top U.S. in Greenhouse Gases This Year (TreeHugger) It's going to be really interesting to see what this does to the US environmental movement psychologically. All of a sudden instead of biggest core of the problem is going to be a "them" instead of an "us", what happens next, who knows...

‘The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable’ - New York Times - First chapter of Nassim Taleb's new book. I'm in the middle of it now, recommendation at the moment, read this chapter, but buy his first book not this one. He's got one seriously important idea, but his writing leaves something to be desired, and it's not getting better...

17gugg-graphic.jpg (JPEG Image, 1245x694 pixels), the crack epidemic finally reaches the art world...

Click opera - Live dangerously, live long! "Reversible Destiny Lofts"

Researchers find 'large is smart' when it comes to cities

a low wattage color pallette > thumbnails search: page 1 of 10

Profiting from the Virginia Shooting, the news outlets are buying massacre ad words, and Google of course is selling them.... Course it's possible the ad buys are algorithm driven, wouldn't be surprised if the Times has a system of automatically IDing keywords which triggers keyword buying on Google. And if they don't have it already, well it's coming soon, isn't it?

Update: BlackBerry service hit by widespread outage in U.S., hmmm wonder how robust they really are with all north american traffic going through 2 hubs...

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Googleopoly Beating on Google is sort of a kicking a dead horse thing to do nowadays, except that the horse was never alive anyway it's a statanic robot and it happens to be charging straight at you at some absurd speed.Google plus Doubleclick?, you better run for your lives my friends, except there is no where to run so maybe try turning off your internet and then stay off for life...

GigaOM DodgeBall founder quits Google Go Dennis! Happy to see you free at last.

YouTube - DPRK arirang festival

S/FJ: PEOPLE GET HEATED, truth is there is no debate, Lil Wayne has been absolutely running hip hop for the past year, and there are no signs he's slowing down. Wonder if any of this run is ever going to make it to an official record though...

Lord of the Ringtones: How Akon became a star. - By Jody Rosen - Slate Magazine Good article on the first true 21st century pop star. The African car thief currently singing with a Senegalese accent over a healthy chunk of the top 40. If he didn't exist William Gibson probably would have had to invent him. Of course this being the 21st, it's pretty easy to be the biggest pop star in the world and have practically no one know who you are.

Denver - News - 72-Hour Party People -

PopMatters Books Feature | Long Zoom: Interview with Steven Johnson

Network Weaving

Mexican Drug Cartels Leave a Bloody Trail on YouTube -

Core77 - 1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design a little blas but he sums up the sustainable design trend in a neat 1000 words. Why does it have to be so boring though?

BLDGBLOG: The Heliocentric Pantheon: An Interview with Walter Murch


Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Predictability, Margins of Error, Quality of Life

"Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that on every web page you pull up dealing the horrors of the sub-prime mortgage fiasco Each and every one of these pages carries ads for real estate companies, new housing developments and mortgage companies?"

gladwell dot com - designs for working


murketing Blog Archive All in the execution?

indexed: Exodus, anyone? Indexed is one of my favorite blogs of late, and this particular piece is freaking brilliant....

eBay: KING TUBBY'S HOMETOWN BASS SPEAKER BOX (RARE FIND) , auction is over, but whoa.. surprised it didn't go higher though.

Bruno Latour - We are all reactionaries today

The Year Without Toilet Paper - New York Times

Raph’s Website GDC 07: Game Studies Download "Female players get Sims pregnant 60% of the time, males only 11%. If parents are divroced[sic], so you marry your Sims? Players who have married parents keep their sims married 73%, divoerced[sic] families only 53%. There is a weak correlation between personality and ingame behavior. Strong correlation between player race and character choice, its the exception. And females are a lot more likely to have babies in the Sims. Players are a little likely to want to enact their personlaities[sic], but very likely to want to enact their race and their gender."

DesignNotes by Michael Surtees The Power of Ten (Simpson's style), a totally insane animated gif..

Swizz Beatz Kills Rap, and Tom Breihan is just killing it blogwise lately... Make sure you peep the song, or at least the beat. Between this, M.I.A.'s Bird Flu and Timbaland's Petey Pablo beats there is some true rhythmic frenzy hitting dancefloors in the 007...

Hungry for the Truth: An Interview With Michael Pollan by Anne E. McBride

YouTube - Why must I cry

PSFK: NYT: Widget Makers Are Leeches

Status Ain't Hood Interviews LCD Soundsystem

Time Out New York / Trained killer, a payphone driven installation by my friend Ryan Holsopple.

Click opera - Bourriaud x Curtis

WorldChanging: Notes from the Road: Design Indaba and Doors of Perception

frogblog / Chinese product round-up: Planes, bikes, and automobiles, and buses...

Are Designers The Enemy Of Design?

Prepaid Phone Cards - Consumed - Rob Walker - New York Times

lifefilter: Skateable Ads

Ballardian: the World of J.G. Ballard Collapsing Bulkheads: The Covers of Crash

John Battelle's Searchblog: Packaged Goods Media vs. Conversational Media, Part One (Updated)

The Big Picture | EMH (Part 3): The Home Builders

what to do when they don't (tecznotes)

Lost in Babylon: An Iraq War translator's inside take on America's failure to communicate

the HUB magazine :: Woz There, Done That

Open Architecture Network | Improving living standards through collaborative design

Mobile phone banking takes off - PSD Blog - World Bank Group

Status Ain't Hood - Ten Years After Biggie's Death

Billmon Archives - Miguel de Icaza

'Safest ever' passport is not fit for purpose | News | This is London

cityofsound: Architecture of Memory, Melbourne

| Digital Markets |

Surprise Party

Music's New Gatekeeper - "From their Silicon Valley cubicles, Apple staffers have become music's unlikely power brokers. Our reporters on the horse-trading that can turn unknowns into stars."

GOOD Magazine | Goodmagazine - The 51 Best* Magazines Ever compiled by Graydon Carter! Oddly American centric (with about one and a half exceptions, ie so few that they should have just made it an American list), but pretty on point. I'd work in the Economist, Vice, one of the big 90's fashion rags (Visionaire, Purple and Big spring to mind), and a skate mag (Big Brother, Thrasher or Transworld in their prime.) Damn that piece just brought out the nerd in me hardcore...

Advertising Age - Costly Red Campaign Reaps Meager $18 Million

Pruned: New Mecca

Click opera - Brick-and-mortar conservatism?

mux any-to-any video converter by cruxy


Social Explorer, a nice interactive data map of the US.

Serious Eats: Pizza Hack: Broil Your Pies

The Face of the $100 Laptop

adaptive path blog blog archive Design Schools: Please Start Teaching Design Again

cityofsound: 'Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait', by Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno, great piece by Dan Hill.

On a side note I first read it on my phone, and made a mental note to link to it here, which I promptly forgot. As more and more devices get networked, what happens to reading and posting patterns? In this case the technology actually disabled my ability to maintain a practice. It wasn't until it popped up again in my reading network that I remembered to add it to this column...

Flame First, Think Later: New Clues to E-Mail Misbehavior - New York Times

IBM's Many Eyes App After One Month

world energy map |

Great Firewall of China


oreseg(オレセグ)-仕事しながら動画を観たりするサービスinnovative Japanese YouTube interface

A Condo Tower Grows in Brooklyn -, the national press catches a long brewing local story... :: Michael Pollan and John Mackey be sure to check their letters back and forth, quite interesting.

richardsona // Adam Richardson's Blog - Blog - Org Chart 2.0: Built for Systems Thinking, It's a touch heavy on the "new new" hyperbole, but a very valid question none the less.

Stewart Brand - John Tierney - An Early Environmentalist, Embracing New ‘Heresies’ - New York Times

Pruned: Super-Versailles, on the massive wall sized control room screens

Interviewing the man behind The Wire. - By Meghan O'Rourke - Slate Magazine

Howard Schultz concerned about Starbucks expansion, really interesting internal memo from the Starbucks CEO where he comes rather honestly face to face with the Starbucksification of his brand. It's easy to forget that at one point Starbucks actually made decent (and from what I understand at an earlier point even great) coffee. The question I keep wondering though is just what did Starbucks do with those thousands of La Marzoccas?

collision detection: Does the month of your birth affect your risk of mental illness?

Thingology (LibraryThing's ideas blog): When tags work and when they don't: Amazon and LibraryThing

The Sound of Interaction Design (Schulze & Webb)

AQ | Graphic Design | Articles: Wayfinding in Tokyo: Local Context and Direction Map Design

More Nitsche at: BibliOdyssey: Erik Nitsche Graphic Design & BustBright Erik Nitsche

Flickr: Erik Nitsche collection, a small set of images from my favorite modernist era (but too good to be called modernist) designer. I actually had a collection of nearly all his General Dynamics annual reports, which I long since left with a friend who hopefully still has them. Anyone know a good scanning service in NY, they are well worth documenting...

Flow Map Layout

So this is ubiquitous computing me63 / Matt Edgar

79 - East Germany Lives On - As A Tiny Carribean Island strange maps

Sugar rush | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited "'Sugar is as dangerous as tobacco [and] should be classified as a hard drug, for it is harmful and addictive,' according to a recent article in the British Medical Journal."

The Psychology of Pricing - New York Times

The Old Guard Flexes Its Muscles (While It Still Can) - New York Times, on the Networks response to YouTube.

soul sides: The 50 Cent and Cam'ron Tango

rodcorp: Monocle first impressions, pretty on point, Wallpaper meets the The Economist was actually the exact same hollywood pitch synopsis I was using. The first issue is uneven, but if the weaker points get ironed out, not accentuated as things move on this will be a great mag. The risk however is in the ads, which lean towards that high income wallpaper side of things, and the weaker articles have that bad writing for rich people sort of thing going on. Any slide toward that direction and the result is just another nauseous luxury lifestyle mag. The fact that they are opening news bureaus is a good sign they'll move in the right direction, so the odds are looking nice.

Chvez Threatens to Jail Price Control Violators - New York Times, hard to tell exactly what is happening down their from this distance, but the Times at least is painting a picture of a ghostly echo of the mistakes of 20th century communism and if the left is going to go anywhere they desperately need to learn from and not repeat those mistakes...

Hip-Hop Outlaw (Industry Version) - Samantha M. Shapiro - New York Times, Sam's an old friend, great writer and covering the DJ Drama drama for the NYTimes magazine.

The Ecstasy of Influence ( Jonathan Lethem in defense of plagiarism and against copyright.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: Joel Johnson Spank Us All for Supporting Crap - Gizmodo

Click opera - Can Western people be individuals?

strange maps

Global counterfeit goods locations, list released

Do we *REALLY* want to aggregate all our social networks? | :Ben Metcalfe Blog

Hello, Christian Science Monitor readers! Flood of knockoff merchandise triggers a wider crackdown across US | is well worth reading, and not because it somehow features a quote from your's truly...

DQM / Trackstar collab on a track bike. Definitely different and lots of attention to detail, but would I buy it? hell no... do want to know who actually made the frame though.

Meesters & Van Der Park

The Wizards of Buzz -

YouTube - Kettle race

The Real Problem For YouTube Publishing 2.0 with some response from both me and the excellent Mike Migurski in the comments.

Bar Code Revolution | Design Barcode

Tango Tax Blog - No Back Button, Dammit!

MOG looks like one of the more interesting of the social music sites, although some Pandora style radio functionality could really add to it..

Social Music Overview

Kids, the Internet, and the End of Privacy: The Greatest Generation Gap Since Rock and Roll -- New York Magazine

Stop SMS!

RSOE HAVARIA Emergency and Disaster Information Service, crazy map of all the current "disasters" on the globe.

Daring Fireball: Reading Between the Lines of Steve Jobs's 'Thoughts on Music', I'm starting to think that Job's offer to do away with DRM in the iTunes store is indeed a bluff, but people often bluff with pretty decent hands. I'm pretty sure Apple prefers their "FairPlay" tech lock over selling unprotected MP3 files, but they look great saying they are against DRM knowing that the big guns in the music industry will never call that bluff. And if they actually do, well Apple can handle it, they'd just rather not...

Apple - Thoughts on Music, Steve Jobs is credited with writing that, and he comes out strongly against DRM, very interesting.

BLDGBLOG: Urban Knot Theory

Nas: the "Where Are They Now" remixes, with an insane and massive collection of old school MCs

At Davos, The Politicians Got Web 2.0 More Than The Business People. Not too surprising actually, democratic politics is a highly networked and in places highly distributed process. Big corporations on the other hand tend to have centralized hierarchies not all too different than say a 16th century monarchies...

The Long Tail: The beginner's guide to critiquing the Long Tail, in which Chris Anderson addresses some common critiques of his theory and in some ways confirms mine...

Messenger space, messenger body, messenger mesh Speedbird

Interactive MIDEAST Network Maps

MaxSpeak, You Listen!: FREAKIN AWESOME

Unhappy Meals - Michael Pollan - New York Times

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

"1. Eat food. Though in our current state of confusion, this is much easier said than done. So try this: Dont eat anything your great-great-grandmother wouldnt recognize as food. (Sorry, but at this point Moms are as confused as the rest of us, which is why we have to go back a couple of generations, to a time before the advent of modern food products.) There are a great many foodlike items in the supermarket your ancestors wouldnt recognize as food (Go-Gurt? Breakfast-cereal bars? Nondairy creamer?); stay away from these."

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Brokerage and Closure

Raining E-Blows on Egos - New York Times, It doesn't exactly include any real evidence, but this little Times Style piece is claiming there is now targeted spam going out. Even if it doesn't quite exist yet, it's bound to come down the pipe soon enough, but what I want to know is what are the actual mechanics of it all?

thinking about things: Beauty products by Dunne Raby (!?!?)

The shipping news | Waste and pollution | Guardian Unlimited Environment

richardsona // Adam Richardson's Blog - Blog - Colbert on Cingular

Krugle - Code Search for Developers

John Battelle's Searchblog: The Bummer Of Davos... where every session is off the record, the people in power need to stay in power after don't they...

YouTube - Kool G Rap ft. Nas - Fastlife, rare Nas from his prime, damn...


Color Rendering Index (CRI) and the problem with fluorescents

RIP Disco D

Davos Moment--Battelle Complains About Lack of Advertising for Blogs.

Can Polyester Save the World? - New York Times

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The Montgomery-Finkelstein debate

Masters of their Domains - December 1, 2005

Google Operating System: Google Shows Really Big Checkout Buttons, interesting to see how Google starts to act more and more like a traditional advertiser as the easy money side of things slows down.. Wonder what would have happened if they hadn't gone on a hiring rampage, if they had kept costs low they might have been able to keep their pure text ethos rolling for a long time, or maybe not... Guess that's the Craig's List model.

Many Eyes, IBM's shared data visualization site, Wattenberg & Viegas apparently involved, but it's still not working great for me.

collision detection: Porn: Extra creepy-looking in high-def

Interview with Adam Greenfield

Lunch over IP: DLD07: Norman Foster's "green is cool"

One of the remarkable things about YouTube and era of cheap videocameras is that people are growing up with a remarkable degree of understanding about the art film/video editing. I'm not quite sure that this is what the old school media theorists had in mind when they pushed "media literacy" but evenNike is hyping video editing to the world. Plus I contributed a microsecond or two of Flash animation to that site, so...

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Fake, Real, Fake, Real. Repeat until fade

Did Apple Borrow the iPhone Design from Someone Else? : Christopher Null : Yahoo! Tech, a little overstated, but it serves as a decent survey of previous touchscreen phones.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The link of least resistance

With Field-Goal Accuracy on the Rise, Are Kickers Too Good? - New York Times Personally I'm not even sure why the game needs field goals at all.. or any kicks for that matter. Why not just let the QB throw the ball for a "kick off"?

Who Is Jonathan Ive?

So whose idea was it to put R Kelly on the remix of a track called "Make it Rain"?

(((I always like it when guys in new media loudly assert that their new media isn't like the old media. They're right, too, because the new media isn't like the old media, it's NEVER like the old media. The annoying continuity isn't the media platform, it's the PROFIT MOTIVE. That doesn't change very much. Doesn't change a bit, really.)))"

-Bruce Sterling

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Village Phone, Photo Presentation

50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2006

"More people visit a Starbucks every week (40 million) than watch the highest rated TV show (20 million), we are a network. "

Howard Schultz on Charlie Rose- January 17th, 2006

I'm sure you could say the same thing about McDonald's or Subway or a few other of the biggest chains, but Starbucks owns nearly all their stores, they don't franchise, creates some rather interesting scenarios in the future I think...

Wayne, Bambaataa, Original Concept

The Village Voice: Status Ain't Hood: DJ Drama and Don Cannon Arrested on Some Bullshit

VIDEO: DJ Drama and the RIAA Snitch Test

Scale-Free Networks

Nah Right DJ Drama and Don Cannon Arrested For Piracy

CR Blog Blog Archive An Evening With Peter Saville

Reason Magazine - We're All Global Warmers Now

Nike+iPod Dissection

Hong Kong and Shanghai Duel for Financial Capital - New York Times

IdeaPort : innovation / new technology / fringe scanning Innovation and tantric sex

James Surowiecki on the social networking of executive pay

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Pay-per-view journalism

YouTube - James Brown's Greatest Performance? - Please Please Please

The Pinocchio Theory Blog Archive DeLanda, A New Philosophy of Society, a book I can also recommend. Need to read it again before really commenting though, beyond the fact that I wish DeLanda would address Latour given the nearly parallel but not yet crossing paths they are pursuing.

Feltron 2006 Annual Report

Open the Future: Beauty and the Beast (on the closed source iPhone)

WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: Vanity Sanity: What Would a "100-Mile Wardrobe" Look Like?

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods >> Stories >> Commentary >> Commentary: A discussion on the iPhone

The Travelbox

Some Hands-On Time With the iPhone - Bits - Technology - New York Times Blog

frog design™ / frogblog / iPhone a Potential Boon for Web Developers

Light Beneath the Streets: The Future Fulton Street Transit Center - New York Times

NY Food Museum

Beware of creating two classes of corporate citizens - those who have all the fun and those who make all the money.

National Guardsmen overrun at the Border "A U.S. Border Patrol entry Identification Team site was overrun Wednesday night along Arizona's border with Mexico.

"According to the Border Patrol, an unknown number of gunmen attacked the site in the state's West Desert Region around 11 p.m. The site is manned by National Guardsmen. Those guardsmen were forced to retreat."

Doors of Perception weblog: Global place - or is it a hat? John Thackara keynote on sustainable futures. January 2007 trend briefing | TOP 5 CONSUMER TRENDS FOR 2007

Pew Internet: Social Networking and Teens

Lunch over IP: The remarkable Sahara-Amazon link

Participation Inequality: Lurkers vs. Contributors in Internet Communities (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)

Lil Weezyana The Mixtape Vol I

The Edge Annual Question: 2007

3000 Faces - New York Times

The Bleeding-Heart Rationalist - New York Times

Nassim Nicholas Taleb Home and Professional Page

gladwell dot com - blowing up, Gladwell on Nassim Taleb

"The Sublime Is Us"; Jerry Saltz on Relational Aesthetics

xkcd Blog Archive The Map of the Internet and the actual image

cityofsound: Monocle

Kermit on Visual Thinking, anyone have the video of this, YouTube fails for once...

YouTube - Sam & Friends - Loona and Esskay Meats Commercial

BLDGBLOG: 2006: The Year in Construction

Global Guerrillas: JOURNAL: When will Brazil's Gangs Make the Jump?

Social Networking Awards - The Top Social Networks of 2006 - Mashable!

New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual (1970) - a photoset on Flickr

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: The Economics of Attention

David Byrne Journal: 12.7-10.06: Miami Basel Art Fair

Founder of Wikipedia plans search engine to rival Google - Industry sectors - Times Online

O'Reilly Radar > Google Deprecates Their SOAP Search API


Nah Right Skillz - 2006 Rap Up

Edward Tufte - Presenting Data and Information - jason carr's mousepad: Graduate Student resources

The Shrinking Long Tail - Top 10 Web Domains Increasing in Reach

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Sharecropping the long tail:

"What's being concentrated, in other words, is not content but the economic value of content. MySpace, Facebook, and many other businesses have realized that they can give away the tools of production but maintain ownership over the resulting products. One of the fundamental economic characteristics of Web 2.0 is the distribution of production into the hands of the many and the concentration of the economic rewards into the hands of the few...

"It strikes me that this dynamic, which I don't think we've ever seen before, at least not on this scale, is the most interesting, and unsettling, economic phenomenon the Internet has produced."

vlogbot, Steven Jackson's videoblog bot/viewer.

For Rap Pioneers, Paydays Are Measured in Pocket Change

Google Operating System - misc - Best Blogs of 2006 that You (Maybe) Aren't Reading


Online caste systems in India

Tunisian Troglodytes and Star Wars :: Unfinished thoughts on user research, Peter's trying to pull together a bit of critique on designers retreating into being researchers... Insightful, but perhaps one egg short of an omelette. Bad Stereotyping, it's actually well worth checking out the series of posts leading up to this on Gladwell's blog, where you basically see an expert on making clear written arguments stumble through a couple rounds of debate and emerge on a very crisp and strong argument.

detroitblog Wild Kingdom

Joel on Simplicity: "I think it is a misattribution to say, for example, that the iPod is successful because it lacks features. If you start to believe that, you'll believe, among other things, that you should take out features to increase your products success. With six years of experience running my own software company I can tell you that nothing we have ever done at Fog Creek has increased our revenue more than releasing a new version with more features. Nothing. The flow to our bottom line from new versions with new features is absolutely undeniable. It's like gravity. When we tried Google ads, when we implemented various affiliate schemes, or when an article about FogBugz appears in the press, we could barely see the effect on the bottom line. When a new version comes out with new features, we see a sudden, undeniable, substantial, and permanent increase in revenue."

Craigslist Meets the Capitalists

The Boomerang Drone, of all the things in the annual NYTMag ideas issue, this is the only one worthy of a "holy shit"....

adaptive path Strive for Elegance, Not Simplicity

Michael Bierut: The Graphic Glass Ceiling

The War Bounty Surfboard | Outside Online


Interview with Amber Frid-Jimenez and Brent Fitzgerald

Swivel - Home "Swivel is a place where curious people explore all kinds of data."

BLDGBLOG: Olympic instability

SmallGantics - Bent Image Lab

On the Puma Slancio, and the eternal return of the modular shoe Speedbird The Ghost Map and the inevitability of cities, a very valid critique of the deeply pro-urbanism approach of Johnson, whose views I happen to share. Both as Merholz points out, all three of us happen to live in some of the primest urban pastures, and stay their by choice, many of the billions now in urban spaces are not nearly as lucky...

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Avatars consume as much electricity as Brazilians

Oblique Strategies Dashboard Widget

murketing The No Mas Q&A [Pt. 2]: Art, writing, business, and the “Baghdad Oilers.”

Varoom - the journal of illustration and made images

Caterina Fake - .net magazine

Green Car Congress: Mayor and Transport for London Outline 20-Year Transportation Plan for Economic Growth and Carbon Reduction

frogblog / The problem with design It's just a quote and it's a quote worth re-quoting in entirety:

The fundamental problem is that designers are obliged to use current information to predict a future state that will not come about unless their predictions are correct. The final outcome of designing has to be assumed before the means of achieving it can be explored: the designers have to work backwards in time from an assumed effect upon the world to the beginning of a chain of events that will bring the effect about. If, as is likely, the act of tracing out the intermediate steps exposes unforeseen difficulties or suggests better objectives, the patttern of the original problem may change so drastically that the designers are thrown back to square one The instability of the problem is what makes designing so much more difficult and more fascinating than it may appear to someone who has not tried it.

-From Design Methods, by John Chris Jones, page 10 (in the second edition)

BLDGBLOG: War/Photography: An Interview with Simon Norfolk, another BLDGBLOG gem.

BLDGBLOG: War/Photography: An Interview with Simon Norfolk

The Long Tail: Pixar Quiz On the incredibly increasing demand for 3D rendering power. Drives home the whole "uncanny valley" thing pretty well, except Anderson never makes that connection to the fact that more "realistically" a 3D model is rendered the less human and more undead it looks...

Dean Baker: The Simple Economics of Trade

"The worst part of the story is that the winners are too dumb or too dishonest to acknowledge that they won because they had the government on their side, so they go around gloating about having what it takes to succeed in the global economy."

Daring Fireball: Palm CEO Ed Colligan's Head Seems to be Stuck Somewhere

if:book: brewster kahle on the google book search "nightmare"

murketing Bothe(red)? Its like if you took Bob Dylans The Times They Are A-Changing, used it to pitch Rolex watches and tried to convince people that if they bought enough luxury goods they could make a revolution.

heyblog: Review: "Designing Interactions"

U B U W E B :: Film & Video, a large collection of classic video art available online, very nice. - Coroflot's 2006 Design Salary Survey

murketing Retail mayhem roundup

Push Button For: Interaction Design, User Experience and Business Blog Archive Interview with Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bicycle Works

The U.S. organic cotton industry has a tough row to hoe | By Jason Mark | Grist | Main Dish | 20 Nov 2006

Streetsblog: Covering the New York City Streets Renaissance

Wired News: What Will Wii Controller Unlock?

The Psychological Consequences of Money -- Vohs et al. 314 (5802): 1154 -- Science

Money and Me, Me, Me -- Miller 2006 (1116): 3 -- ScienceNOW

Lunch over IP: EFC07 - Bjorn Lomborg on prioritizing the world's problems"why are we so willing to help people in 100 years and unwilling to help poor people today?"


PSFK: Waterless Washing Machine

Duncan Wilson - Pixelnotes

GigaOM Is Mesh a Problem for MuniFi?

How to Kick Butt On a Panel

Pulse Laser Blog Archive 3C products

YouTube - Bad Brains - At the movies - 1979

Track Record

Towards Natural Interaction

Three Things You Don't Know About Aids In Africa


The shady one-man corporation that's destroying hip-hop. - By Tim Wu - Slate Magazine

WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: Milton Friedman and the Social Responsibility of Business

[BREAKING NEWS]: Student shot with Taser by UCPD officers Couple days late on this story, but man is it disgusting...

YouTube - UCLA Student Tasered by UCLA Police

Loading an Airliner Is Rocket Science - New York Times


Raph’s Website CopyBot Raph Koster on the copy crisis in Second Life.

"They will be copied. They will be ripped off. They will find their market prices falling. They will agitate for DRM. They will form lobbies with the analogue to a government, and argue that they are in fact the primary cultural contributors in the system. They will, in the end, come to embody everything about the broader, commercial Web that they fled to Second Life in order to escape.

"They will, in effect, be hoist by their own petard."

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Data Transmission Mechanisms

Acumen's New Model for Third-World Aid

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Knockoffs roil Second Life

Influx interview- jon steel- pitching new business

the perfect t-shirt

Welcome to Confabb: The Conference Community

WTO Announces Formalized Slavery Model for Africa aka the Yes Men strike again.

Serving Up Energy Efficiency, Market-Style, On server farm energy use and innovation.

Guiding Principles for Sustainable Transportation (via A Sustainable Train of Thought)

Futura Paul Mittleman interview on fixed gear

A Struggle Over Dominance and Definition - New York Times on Google

DIY Kyoto | Wattson a way to visualize and view your home energy usage.

Google vs Yahoo! vs MSN Search: Comparing Search Algorithms

craiglist-new corporate model or freak?

Gothamist: 11 Spring Street Goes Out Big

NPR : Ride a Bike, Ruin the Environment, a rather swiftian argument against bikes, but without all the humor. Breaks down as such: you ride a bike and therefore live longer and since you live longer you end up messing up the world more, yeah that really is the argument...

The New Yorker: HOLY ROLLERS: The city's bicycle zealots by BEN MCGRATH An ok article on bicycles in NY, would have been nice if the author actually got on a bike and road around though, no evidence he did...

yasns- social network timeline wiki

Ballardian: The World of JG Ballard, because strangely enough my new home has a rather Ballardian lilt.

Vogue Cover Archive, and yeah I know this is my first post election day link... The election may have been a satisfying relief, but it was also pretty damn boring as a read...

Social Network Analysis, A Brief Introduction

XTech 2007: Call for participation now open — XTech

Orbicule | Undercover | How it works, it's like LoJack for your Macintosh. It's also sort of a scary piece of self surveillance.

On the General Relativity of Fiscal Language

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Flaming the dead

Blended Value


send Josh Ellis to Tanzania

Technology Review: Motorola's Dumb Phone

Can Design Change the World?

AlterNet: The Thirteen Scariest People in America

YouTube - Ice Cube - St Ides Malt Liquor Commercial

Wired 14.11: Tiny Slice, Big Market, Shirky on the "meganiche"

Passivhaus Institut

"I like the idea that hordes of voracious kids with ADHD are moving like locusts from server-farm to server-farm, feasting on link-potential and feature-sets, then leaving them as quickly as they came - barren hosts to nothing but digital tumbleweed and middle-aged new media pundits."

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Larrying Wikipedia / Arts & Weekend - The high priestess of internet friendship, FT on danah boyd and social networking sites in general.

IDEA Conference Blog Audio and some slides

fiftyRX3: perusing the crossroads of style and sustainability

Combatting Global Warming: What's Wrong With Pay by the Mile Insurance?

monome, part of me is "that's a cool new interface" and part of me is like, "that's an overgrown drum machine, can't we do better than adding new buttons to 30 year old interfaces?"

The TR 808 Is Coming, D-Nice on the flashback tip.

frog design / Design Mind / Fall 2006

NextD Journal 9.3 - Gil Wildman & Chris Downs

Own Your Own Words - Books - Review - New York Times By STEVEN JOHNSON

TIME: America By The Numbers - Where We Live

Stephen Colbert: "Oh really? Mmhum. Do they give a Nobel prize for throwing your own feces?"

Peter Agre: "........That's the Economics prize, I think."

The Big Picture: Evolution vs Science

22 Bruce Sterling - Closing Keynote.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)

heyblog: IDEA 2006 Conference wrapup

Ten Things I Have Learned by Milton Glaser

Convivio Network

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Larry Ellison and the business of social production trend events - Trends and events, seminars, conferences, workshops

NESRI: National Economic & Social Rights Initiative

YouTube - Gondry - Cell Phone's Dead

Harpers Ferry Center: NPS Maps In the Public Domain!

Treehugger: New York City: Sustainable City?

Project Blackbox

O'Reilly Radar > Homophily in Social Software

Unit Structures: The Colonialist Perspective in Social Software

Visualizing the City Conference

Michael Bierut's Vinyl Fetish - Class and Web Design, Part 1: The Class Struggle 1 of 6, well worth the full read.


Hong Kong

Global Rich List

Gotham Center Forums

"What do you wear?
"Whatever. When theyre used up, I take them across the street to the shelter. The kids hate it, because Ill give away crazy limited-edition shoes, and theyre like, 'I just saw this homeless guy wearing these Jordans I cant believe!'"

Line Rider - beta by ~fsk on deviantART

The Big Picture: Google Buys YouTube -- for Free

breakdown of where the revenue from a typical CD sale goes

Maps of War is basically an animated map showing who controlled the middle east throughout time. I actually created a very similar project as a Flash prototype for way back in 1999, centered around the Balkans. Of course I like mine better ;) but it's still good stuff..

Vandana Jain

murketing Blog Archive The weirdly resilient consumer

Lunch over IP: EuroScan: Littershark Prowls European Cities

Future Boy: Videogames get real - Sep. 28, 2006, more Payphone Warriors press...

50 Important Words //

Lunch over IP: A state-sanctioned trojan in your computer

sonic.focus 2006

3rd International Conference on Communities and Technologies - home

sense.PSFK: Cybersquatting 2.0

The Long Zoom - New York Times

User/Submitter for Digg Users and Submitters, a market for Digg votes.

The dashed line in use

Pulse Laser

Life With Alacrity: Tracing the Evolution of Social Software

Is the Bush administration manipulating oil prices to win elections? By Daniel Gross - Slate Magazine

Netflix offers $1 million for a better recommendation algorithm

John Battelle's Searchblog: The Information Factories In which John Battelle, calls out George Gilder on his uncritical techno-utopianism! Battelle was the founder of the Industry Standard, the uncritical dot com magazine that burned through hundreds of millions of dollars throwing parties for bad business plans with long since forgotten brand names...

Christ, Robert Anton Wilson has been reduced to spare changing on the web, not quite sure what to make of that, but I'm sure at least some of my readers must be fans...

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Beyond question, on the fact that searching for "Martin Luther King" returns a white supremacist site at the top of the rankings.

Ranking Artists

Social Enterprise Conference 2006

Black Gold: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Sxip Identity

Spacing magazine • understanding Toronto's urban landscape and public spaces • Toronto subway buttons • Spacing Wire • Spacing Photos

An interview with Majora Carter, founder of Sustainable South Bronx | By Amanda Griscom Little | Grist | Main Dish | 28 Sep 2006

Everything Louder Than Everything Else

Fuct Interview (with Erik Brunetti) :: addic[tee]d :: Fresh Tee Guide™, some weird stuff from the pioneering "street" clothing brand... just a little bit bitter maybe? Almost a textbook case of a pioneer not getting proper respect, but it'd be nice to see them handle it a bit better...


Tough Love: Business wants to love design, but it's often an awkward romance.

Guardian Unlimited | Weekend | Interview - part one: Sally Vincent meets retail entrepreneur Philip Green

Noisy Decent Graphics


Idiotic examples of corporate cost-cutting. By Daniel Gross - Slate Magazine


Argentine Land Fight Divides Environmentalists and Social Rights Advocates -

WorldChanging: Spinach, Feedlots and Knowing the Backstory

History of the Button

Hyperpolis : Really Useful Media |

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Literacy, Communication, Design Presentation

Social Design Notes: Redacted

Architecture and Situated Technologies

Living online: I'll have to ask my friends - Sherry Turkle on social networking in the New Scientist

Suburbia with a twist, the Cathedraltown development in Canada.


Reason magazine -- June 2001, City Views -- Jane Jacobs Interviewed by Bill Steigerwald "Urban studies legend Jane Jacobs on gentrification, the New Urbanism, and her legacy." Includes what may be her ownly public commentary on Celebration, Florida.

Guardian Unlimited Business | | Rolling out the green carpet Another interview with Ray Anderson of Interface Carpet. Is this the only green business story there is too tell? It's a good story but I've heard this one WAY too many times now, and the lack of a follow up is frustrating. The car share business might be one, but so far they seem to lack a good story/ pr person / charismatic spokesperson / whatever is needed to get interesting press...

Click opera - Facial beauty index

PingMag Interviewing Omotesando's street fashion crews


The Future of White Boy clubs at FactoryCity

Toward a New Compendium of Knowledge Larry Sanger on his new project, a fork of the very Wikipedia he played a major role in creating.

Whiskey Bar: The Late Show

Network Analysis of Venture Capital Relationships in Silicon Valley

Design Observer: The Face Of Oblivion

A Magazine for Earnest Young Things - New York Times, it looks like they left "rich" out of the headline...

ZEBO - The World's Largest Repository of What People Own
"Hi, what do you own?"

Whiskey Bar: A Tortured Definition

heyblog: Zuner or later

J G Ballard: The comforts of madness

Microsoft's Google-killer arrives with a 'whuh?' | The Register

Look At This...: Celebrities Without Makeup

Lunch over IP: Reversing roles, FC Barcelona pays its "sponsor"

Espresso’s New Wave Hits Town - New York Times The Times wakes up to real thing, hope that doesn't mean longer lines for me...

Preemptive Media :: AIR

Lunch over IP: Global Federalism: what if the big cities start acting on global problems? Interesting idea, especially since cities governments seem to have a tendency to be more open and liberal than federal ones. Ultimately it's a proposal to let the urban nodes network around the artificial borders of nation states.

The Sartorialist at the Ready-to-Wear Fashion Shows on

Nobel Intent: Want to be hit by a car while riding a bicycle? Wear a helmet!

"When the Bass brothers financed the first Biosphere, that earth in a bubble out in Arizona, the trees all failed in an interesting way. All the trees in the biosphere were droopy and lacked the strength to stand upright. They grew, but were too weak to stand. They studied the problem and found the answer. No wind. The Biosphere bubble lacked any wind so the trees had nothing to make them sway. It was the swaying, pushing against an invisible yet very palpable force, that gave them the strength to grow upright, stand reaching up to the sky."

David Byrne Journal

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Artist Banksy targets Disneyland

WorldChanging: Gaviotas

Click opera - 7 Lies About North Korea

KLF :THE MANUAL (HOW TO HAVE A NUMBER ONE - THE EASY WAY), a classic that apparently is the main inspiration behind Stamen Design...

IDEA Conference Blog Information visualization conversation with Fernanda Viegas and Mike Migurski (to be continued…)

Architectures of Control in Design

Demos | Publications | The Journey to the Interface

Dave Chiu is taking much better notes at Emergence than I am. Really should have gone to Tamara Giltsoff's talk on day two, but you can't go to a multitracked conference without making at least one mistake...
A Sustainable Train of Thought Emergence 2006 Day 3
Emergence 2006 Day 2

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007

Why pragmatic politics are doomed to fail in the Middle East By Slavoj Zizek


I think, therefore IA, blogging from Emergence 06: Service Design Daily Log: Sex Baiting Prank on Craigslist Affects Hundreds

Click opera - Ample for man? Momus on pedistrian crosswalk times ("clearance intervals".)

shmula Digg as a Game

Inspiration From IF! : Interview with Rob Walker, Writer (Preview)

Smeed's Law: What happens when you add cars to traffic? The number of accidents goes down. On average, annual increases of traffic volume leads to a decrease in accidents per vehicle.

Alexaholic: Website Statistics and Website Traffic Graphs

PSFK: MySpace is Over psfk on the obvious but for the most part unspoken. That said I think the decay of this thing will be rather slow and interesting. Like usenet, bbses, web bulletin boards and Friendster, online social forms like MySpace have a tendency to live long past their peak points, and continue to be highly relevant to the core of continued users...

Doors of Perception weblog: Food as a design opportunity

Treehugger: live|work: "I have a dream..." It makes a great point but the last bit is so painful I can't even read it, sorry Tamara. It doesn't matter how important somethinks their issue is, splicing it into Dr. King's words is just sacrilegious in my book.

Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts special reports | What Charles (Saatchi) did next


clothes peg iconography

Subtopia: Mount Weather Gets a Little Facelift

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Is this Bush's secret bunker?

Cool Hunting: Nau

apparently I'm moving to LA to live in a LOT-EK container home, nice! I'll take a 3x3 in a forest acid green please.

Subtopia "a field guide to mulitary urbanism".


Banksy/Paris video, have to say that while this feels like a proper evolution for Banksy, it also feels like it might be giving Paris better PR for a flop albumn than she deserves. What are the chances this is a stunt paid for by the record label?

# Dexter Sinister # Just-In-Time Workshop & Occasional Bookstore

Independent Online Edition: Banksy targets Paris Hilton

Banksy vs Paris - a photoset on Flickr


cityofsound: Kapitaal

YouTube: JET HITTING A CONCRETE WALL AT 500MPH, atch the video and ignore all the 9/11 crap in the comments...

gethuman database

Nightmare Mortgages

Back to Iraq 3.0: Taking a break Chris Allbritton on the stress of being a reporter in the middle east.

Ive been complaining about this for years. From a legal point of view, a Wiki citation is toilet paper.

Lunch over IP: Pit-stop for doctors

Ella Baker Center : Reclaim the Future

WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future: A Green Wave To Lift All Boats

What nobody wants to hear, but everyone needs to know A statement from Eric R. Pianka an ecologist who is perhaps the most blatent proponent of the idea that the world would be much better off with much less people on it.

Bill de hra: Eight Fallacies of Distributed Information Systems

start [SHiFT - Social and Human Ideas for Technology], a conference is Lisbon, too far in space and too near in time for me...

Bonfire Of The Brands

The Econophysics Blog: Tyranny of the Power Law (and Why We Should Become Eclectic)

The Conservative Nanny State: How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer

The New Yorker: THE SCENT OF THE NILE by CHANDLER BURR: Jean-Claude Ellena creates a new perfume.

Basenotes: Interviews: An interview with The New York Times' new perfume critic, Chandler Burr by Grant Osborne.

Your guide to green electronics | Greenpeace International

ShiftSpace / ImageSwap

Jaiku "the social phone book", basically an IM like way to broadcast your phone availability to a social network.

osMoz : Serge Lutens Interview, a perfumer and more.

design & emotion - Marco van Hout

The Big Picture: Is a Housing Crisis Approaching?

History of the Button

BLDGBLOG: Gunkanjima Island

ShiftSpace Dev

engine | service design

engine | service design

Business 2.0: Blogging for Dollars - September 1, 2006

THE RISK POOL: Whats behind Irelands economic miracleand G.M.s financial crisis? Gladwell on "dependency ratios" and pension plans and as often is the case it hits it cleanly and hard.

ippr - Institute for Public Policy Research "Climate porn turning off public from action". A well needed article on poor state of how environmental issues, and the way to their solutions are communicated to the world.

YouTube - James Brown, Michael Jackson & Prince

Talking Points Memo makes quite a point on the toll that occupation takes upon an armies ability to fight in an actual war.

Paint Jet Printing

The Big Picture: Does the Bond Market Have it All Wrong?

Business Model Design and Innovation: The Specialized Generalist or T-Shaped People

Display 2.0: A Look Forward to the High-Definition Web and Its Effect on Our Digital Experience :: UXmatters, Interesting although not particularly accurate in it's facts.

This Iranian American Life

Michal Migurski's UX week talk on info visualization

Mike Arrington is a major league asshole, not quite sure what he has against Nick Carr, but I think it might have something to do with Nick daring to speak the truth about the delusions to democracy held by the rising tech elite Arrington so bravely champions.

VCMike’s Blog Guest Blogger Bob Metcalfe: Metcalfe’s Law Recurses Down the Long Tail of Social Networks

IEEE Spectrum: Metcalfe's Law is Wrong

In Search of the Miraculous

The Face Machine

Don’t Believe the Hypebeast

Identity and Identification in a Networked World
A Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Symposium

Go Go History

Cato Unbound Blog Archive Mexicans in America

Kevin Kelly -- Street Use

u500k - the AOL data analyzed

"it directly supports my old argument that Google is basically the next RIAA."

Michael Bierut at UX Week "Innovation is overrated" Yeah! finally someone says it.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The Great Unread

Wall Street's New Love Affair: Why some of the world's smartest investors are betting billions on clean energy

"A brief history of generative models for power law and lognormal distributions" (pdf)

The Long Tail: A billion dollar question With this one quote: "I've long argued that the "natural" shape of most markets is a powerlaw," Chris Anderson sums up his philosophy/long tail argument clearer than ever. And it's that "natural" part that really bothers me...

Missing the Breaking Point, Adam Richardson on "voluntary obsolescence".

There's Gold in Them Thar Smelly Hills, on landful mining which is something I've always wondered about...

Come Out and Play Festival

The seven ways that people search the Web. By Paul Boutin

Counterfeit Chic

Purse Lip Square Jaw: "Technology, Privilege and Innovation: The Legal Perspective"

Urban Transport Issues Asia: 'Naked streets' and safe chaos

Wired 12.12: Roads Gone Wild

""I guess not everyone knows how to respond when oppurtunity knocks their house down"

"part of our troubles results from the tendency to ascribe to architects-or, for that matter, to all specialists-excessive insight into problems of living when, in truth, most of them are concerned with problems of business and prestige." -Bernard Rudofsky

Service Design Resources :: Emergence Conference :: Carnegie Mellon

Gore isn't quite as green as he's led the world to believe one thing I'd ad is that it's a whole lot easier to go "carbon neutral" when you are born with a large farm property to provide all the trees...

"One of the things I learned at Wikimania is that Wikipedia is what it is and it won't change. There also appears to be a disconnect between the promoters and the people who do the work. When Jimmy Wales says that the focus in the future will be quality not quantity, this doesn't seem to translate to anything new in the work on Wikipedia."

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Ongoing Nicholas Carr reminds the tech world of this thing called history...

The Pinocchio Theory Play Money

Behold the server farm! - August 7, 2006

Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)/LMN "Concept Book" for the Seattle Public Library

GBN: What If? The Art of Scenario Thinking for Nonprofits

Open the Future: OtF Core: Open Source Scenario Planning

BLDGBLOG: The Visionary State: An Interview with Erik Davis

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Slides for Repair @ Pecha Kucha

Back to Iraq 3.0: Dark Days Ahead, yow, Chris Allbritton is in Beirut and man it sounds awful.

Kevin Burton's Feed Blog: Technorati's Numbers are Wrong

"David Sifry has posted another State of the Blogosphere article on his blog. There is some interesting stuff in there, for sure, but there are some misleading statements as well. Firstly, the count of the size of the blogosphere makes no sense. When one looks at population statistics, one doesn't count all the dead people. Why do the same for blogs? The size of the blogosphere should include a clear description of active blogs. This issue leads to the second - claims about the growth of the blogosphere. The rate of growth has to be moderated to remove the dead material otherwise it is just an accumulation of corpses."

The Book of Tags

Sprint chooses WiMax for high-speed wireless - Yahoo! News

Veer: Ideas: Behind The Typeface

Lunch over IP: How About an E-mail On That?, on what various communications techs are best used for.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Open source as metaphor

…My heart’s in Accra Wikimania: Wikipedia and F/OSS - some challenging comparisons

AOL Shared Private Search Queries

Signum sine tinnitu--by Guy Kawasaki: Ten Questions with Seth Godin I'm not a huge fan of the guy and most of the interview is his trademarked brand of horseshit (Google open to criticism?, yeah right,) but the t-shirt observation is pretty interesting:

"Books are the new t-shirts. We used to buy t-shirts as a way of covering our hard abs. Now, though, the purpose of the t-shirt is to be a souvenir, to give us a concrete way to remember something that mattered to usand to give us an easy way to spread that idea to others."

Potlatch: my definition of theory

At the Crossroads of Design and Business

Back to Iraq 3.0: Silence...

Economics of Wikipedia Policy Debates (did you know the wikipedia doesn't have logs files? how cool is that!) - The Jason Calacanis Weblog

New York City Police Departments proposed parade permit rules

Information Design Watch AJAX Wireframing

Lunch over IP: "The Long Tail": a review

Fabio Sergio on Jasper Morrison's "Crate" and Morrison's response and design ethics

Data Mining: Word Sense Disambiguation in Text Mining

Design Observer: Dangerous Beauty: The Art of the Shiv

Dean Baker on the housing bubble, and holding very little back, yikes.

BusinessWeek Online: Top 100 Global Brands Interactive Table

William Gibson on Lebanon, Thomas Kuhn and "Fourth Generation Warfare".

pasta and vinegar Tips for doing business in SL

pasta and vinegar World Robotics 2006

adaptive path blog blog archive A Conversation with Steven Johnson, Part 2 as always interesting stuff from Johnson, although I still have some trouble with his definition of interface, which doesn't really leave much room for distinguishing between the surface structure for interacting with computers (this is what I'd call the interface layer) and the deep structure via which the computer handles the data (which I'd call the algorithmic and database layers). I think I see why he wants to roll all these together under the label "interface", for tying them together allows for a particular way of addressing the future of computers and information, but by vesting "interface" with a meaning that goes far beyond just the inputs and outputs of a computer system it robs a whole other more established approach of it's linguistic infrastructure, and in the end just muddies up the very issue he wishes to bring insight to.

Majora Carter on TED Talks, best of the Ted talks yet by far, god damn Carter is so much of a better proponent for environmentalism than Al Gore. Made me shiver, and it's 101 out here... Sustainable South Bronx is her org, support it if you can.

MicroISV on a Shoestring Blog Archive Google’s Lawyers Admit To gmail Privacy Leak

TED Blog: Jeff Han on TEDTalks, multitouch interfaces, "the interface just disappears"

Wired 14.08: Pinch My Ride on cracking arphid key systems. - Friendster Patent on Linking Web Friends Could Hurt Rivals


Lebanon, Israel And The Role Design Thinking Can Have In Solving Social Problems., unfortunately it's just a question, but it's a good question..

Back to Iraq 3.0, Chris Albritton is unstoppable, now he's in Lebanon...

The Brand Underground - New York Times A Rob Walker longform, nice. Or medium-form really looks like the book is coming...

"But this primary is not about Mr. Liebermans legislative record. Instead it has become a referendum on his warped version of bipartisanship, in which the never-ending war on terror becomes an excuse for silence and inaction. We endorse Ned Lamont in the Democratic primary for Senate in Connecticut."

The Big Picture: The Wall Street core-inflation index

Neoformix - Discovering and Illustrating Patterns in Data

History of the Fugs


Open the Future: Nature as an Information Economy

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Benkler on Calacanis's wallet

alex dragulescu - spamplants

Tagging Sucks | Paragon Network (guy from Elevator Up & 7dots)

The Scale-Free, Underground Blogosphere - Unit Structures :: Fred Stutzman

Prisoners to the generals - Haaretz - Israel News

about making things (28 July 2006, Interconnected)

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Lee Gomes responds to Chris Anderson on the myth of the long tail.

Air Power Won't Do It

High-ranking officer: Halutz ordered retaliation policy | Jerusalem Post, 10 buildings in Beruit for every missile...

Signum sine tinnitu--by Guy Kawasaki: The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint


Yay Hooray | yh collab: redesign famous logos in web 2.0 format!

MediaShift . Digging Deeper::Should Community-Edited News Sites Pay Top Editors? | PBS

digg labs

Bicycle Tsar Quits, Saying Goal To Increase Safety, Lanes Is Stymied - July 24, 2006 - The New York Sun If this is true, and there is no reason to believe it is not, then Iris Weinshall, Senator Schumer's wife and current NY Department of Transportation commissioner, is one evil person.

James Wolcott: Misunderestimated, Mideast-style

"I make $1.45 a week and I love it" Salon on Amazon's Mechanical Turk

collision detection: The half-life of an online posting? 36 hours

The Big Picture: Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

Robert Fisk: Elegy for Beirut

A-bike, and ultra lightweight folding bike, even more ugly than most folders, but I'm willing to be believe there is indeed a threshold of weight and compactness that would really open up the bike market in cities. But maybe you need to add style to the mix...

Beat the Press: Housing Appraisals: The Accounting Scandal of the Housing Bubble (if anyone has a digital copy of the linked WSJ article in this piece, please send a copy I'd really like to read it in it's entirety).

Bloggers Offer Unusual Take On Raging Conflict: Silence

SEOmoz Blog | Top 100 Digg Users Control 56% of Digg's HomePage Content

if:book: physical books and networks 2

adaptive path A Conversation with Steven Johnson, Part 1

Information Design Watch

The Military Industrial Light and Magic Complex: Avoiding Ender's Folly

Good Investing by Design: The Trend Desk - Yahoo! Finance Interesting Daniel Pink column on a design index, and also on what design actually is. Hopefully I'll have time to comment soon.

Adbusters : How Nike Conquered Skateboard Culture

Innovation is the latest management mantra for a growing list of CEOs, especially at big, established companies who for years have fixated on reducing budgets,

Technology Rewrites the Book - New York Times

Paying the top DIGG/REDDIT/Flickr/Newsvine users (or "$1,000 a month for doing what you're already doing.") - The Jason Calacanis Weblog

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Calacanis's wallet and the Web 2.0 dream

Open the Future: Radical Religion

Inhabitat Blog Archive INTERVIEW: Paul Kephart of Rana Creek

Are writers and the like getting priced out of SF & NY?

YouTube - Chinese Gold Farmers Preview

Situational Relevance and Facebook's Summer Traffic - Unit Structures :: Fred Stutzman

Situational Relevance and Facebook's Summer Traffic - Unit Structures :: Fred Stutzman

Hezbollah in South America (and in the New Yorker) via Pretty Goes with Pretty

Foreign Policy: Think Again: Al Jazeera

Flickr Photo Download: Flickr User Model, v0.3

russell davies: 7 things I learned at wieden and kennedy (portland edition)

Wired 14.07: His Space

9/11 corporate profiteering

BBC NEWS | Africa | DR Congo backs 'guns for bikes'

The Graying of the Record Store - New York Times

Lunch over IP: Cloning Skype

"In that sense, Hezbollah may have found the sweet spot in Fourth Generation War: It isn't a state and doesn't carry the political or defensive burdens of one, but it controls enough territory, commands enough popular loyalty and has enough allies to mount some fairly sophisticated military operations, using both conventional and nonconventional weapons. It's powerful enough to be successful -- and be seen as successful -- but not so powerful that state actors like Israel can fight it on equal terms. We may be looking at the New Model Army of the 21st century."

bopuc/weblog: Trust, a blog post tracking Yahoo and Google hires, interesting.

culiblog Wasteware, it’s everything but the squeal in food recycling

reveries magazine Intelligentsia Coffee, beyond fair trade.

richardsona // Adam Richardson's Blog - Blog - Palm got it Right Ten Years Ago. So Why are we Still Suffering?

Quirky serifs aside, Georgia fonts win on Web - Style - International Herald Tribune

Communist Jokes

Carnivore -- new Version 2.2 now available

The Network Effect Multiplier, or, Metcalfe's Flaw - Unit Structures :: Fred Stutzman - EBN 15:3 - Bamboo in Construction: Is the Grass Always Greener?

Wired 14.07: What Kind of Genius Are You?

PingMag 10 Questions with a Joystick Master

McKinsey sees demand for online advertising outstripping supply.

Hans Rosling on TED Talks

"And he states another goal: changing the Google mantra from "Don't be evil" (the most-quoted line of Google's IPO prospectus) to 'Do something really, really, really good'."

Signum sine tinnitu--by Guy Kawasaki: Ten Questions with David Sifry

Spyware developers net huge profits, outrage - Tech News & Reviews -

The Immigration Equation - New York Times

Damn Interesting Lake Peigneur: The Swirling Vortex of Doom

Identity Thief Finds Easy Money Hard to Resist - New York Times

Treehugger: William McDonough on Nuclear Power

IT Conversations: Audio Podcasts on Information Technology and Business

Capitalist Roaders Car Culture in China

danger opportunity != crisis

Ronald Reagan getting punched in the face (video/quicktime Object)

"David Kramer, a Wilson Sonsini attorney also representing Google, said the search giant's PageRank system is subjective, using a combination of reviews into whether a Web site is adhering to its guidelines and is worth a user's time to view.

'Google is constantly evaluating Web sites for standards and quality, which is entirely subjective,' Kramer said."

Data Mining: Search and Intentional Ambiguity

Economic Pluralism for the 21st Century

Informational Cascades and Rational Herding, BHW

"The best way to prove that a niche product is a niche product is to toss it into the mainstream and let it sink." - Nicholas Carr on the new collaborative filtering Netscape portal.

collision detection: Why the "loudness wars" are killing today's music, Clive Thompson once again shows why he is one of the best journalists around today by simply expertly condensing the article linked right below this one.

Imperfect Sound Forever - Article - Stylus Magazine, an awesome article on the problems of over compressed music. Starts slow though, it's worth slogging through the tedious introduction.

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Cultures of Repair, Innovation

NYT on Google's DIY (on a massive scale) servers

Foreign Policy: Minority Bruno Giussani on blog journalism from the suburban ghettos of France.

Doors of Perception weblog: How to be good

aNYthing glob Blog Archive The Art of Bootlegging

cityofsound: Starflyer (and service), Schipol (and soccer), Stansted (and signage)

HOPE Number Six Conference NY, July 21-23.

Moving Pictures – Advertising, Traffic and Cityscape

Data Mining: Mapping The Blogosphere

YouTube - An Eames directed and animated computer glossary

Magical Urbanism

Beat the Press: The Problem of Rising Wages in China

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Double Grip, Speed of Use

YouTube - 地球46億年の物語 【Meteorite Collision】 

100 mile diet home

Living on the Hundred-Mile Diet ::

Brand Avenue: You Are Where You Eat

Finally an action in favor of reasonably priced food. Then again I doubt they community board was acting from the same motivations as I would have in that vote...

Inside Nathan Myhrvold's Mysterious New Idea Machine

"They see the future as behind them and the past ahead of them"

Farecast - Airfare Predictions, Find Cheap Airline Tickets, in beta, hope they add New York soon...


Lunch over IP: TEDtalks: The other Al Gore speech, and what Tony Robbins really told him

Jay-Z 44 Fours (Live)

LIFE24 a photo map of the world in the past 24 hours.

FON: WiFi everywhere! Been ignoring this company for a while now, but it looks like they are quite serious about building a worldwide mesh of WiFi access to challenge the mobile telephony companies. Word on the street is that another big time player is going to be entering this battle as well, and that's enough to make me pay attention. (Hint, you can probably figure out the company by skowering the FON site). As for the longer term connectivity issues, at least in the US, watch out for what happens with the large chunks of bandwidth that got allocated for HD broadcasting...

Turning Down the Global Thermostat | Metropolis Magazine | October 2003, An interview with Edward Mazria, the architect who blames global warming on architecture.

Data Mining: Mapping The Blogosphere: LiveJournal

Social Networking: Five Sites You Need to Know - Unit Structures :: Fred Stutzman

Software Wars - Zen and the Art of Classified Advertising

The National Entertainment State, 2006, maps the properties of the big 6 media firms in the US. Nice utility, although I really wish it gave some sense of markets share, and showed any relevant indies (assuming they exist, which I think they must in at least some of those industries).

Is the NSA spying on U.S. Internet traffic? | Salon News

An open letter to Frank Gehry. By Jonathan Lethem I've never been particularly opposed to the Atlantic Yards, but Lethem makes a good case. The accompanying slide show though is a pretty mixed bag in the back up it provides. Still if it's going to be a Gehry project, shouldn't it at least be a good Gehry project?

Daring Fireball: Interoperability and DRM Are Mutually Exclusive

cityofsound: Design. Architecture. Football.

Locked In, Not Locked Out

YouTube - Stephen Colbert strikes again

Behind the Glass Curtain | Metropolis Magazine on the Google HQ

Google Censorship Word List

HOW TO: Get Billions of Pages Indexed in Google

The In-Car Camera Never Blinks (but Viewers Flinch) aka the New York Times does Ballard...

Street Name Game Has a Few Rules - Los Angeles Times

Open the Future: Twelve Things Journalists Need To Know to be Good Futurist/Foresight Reporters and B Sterling's reaction.

Lunch over IP: Aula2006: Everyware, personal velocity, and the open-source car

Websites as graphs - an HTML DOM Visualizer Applet

"When we say we want all the worlds video, we really do want all the worlds video."

Nature Peer Review Trial: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

collision detection: Graduating into a recession? It'll wreck your earnings for life, say economists

The Californian Ideology

100 x 100

photographs of residents in their flats in hong kong's oldest public housing estate:

100 rooms,
each 100 square feet in size.

The English Ideology and WIRED Magazine by Mark Stahlman

AfriGadget, not quite sure if this is exciting or repulsive...

"What makes the situation exceptionally weird is that this is happening in a country that still professes to be Marxist. And the new Chinese capitalism feels like it was introduced by people whose understanding of it came solely from reading Marx: it is ruthless, exploitative, and contains the seeds of its own destruction. The only hitch is that the inevitable finale - proletarian revolution - is supposed to have already happened. In theory, in Communist China, the working class exploits itself."

The evolution of the NetFlix envelope

The Believer - Interview with Bun B

Commentary - The Changing Game of Leadership: Management by Design

Purse Lip Square Jaw: Networked things and the old/new objectivism

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: The Road to Hell: Now Paved with Innovation? Micheal Bierut on INside Innovation and designing for free.

SustainLane 2006 US City Rankings

Contrary Brin: The Cato Hypocrisy

Mass Natural, Michael Pollen on Wal-Mart going organic

: weblog: Companies Can Safely Ignore Me, wow this guy is bitter, bitter but interesting. My first piece of advice to him would be to make the title of his webpages something other than "", cause how are people supposed to remember his greatness if they can't even pronounce the name of his site...

This Blog Sits at the: Who Killed the Cool Hunter?

DIGITAL MAOISM: The Hazards of the New Online Collectivism By Jaron Lanier Lanier is always worth reading, and as usual his prose/rant is half insightful and half constipated...

We Feel Fine / by Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar

MySpace No Longer Their Space? - New York Times


Unto the City the Wildlife Did Journey - New York Times

An excellent diagram of design

BLDGBLOG: Interview with Mike Davis: Part 2

The Sheep Market

Life Expectancy of Bestselling Books -

ShiftSpace: A Proposal for [the next idea] by Dan Phiffer

An argument that we are entering a second middle ages, originally from Foreign Affairs. Interesting piece that could be better. It's an argument I've tossed around in my head myself, but ultimately concluded is far more interesting only if you factor in not just the similarities but the huge differences as well.

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The death of Wikipedia

I'm curious as to the motivations behind making the $100 laptop look like a cartoon devil...

Wired News: Why We Published the AT&T Docs

BLDGBLOG: Interview with Mike Davis: Part 1. In which Davis reveals he wrote his whole book on worldwide slums on his porch without any visiting of anyplace... Much as a love reading his work I think that pretty much cements his status as a science fiction author, not the non fiction one he fronts as. His vision is powerful and worth reading, just doesn't have a huge amount to do with reality...

AIGA - Winterhouse Awards for Design Writing & Criticism

suchman-anthropology-as-brand.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Anne Galloway | Design Culture Bibliography

Marketing Babylon Blog Archive The top 12 sins of Marketing Gurus (and their books)

collision detection: Gorgeous 3D sculpture illustrates the internal symmetry of formal logic

Whiskey Bar: In Cold Blood

railroad scars

collision detection: France to release a balance-the-national-budget video game

O'Reilly Radar > My Commencement Speech at SIMS

pivotgraph.pdf (application/pdf Object), Martin Wattenberg research on multivariate graphs, as usual great stuff from him.

sai sriskandarajah | the waste land, this is a great piece from ITP, was sort of funny to stumble across it online.

Data Mining: A New Model for Scientific Publication

The Management Myth

Design Altruism Project Blog Archive Bruce Mau and the Apotheosis of Data

IMAGE WAR: Contesting Images of Political Conflict

Ryan Shaw What Are You?

Economies of Design and Other Adventures in Nomad Economics

Small Groups, Big Ideas on the Gore, "flat" workplace culture.

FedEx arrivals during Thunderstorms

YouTube - The Diffusion of Wal-Mart and Economies of Density

Political blogs reader survey 2006

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: One interface to rule them all, a good article with a title that sounds strangely familiar.

You must be logged in to do that!: Myspace and Control

BLDGBLOG: Architectural Criticism is a great read, time permitting I'll have some comments on this soon.

The Observation Man, a William H Whyte interview from 1986

RED: Rebels without a pause

Frank Bruni attacks the repugnant pushing of bottled water in restaurants, although he forgot to mention that in NY its triply offensive cause our tap water is better than most of the bottled crap...

"Is youTube the new Amazon, the new eBay, or the new mySpace?"

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: It Takes a Nation of Lawyers to Hold Us Back

Come Out & Play Festival :: September 22-24

Stephen Colbert's monologue at the White House Correspondents Dinner, as close to a must read/view thing around lately, its a good routine but to do it in front of both Bush and the entire DC press corp is incredible.

"Fox News gives you both sides of every story: the president's side, and the vice president's side."

John Kenneth Galbraith, 97, Dies; Economist Held a Mirror to Society - New York Times, may he rest in peace.

YouTube - Sly & The Family Stone - Ohio State When sfj links to YouTube, well you know you best watch...

More visualisations... (

Physical Personalisation of Phone Covers in Japan

BROOKLYNism - Brooklyn Style Guide -- New York Magazine, guess it's time to move to Queens...

Air Force One Subject of Internet Hoax "Ecko declined to say how much the stunt cost. 'It's not cheap," he said. "You have to be rich.'"

Google in China: The Big Disconnect - New York Times

Theories On Why the Art Market Can't Crash (And Why It Will Anyway) - New York Magazine

Ticker Garden v 1.03

Coffins From Ghana

Is Mike Davis's [sic] Los Angeles All In His Head? I thought everybody new Davis likes to exaggerate and that the world isn't quite as bleak as he tends to see it. Maybe not. Either way isn't it his job to be the gloomy one? Often it's easier to make an argument by going too far, and that's what Davis is their to do, exaggerate the problems to make them clearer for us.

update: just noticed this article is from 1998, I love the internet for that, it's so driven by the new, but in the end it doesn't actually matter if it's new or old, as long as it's new to you. Then again I probably read that article when it came out...

The story behind the Game 6 RBI baseball reenactment. Honestly I don't get it, I me I absolutely love that video, but I'm a Mets fan and that game is the absolute highlight of my childhood fandom. I guess that 86 magic goes a bit beyond NY...

NewsForge | Switching art students to GNU/Linux

Life With Alacrity: The Dunbar Number as a Limit to Group Sizes, worth noting that from my undergrad anthropology memories, 150 is not the ideal size for tribal groups, but in fact the point in which the groups tend to split into two and thus indeed the maximum absent external factors holding or forcing them to grow past that size.

one red paperclip, this one is funny cause it's a web thing that I keep on hearing about offline and just saw an actual link to it today. Guy is trying to trade one red paperclip step by step into a house. Right now he's up to a year's rent in Phoenix AZ, not bad.

Exxon Secrets

icon | 033 | essay: the death of the critic, or perhaps just the death of Rick Poynor, it's probably his weakest thing in a while. Then again I'm pretty much over this whole idea of "critical thinking", I'd most rather be building and creating than criticizing and I think the world is better that way...

Whiskey Bar: Why People Think the Economy Sucks | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks

Whiskey Bar: Mutually Assured Dementia

YouTube - President Bush pants like a dog and dodges questions

TransformationDesignFinalDraft.pdf (application/pdf Object)

With the crack of the bat, you're in front of the crowd....and other classic Murpyhisms, ok the Mets geek in me has probably gone a bit overboard between this and the last link....

1986 World Series Game 6 Re-Enacted in RBI Baseball

The battle of ideas | the Economist on public intellectuals

Pie Charts Must Die. Mmmmm. Pie. - ICE - Improving Customer Experience


Dark Miracle, Josh Ellis on the atomic bomb.


graphic design as heraldry

"Escalated into a protest"

Don Norman's / In Defense of PowerPoint

Data Mining: Delicious Graph Visualization

AlterNet: Blogs: Scott Ritter: The Art of War for the anti-war movement

A new scourge sweeps through Argentine ghettos: 'paco' |

collision detection: The art of the "heads-up display"/a>, another nice one from Clive Thompson. Personally I think the HUDs are where the most innovative user interface designs are emerging, so much so that I almost feel the need to buy a video game system...

The Ghost Map

collision detection: Cockroaches make group decisions

Lunch over IP: The issues with Skype - continued

15 Best Skylines in the World

Dubai Boom town

Alex Wright : IA Summit: Stone Age Information Architecture The Trinity Trip, Part 1.5: The Ranch School

Interactive Architecture dot Org Bitfall

Lunch over IP: The fine print on Skype

"Perhaps in the future, we can attach a little version of Google that you just plug into your brain." -Sergey Brin

Digg vs. Reddit

Base of the Pyramid Protocol, saw Stuart Hart on of the drivers of this thing speak today. He clearly wicked smart and seemed genuine, but every time he talked about the people on the base of the pyramid I couldn't help mentally interjecting the word "exploit" right before the phrase... "Inclusive capitalism" what do you make of that?

BLDGBLOG: Algorithmic urbanist

Starlight - Information Visualization Technologies

Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before Blog Archive Net-Funded Journalism (video/quicktime Object) - A documentary, short for a doc, long for a web video, on the seminal Amen Break. Great topic, great break, but was having it narrated by an Apple computer with the voice set to "NPR" the best choice?

Rana Dasgupta,
The Sudden Stardom of the Third-World City

Nature mag cooked Wikipedia study | The Register

Weber’s Polar Night Tiny devices; virtual mirror selves; a rain of RFID a trifecta of news from that unevenly distributed future of today.

information aesthetics - internet backbone map, this one is super details and labeled.


YouTube -the Rolling Stones 1964 cereal ad jingle

poxod: tools for sketching

Whiskey Bar: Trusting the Marketplace

Billmon is back and as nastily on point as ever. But really all he needed was to quote the WSJ: "Treasury Secretary John Snow said the widening gap between high-paid and low-paid Americans reflects a labor market efficiently rewarding more productive people"

The Dashboard Spy

CenSEARCHip lets you compare search results between different country versions of engines

Web 2.0 company list

A rather bitter but interesting Alan Moore interview, part 1 & part 2

Fun with Econ: Would Steven Levitt get into MIT today?

Abu Ghraib Files - News

we make money not art: Interview of Oliver Hess - Materials & Applications

Boot Windows XP on an Intel Duo Core Mac

Siqueiros Image Bank "An image bank for everyday revolutionary life"

The Logos of Web 2.0

Africa's New Ocean: A Continent Splits Apart - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

25 Things I Hate About Google

25 Things I Love About Google

John Battelle states the obvious on Amazon and Google

This Blog Sits at the: Children of 9/11, Children of technology

Bona tempora volvantur--by Guy Kawasaki: The Art of the Board Meeting


Shantytowns as a New Suburban Ideal - New York Times

Shantytowns as a New Suburban Ideal - New York Times

fryer_levitt_ecls_babies.pdf (application/pdf Object)

"On tests of intelligence, Blacks systematically score worse than Whites, whereas Asians
frequently outperform Whites. Some have argued that genetic differences across races
account for the gap. Using a newly available nationally representative data set that
includes a test of mental function for children aged eight to twelve months, we find only
minor racial differences in test outcomes (0.06 standard deviation units in the raw data)
between Blacks and Whites that disappear with the inclusion of a limited set of controls.
The only statistically significant racial difference is that Asian children score slightly
worse than those of other races. To the extent that there are any genetically-driven racial
differences in intelligence, these gaps must either emerge after the age of one, or operate
along dimensions not captured by this early test of mental cognition."

Arab central banks move assets out of dollar

Attack of the Eurogoogle | subscriber only unfortunately, had to go to Lexis/Nexis to actually read it. choice quote:

"Even so, the most striking difference between Quaero and Google is not technological, but ideological. Quaero is a classic example of European state-funded industrial policy, while Google is the very embodiment of American free-market techno-capitalism."

Howard Rheingold's The Virtual Community, out of print but online.

Joi Ito's Web: Leadership in World of Warcraft

Christ, apparently my elementary school has turned into a racial war zone. You don't even have to read between the lines to tell there is some crazy shit going on. And no, there was no gifted and talented program nor racial warfare when I was there...

Eddy Merckx setting the hour record in 72

MaxSpeak, You Listen!: KEYNES'S GENERAL THEORY AT 70
By Barkley Rosser

BLDGBLOG: Thousand Mile Colosseum "it is not the roadways but their surveillance that never ends."

The Raw Story | Retired Supreme Court Justice hits attacks on courts and warns of dictatorship

Newsvine - science

Cool Tool (Kevin Kelly): Consensus Web Filters

Bruce Sterling's Etech talk on naming the future (unsuccessfully...) and Anne Galloway's response & discussion.

Study on e-mail points to problem with e-go

Gladwell on Freakonomics abortions

Moderation Strategies Wiki

FORTUNE: Secrets of greatness: How I work - Mar. 7, 2006 (much of interesting interviews on working styles)

Perception of Fonts: Perceived Personality Traits and Uses

Geeking with Greg: In a world with infinite storage, bandwidth, and CPU power (or another step towards Google data domination).

Wired 14.03: The Chaos of Joshua Davis It's tempting to say Wired is just absurdly late to the game on this one, but instead I'll just hope that they're just ahead on the curve on his return to relevance, cause I'd love to see him make something as good as his old work again.

Index of /RSG/FORK

Black Hawk Down (RSG-BLACK-1), 2005


YouTube - Biggie freestyle in Bed Stuy at 17 yrs old

Latest 40 Live Journal Images

YouTube - Ask Me, Don't Tell Me (SF street gangs in the early 60's)

DevilDucky - BBoy Luca "Lazylegz" Patuelli

aNYthing glob

salary vs performance | ben fry Because the Valley doesn't understand, um, people.

limited language I"m a social construct, get me out of here!

For managers, a Korean paradise - International Herald Tribune, or in other words North Korea has a new exploiter...

Great Bamboo Wall

Taking Spying to Higher Level, Agencies Look for More Ways to Mine Data - New York Times

From the Silk Road to the Superhighway, All Coin Leads to China - New York Times

Cool Stuff Being Made: Bicycles (from Industry on Parade)

TechCrunch Flyspy Brings The New Web To Airline Ticketing

InformationWeek | Patents | U.S. Grants Patent For Broad Range Of Internet Rich Applications | February 22, 2006 - lets hope nothing comes out of this...

TitleZ: Book trends for publishers, or anyone interested in comparing book sales, quite interesting for tracking cultural trends and the comparative effectiveness of communicating ideas.

Greatest Twentieth-Century Economists Poll, Post-Autistic Economics Review, issue 36, in which PAER reveals itself as being a bunch of Kenysians, so much for it being new...

Escapa! (possibly used to train fighter pilots)


investigating a temporal topography

R.I.P HAROLD HUNTER 1974 - 2006

this is certainly not the first time I've cited this, but it's a quote well worth revisiting:

"The aide said that guys like me were 'in what we call the reality-based community,' which he defined as people who 'believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.' I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. 'That's not the way the world really works anymore,' he continued. 'We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality -- judiciously, as you will -- we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.'"

YouTube is not a real business - The Jason Calacanis Weblog

Galactic Fractures

// microRevolt home (knitting software)

Every Bit You Make

Must Be Something in the Water - New York Times on the bottled water backlash

Purse Lip Square Jaw: Thingers rather than thinkers II, following up on what Latour has started.

a short history of peace symbols

Many-to-Many: Powerlaws: 2006 Dance Re-mix

aperture, a lot like Danny Rozin, but you can see into spaces...

It's Like Lending to a Friend, Except You'll Get Interest - New York Times

Yahoo open up their UI libraries... (

Blogs to Riches - The Haves and Have-Nots of the Blogging Boom --the always excellent Clive Thompson in New York Magazine

Lessig Testimony from Senate hearing on "Network Neutrality" (application/pdf Object)

Notes on a very practical Joshua Schachter of presentation, apparently taken my a group via subethaedit

Life With Alacrity: Collective Choice: Competitive Ranking Systems

native_to_a_web_of_data.pdf (large pdf Object) - Tom Coates on Web 2.0, its a large pdf of a presentation, but it has the best listing of various "web 2.0" sites I've seen.

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Design by Committee (On design the UN HQ)

Sol LeWitt: Sentences on Conceptual Art

the Art of DeTouch

YouTube - Cutty Ranks getting nasty over the Sleng Teng, 1986

LAPL Virtual Photo: Far and Wide

Average Joe - Dunkin' Donuts is Brewing a Coffee Class War with Starbucks

Think Secret - Manhattan Apple store to be first 24/7 location - Don't have time to dig up the link, but combine this article with previous legal fights about who owns that glass cube in front of the new store and I think you get a good picture of just how Apple just might stumble and fall over its iPod dollars fuelled hubris...

3D visualizations of server logs as a city (to bad it's a commercial service...)

"Ford had one of the more memorable commercials for their new Escape hybrid vehicle, starring Kermit The Frog. Competitor GM purchased the word 'Kermit' to promote their own hybrid car line, essentially getting all of the benefits of having a Super Bowl ad, with none of the hassles."

the worst part of it though is that Kermit, who used to ride a nice fixed gear, is now on a mountain bike, and from looks of it about to switch to a freakin SUV. Selling out is pretty much taken for granted nowadays, but man that's a long fall...

Gladwell on powerlaws, homeless and pollution

Sifry's Alerts: State of the Blogosphere, February 2006 Part 1: On Blogosphere Growth

Core77 - Reinventing the Wheel: Pushing the limits in high performance bike design

Squash Blog Archive Scoble knocked off!!! Aggregators rule

Squash Blog Archive I've had better conversations with corpses

Interview with Digg founder Kevin Rose, Part 1 | Web 2.0 Explorer |

andrea zittel's A-Z

My Week as a Waiter - Frank Bruni flips the tables

"tiananmen "- Google Image Search, American version

"tiananmen "- Google Image Search, Chinese version

Pontiac vs Mazda via Google AdWords

"I guess that giant sucking sound coming from Mountain View this week was the sound of Google's soul getting sucked out to make more room for cash."

Pew's The Strength of Internet Ties


Google Now Censoring In China

yahoo! vs. google: abstract dynamics

::: Soul Strut ::: DJ MIXES, old news but damn nice to rediscover...

cityofsound: Map of Europe in which real distances seem shorter thanks to the high-speed train

"Its high time for Google to figure out that it is one or two privacy disasters away from becoming just another Internet company."
Freedom to Tinker Blog Archive Google Video and Privacy

MS, AOL and Yahoo! caved to Feds' fishing expedition | The Register

news @ - Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye - Potential readers can make snap decisions in just 50 milliseconds.

The Rise of Craigslist and How It's Killing Your Newspaper -- New York Magazine

Whiskey Bar: The Abu Zarqawi Hour

collision detection: Shock waves made visible

david maisel photography

BLDGBLOG: Terminal Lake : Where Banners Click

Cato Unbound Blog Archive The Gory Antigora: Illusions of Capitalism and Computers Jarod Lanier on what he calls "antigoras", an interesting concept niched in an overbloated article..

Search Engines As Leeches, The Difference Between Paid & Free Listings & Keyword Price Rises

Knowledge Brings Fear Welcome to the world of tomorrow, or at least welcome to the world of paranoid computer nerds.

New York Times Link Generator

The Secret History of 2 Columbus Circle - New York Times

The Prudent Investor is back from vacation and none to optimistic

The MySpace Report :: Trent Lapinski's Blog :: Everything and Nothing At All

sevensixfive: Human Botnets V

GEwar - FAQ

sevensixfive: Human Botnets

siyahi: Interview With Todd May

Science's 10 most beautiful experiments

John Battelle's Searchblog: Recommendation Systems Gone Bad

retrievr - search by sketch

out of control russian parkour video

Pig Skyscrapers

Wired 14.01: How Click Fraud Could Swallow the Internet

"BlackHats? The search engines are the original Black Hats!"

brett tabke got a blog in a robots.txt page and its damn good too. a game for data visualization nerds

Alex Wright : Probability, Superstition and Ideology on Chris Anderson, Nicholas Carr and the faith in technology.

Build. Random, 1 [img 211/236]

unfolded, nice very simple ajax site.

96-DINGPOLITIK Bruno Latour on politics and things, good stuff.

Tracing Shadows - New York Times

Long Now podcasts

Peer-to-Peer and the Promise of Internet Equality Phil Agre on Veblen and more as ways to look at P2P, not clear if he's actually read Veblen though...

Everyday Examples of Mistake-Proofing

Maeda's SIMPLICITY: Look Mom ... No Batteries!

BURAK ARIKAN - Micro Fashion Network: Color

Studies and Observations | Adam Greenfield: Current thinking Adam's soft launching his new site/practice.

Shaviro short and sweet on Archaeologies of the Future

All Posts (Schulze & Webb)

John Battelle's Searchblog: Alexa (Make that Amazon) Looks to Change the Game (I agree with John, this could be really important)

Flickr: Photos from uground1

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Dmitri Siegel: Bartelby™

BLDGBLOG: Where cathedrals go to die

Doors of Perception weblog: Creativity in business, most important bit in this something that should be self evident, that the whole send the production offshore and leave the creativity and design in the first world model is a load of crap. To assume that manufacturing centered economies won't develop strong creative industries is absurd, why on earth shouldn't they?

Cox Review of Creativity in Business

Glitch Browser

G A P M I N D E R, has some really interesting animated graphics on world poverty over the past few decades.

more evil google scenarios

Alex Cox - WEBSITE

+ gowanus, a map of history, fact & fantasy

Google: Ten Golden Rules (of their hiring practices)

news @ - Does rivalry rewire the rapping web? - Social networks of rappers differ from all other human networks.

flags as data visualization - A false Wikipedia 'biography'

Design of Online Communities course at Georgia Tech

BLDGBLOG: Florida’s Secret Prison City

Joi Ito's Web: The "parked domain monetization" business

John Battelle's Searchblog: Thinking About Google and The Turning Point

Ice Volcano

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Custom No. Super Custom Yes

computational information design | ben fry

Corporate Engagement: The free agent revolution is over

The Long Tail's (and Wired editor in chief) Chris Anderson on how he uses blogs and rss to filter mainstream media

Bacteria Manipulated Into Snapshots

WebmasterWorld: Community vs. Bots - rogerd’s notebook


Milton Glaser: "Less isn't more; just enough is more."

"Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, while adding the meaningful."

Stylus Magazine baile funk article


Googling For Gold

Interview with Felix Gonzalez-Torres by Robert Storr

BLDGBLOG: Bedrock: The Film

Hyperstition: Trees & Rhizomes

Purse Lip Square Jaw: A brief hiatus from my hiatus to try to make sense of a few design and social science things

Presentation Zen: Gates, Jobs, & the Zen aesthetic and Peter Merholz's response.

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Innovation is the New Black

Your brain on Google


The Jason Calacanis on Root Markets and internet ad strategies. Root Markets is incidentally where my friend Dan Perlin is now working.

China's Alibaba to thrash Google 'sharks' - The Battle Of The Books

Modules and Wholes: drama therapy

The 10 Faces of Innovation, Ideo versus the devil's advocate, aka their attempt to co-opt the "power of positive thinking" and all those consulting dollars associated with it... So far they have been pretty successful at too, will be interesting to watch.

"Isnt it interesting that so much of this microcontent is captured and hosted by dirty great big commercial Net enterprises? And that almost none of our photo sharing is direct P2P, for example?

"Its as if the head is eating the tail..."

[ SAILS • The Mascarillons ], "Self-Assembling Intelligent Lighter-than-air Structures"

paper cut outs



"Looking back into history economic data was only kept a secret in failing economies, e.g. the Soviet Union."


Smoke - a photoset on Flickr

The Prudent Investor - Seeing Too Many Bubbles: Unpleasant Trend - Fed Counters By Stopping Release of M3 Money Supply Data

The Prudent Investor - Seeing Too Many Bubbles: Securitizing The Housing Bubble - CME Will Introduce Housing Futures

BLDGBLOG: Churches of the void-grinder

Emigre: An Ending

Transportation Alternatives: RSVP for Contested Streets

bike to the airport

Hyperstition: Intuitive Economics

NPR : Artist Draws 'Clean' Graffiti from Dirty Walls

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: Why do People Carry Mobile Phones?

War Plans - A life without beauty is only half lived.

Just Googling It Is Striking Fear Into Companies - New York Times

The Rise of the Body Bots

Flight Patterns: Air traffic as seen by the FAA

"A lot of programmers, seem to me to think that the whole point of social software is to replace the social with software. Which is not really what you want to do, right? Social Software should exist to empower us to be human... to interact... in all the normal ways that humans do." -- Jimmy Wales


Anger is Good For You - Yahoo! News Air Purifiers For Data Smog

Daniel Perlin is blogging

Google versus Madison Avenue: no contest here

Mapping Toponymy

Researchers add mice to list of creatures that sing in the presence of mates

BLDGBLOG: The residual landscape (China) / Burtynsky

Bernard Stiegler: The global mnemotechnical system, there is an odd Bucky Fuller/early media studies feel to Stiegler's writing, but interesting none the less.

Stealth mode is overrated

The Prudent Investor: History Reserves A Sad Place For The Next Fed Boss

TURING'S CATHEDRAL [10.24.05] by George Dyson, on von Neumann and Google.

"My visit to Google? Despite the whimsical furniture and other toys, I felt I was entering a 14th-century cathedral not in the 14th century but in the 12th century, while it was being built. Everyone was busy carving one stone here and another stone there, with some invisible architect getting everything to fit. The mood was playful, yet there was a palpable reverence in the air. 'We are not scanning all those books to be read by people,' explained one of my hosts after my talk. 'We are scanning them to be read by an AI.'..

"The best description comes from science fiction writer Simon Ings: 'When our machines overtook us, too complex and efficient for us to control, they did it so fast and so smoothly and so usefully, only a fool or a prophet would have dared complain.'"

Is it me or does Dyson want us to roll over and surrender to the Borg?

Peggy Noonan can't take it any more, does that mean the Republican's long knifes are now angled towards Bush. No matter how much I disagreed with their policies there was always a degree of competence in the Reagan and Bush I regimes. People like Noonan and Scowcroft where pretty good at what they did and they've finally flinched at watching Bush II trash the White House. The big question to me is where is Jim Baker? The Bush I problem solver got Dubya through Florida and into the White House, will they call him back now, or is the internal hate to high?

collision detection: Get your game face on, Clive Thompson is still the best at describing the strange unrealness that emerges when computer animated characters get more "realistic".

BBC NEWS | Technology | Gamer buys virtual space station, for $100,000! A bit shocking except that apparently this real estate has potential to generate loads of real money. The $26,500 island was pure luxury in an online space, this deal has more "economic man" about it...

Tristan Perich - Portable Telephone

Wired 13.09: The King of Digital Art

don norman (24 October 2005, Interconnected), Matt Webb has a good response to Don Norman's excellent anti Google UI rant. Good points on both sides, so I'm left in the middle on this one.

"When people use the term Web 2.0, I always feel a little bit stupider for the rest of the day."

BLDGBLOG: The Pillars of Tokyo

Pew Internet & American Life Project Report: Internet adoption

CommodityMine - Complete Mineral Commodities Information

information aesthetics - search engine comparison

Social Design Notes: NYPD v. FDNY

Interconnected on the Artic possibilities

exploring enron | visual data mining

"Seldom will you see Chilean sea bass claiming the most elaborate sauce on the carte du jour. That spot is now reserved for the new fish of the moment - branzino, orata, tilapia. But there is a critical difference between these fish and the toothfish that your waiter will not likely reveal. All of them are grown on fish farms. Seafood importers I spoke with say that an ever-increasing percentage of the fish they deal in are aquacultured. As we reach the end of the big natural predators, farmed fish will replace wild, just as beef cattle replaced buffalo."

Saranont Limpananont is one of my favorite fellow students at ITP

we make money not art: Takashi Murakami in driver's seat of Pivo

Puzzler (268 Pattern Elements)

BLDGBLOG: Structures of mass wasting

Everyware is Adam Greenfield's first book, look out for it.

Pruned: Naoya Hatakeyama & Geoff's Earth-Fountain

Mike Davis on a Paradise Built on Oil (Dubai)

Pruned: Dubai via Archinect, Los Angeles Times and The New Yorker: or, Post-Oil Middle-East, Part III

The Observer | Magazine | The city that ate the world | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks Blog Archive Interview with M-City

Linux-Kernel Archive: Re: [PATCH] Re: Move of input drivers, so Eric Raymond schooling Linus Torvalds, of serious geek value only...

Chicago Tribune | Did blogging doom prof's shot at tenure? "And you don't need a PhD to know he writes very well, although that's not necessarily a plus in academia." Martin Wattenberg lecture at SIMS

Who is JT LeRoy? The True Identity of a Great Literary Hustler

Email 2.0, although personally I think Mike's work is way better than all the 2.0 crap. Especially when you factor in Banapana's The Elephant in the Room, although in the end I do actually like AJAX, really I do.

BLDGBLOG: New maps of national absence

The amorality of Web 2.0

Tim O'Reilly as new age guru

TheWorldIsSpiky.pdf (application/pdf Object) Richard Florida takes on Thomas Friedman

Cost and Revs interviewed in 1994

A Nobel Letdown in Economics, anti game theory in Business Week.

NYC Subway Flash Overlay for Google Maps : Using VGMap by Eyebeam R&D

make your own mess bag, with patterns

Yahoo CEO: "We will always be more open than Google"

apophenia: remix is active consumption not production (when media becomes culture, part 2)

get low, bus, damn hot

on anthropologist and mba pattern recognition

Alan Ginsberg: Howl, apparently its the 50th anniversary..

HoustonSoReal: Bun B King of the Trill Mix CD FREE Download

Weblogsinc sold to AOL?

BLDGBLOG: Nobson Newtown

Halloweekend NYC

John Battelle's Searchblog: Google-Sun - The Toolbar, Ay, There's the Rub

apophenia: somewhere in-between the ALA and Google is harmony


BLDGBLOG: Sheared urban symmetries

Oolong - The pancake rabbit. an up close history of a web meme.

"In Austrian history Schumpeter's name will forever be associated with the fact that he was the first finance minister of the young Austrian republic who oversaw an acceleration of inflation into the triple-digit area. Schumpeter resigned from this post after only a few months and later founded his own bank which went belly up in the early 1920's. After retreating into the academic world later on Schumpeter also started to rethink whether his libertarian approach does actually work in a real-life economy."

What Are Corporations?

Maeda's SIMPLICITY: Pure Interactive Art in 2005

Organic Warfare: Tularemia Aerosol Detected Over DC Antiwar Protest

attenuation is (2 October 2005, Interconnected)

Bicycle sales boom in US amid rising gas prices - Yahoo! News

Paul Baran Oral History

Beyond Greed and Scarcity by Bernard Lietaer - alternative monetary systems

search term advertising, is the company bragging about their placement?

Global warming politics in a post-environmental world | By Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus | Grist Magazine | Main Dish | 13 Jan 2005

Stefan Sagmeister interview

limited language Long-term relations

Podcasting: A new technology in search of viable business models

Pruned: Litter-Free Landscapes and The Politics of Pollen

Fugee's reconcile, take it easy

Creativity Now - Oct. 15-16, 2005, new moderators, thank god! lineup isn't on the level of the last two though, might hit the sunday lineup.


BLDGBLOG: (More) Ancient riverbeds

Pruned: Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River


Reporters sans frontires - Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents

"In the 19th century, Britain and Europe taught the world how to produce. In the 20th, the US taught us how to consume. If China is to lead the world in the 21st century, it must teach us how to sustain."

Whiskey Bar: The New Black

collision detection: A bioterror attack in World of Warcraft

Hexstatic Distorted Minds video

Edward Castronova interview Final Thoughts - AIGA Boston

Bill Strickland, What One Man Can Do

The Prudent Investor - seeing too many bubbles: USA: The 3rd World Is Only A Few Blocks Away

BLDGBLOG: Gunkanjima Island

wayne&wax: shocklee is a prophet and i think you oughta listen to

Jerry Saltz, Battle for Babylon, his annual state of the NY art world piece...

Silkworm Blog: Why Tagging Is Expensive

eithe the new Nintendo controller is amazing, or the sound editing on the promo video is amazing... (video is int the center below the main photo)

Whiskey Bar: Command and Control

Mos Def - Katrina Klap.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)

George Bush Doesn't Like Black People - The Legendary K.O. a/k/a K-otix

lemon-red: Yall cant see me Ray Charles. that's the birdcall

LifeStraw™ - MedGadget -

Call for Short Papers: New Orleans and Other Urban Calamities - Space and Culture Special Issue

The Uses of Disaster (, Rebecca Solnit on New Orleans.

by John McPhee
, two decade old New Yorker article on controlling the Mississippi in southern Louisiana.


Coast To Coast

This Blog Sits at the: Who owns the future of marketing


Slice: Pizza Map

Being Poor

What is Web 2.0 | Web 2.0 Explorer | and for the record, if my take is going to be boiled down to a Hollywood pitch then: Web 2.0 = the professional web

Designing for the Sandbox

apophenia: Why Web2.0 Matters: Preparing for Glocalization

Alan Dershowitz: Telling the Truth About Chief Justice Rehnquist - Yahoo! News

"It seems to me, though, that successes usually come from a mixing of top-down and bottom-up approaches. Computer networking is a great example. On the bottom-up side you have all the wonderful (and some not-so-wonderful) entrepreneurs who have created services like these blogs. But dont forget the top-down contributions! Networking was invented by a big government lab (ARPA.)"

- The Blog | Jaron Lanier: What the Katrina, Rehnquist, and Intelligent Design stories have in common: Bottoms Up! | The Huffington Post

antipopper: new orleans: whiteness and the limits of the western diaspora

Hullabaloo: We Always Worried This Would Happen

Daily Kos: The Last Time America Lost a City

Jason Salavon

"I have written many words in the past about what it is that I think makes New Orleans special, different, unique. I have written them in tones of love, and I have meant them. At the moment, however, I feel that thinking about what sets New Orleans apart is, while understandable, not the right thing to do. The reason is that if a mask is falling away, then the attempt to localize what we see is also an attempt to be distant from it. That is a comfortable approach to take, but it is also the wrong approach. It is comfortable to acknowledge brutal poverty and cheap violence in New Orleans, rather than to acknowledge brutal poverty and cheap violence in the United States."

-Rob Walker

Do You Know What It Means to Lose New Orleans? - Anne Rice in the times


Think Progress By the Numbers: In Katrina's Wake, Race and Class Still Not Being Addressed

Damn, new it wouldn't be long before the Xtian wackos started saying that god took out New Orleans for its sins. Doesn't make me any happier to read it though, the truly sick and depraved fuckers are clearly the fundamentalist christians...

no flags for New Orleans

"Hurricane Katrina: Why is the Red Cross not in New Orleans?

* Acess [sic] to New Orleans is controlled by the National Guard and local authorities and while we are in constant contact with them, we simply cannot enter New Orleans against their orders"

XAccess Projects - Biggaboda

The Fox New reporters on the ground in NO are off GOP boat and telling it like it is, intense TV as the studio tools try and fail to reign them in, watch the video well worth it.

Army Times - Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans

Prior to joining Google, I set up a meeting on or about November 11, 2004 with Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer to discuss my planned departure....At some point in the conversation Mr. Ballmer said: "Just tell me it's not Google." I told him it was Google.

At that point, Mr. Ballmer picked up a chair and threw it across the room hitting a table in his office. Mr. Ballmer then said: "Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy. I'm going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to fucking kill Google." ....

Thereafter, Mr. Ballmer resumed trying to persuade me to stay....Among other things, Mr. Ballmer told me that "Google's not a real company. It's a house of cards."

So much loaded in their, ultimately its that house of cards remark that grabs my interest...

Wired 13.09: The Dream Factory, Clive Thompson on one off fabrication

"By now, it's clear that New Orleans was long abandoned before Hurricane Katrina and the levee breaks forced the city's actual abandonment."

New Orleans mayor on the bullshit and spin of administration. (audio/mpeg Object)

Notes From Inside New Orleans : NOLA Indymedia

"Cancer Alley, along the Louisiana side of the Mississippi River Delta, was home to the largest conglomerate of petrochemical plants in the area. It is also home to one of the largest concentrations of cancer in America.

"Cancer Alley is right where Katrina hit shore."

thickeye: Paul.DeMarinis

the Survival of New Orleans blog

a black rainbow over downtown New Orleans.- - -- tobias c. van Veen in prime form

a 128 page pdf on design process, pretty good at least for the 36 pages I skimmed..

a friend has a new anonymous blog on the NY to London trend forecasting sort of tip, please enjoy.

parasite projector

KrazyDad- creator of software toys

Telegraph | Money | Chirac backs eurocentric search engine

maetl . web deux pointe zero

A miniature city waiting for attack (military urbanism)

After Centuries of 'Controlling' Land, Gulf Learns Who's the Boss - New York Times

Google Announces Plan To Destroy All Information It Can't Index

51st Annual Design Review - I.D. Magazine

John Battelle's Searchblog: Book Excerpt: Expanding Beyond Search

Flickr's first corporate growing pain...

thickeye: Ars_1

You're It! a blog about tagging, another piece of tech hype with big promises and little results yet...

the riddim meth0d

Should the attack of Al Qaeda on the Twin Towers and Pentagon be considered a revolt of mercenaries?

Multitude : War and Democracy in the Age of Empire by Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri

Whiskey Bar: Bring Me the Head of Hugo Chavez

Gmail sign up requires cellphone number..

The Unheard Beethoven

The Pop vs. Soda Page fs. Coke vs. Soft Drink, that last of which is the big "other" in case you were wondering like me...

The Future of Food

Back to Iraq 3.0: Update on Shi'ite clash, includes some useful background on the newest Iraqi fragmentation, the split of the Shiites. Maybe its an oversimplification, but its looking like instead of Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites at play we now have Kurds, Sunnis, "Arab" Shiites and "Persian" Shiites. Plus the secularists...

a performer's account of event in video below a video of a raid on a legal rave on private property, national guard troops, with helicopters, assault rifles and tear gas

The Long Tail: "Just enough piracy", for once I agree 100% with Chris Anderson.

GoogleOS? YahooOS? MozillaOS? WebOS? (

Ambidextrous Magazine, the forthcoming mag form the forthcoming Stanford "". That stands for "Design School" and I while I'm very interested in the project I can't be the only one who retches every time they here that self chosen nickname/brand...

BlogBites. like sound bites. but without the sound.

unsolved information visualization problems

Relax, Bill Gates; It's Google's Turn as the Villain, the New York Times on Google's growing power. Not to... but just how long have I been on this theme?

Avant Game

Werewolf (a "partY" game)

Akamai Net Usage Index

Speak Up, the blog of a CEO of a major PR company. I really have been surfing in the internet mud tonight, no? Sometimes the info is more interesting when its dirty and tainted...

Q & A with Dave Naylor (DaveN) more search engine spam stuff.

David Naylor DaveN, a "blackhat" search engine optimizer blogging.

GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery | Titles Designed by Saul Bass

"Meet the MV-15--civilization's AK-47" (for New Yorkers at least)

information aesthetics: code profiles

…My heart's in Accra The outsourcing of blogging... and everything else?

Ecolanguage is a collection of movies illustrating economic concepts visually. Only got to look at a few minutes, but it looks like good stuff.

Feedster 500, why not 10,000?

YANOBE KENJI ART WORKS /// ヤノベケンジ アートワークス

Vanishing Point is a map of the world based on how much each country is in the news

Wikipedia Marketing?

Intelliseek's BlogPulse

Data Mining

Project on the origins of life launched - The Boston Globe

collision detection: How do you teach a kid about "four"?

A Rocket To Nowhere

"Why something that pushes seamless-dj-mixology to the next level of inter-track indistinguishability should be a smart move is anybody's guess. Yet in its own way the opposite trend--eclecticism, 'great records from all kinds of genres,' the best of the past and the present--that sort of neo-Balearic stance... seems equally a dead end."

Dr. Lee's letter on Microsoft vs. "the Miracle of Google"

Walken 2008?!?

Many-to-Many: Governance, Scaling and Anonymity in Wikipedia Jimmy Wales benevolent dictator of Wikipedia speech at OSAF

village voice > art >Jerry Saltz rips Diller + Scofidio a new one... two years old but still great.

Phallic Logo Awards

Viewing Color Code: A Color Portrait of the English Language

Vanity Fair Article Calls NYT, Time Mag "Part Of The Conspiracy" In Plamegate... is it me does it feel like a political firestorm is brewing?

Sticker Shock: Summer From The Bronx

News Corp to buy into search market? Said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, search = power in an information economy and it looks like Murdoch knows it and doesn't want to get left out.

Email Erosion

This Blog Sits at the: Profit vs. bliss

Apple's FairPlay DRM cracked, in which bots play Unreal and make art.

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference - March 6-9, 2006 - San Diego, CA Call for Proposals

Walker Expanded (a new gimmicky identity)

comScore Blog Report.pdf (application/pdf Object)

Nick Denton on the blog survey he paid for

How to give and receive criticism -

1:1 (2)

"the ultimate activity holiday destination for graffiti writers", linked to it already, but damn, Banksy's latest pretty much cements him as the most important artist of the past few years..

Market populism in the folksonomies debate : Atomiq

apophenia: the biases of links

Tony Schwartz: The Man Who Invented Political Spots

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Small Town Meetings


Garbage Pail Kids World

Many-to-Many: Jimbo's Problems: A Free Culture Manifesto

adaptive path an interview with ludicorp's eric costello (evolution of flickr)

Noise Between Stations: A Business Design Blog

Design Thinking Quotes

Banksy vs. The West Bank

prostitutes, gypsies and cab drivers

Joel on Software - Hitting the High Notes

wayne&wax: we use so many snares hot shit! wayne marshall on reggaeton

Mountain (email visualization)

Sifry's Alerts: State of the Blogosphere, August 2005 Part 3: Tags and Tagging

PSFK: 14.2m Blogs- But 70% Are Spam?



Mary Hodder on BlogHer, the Technorati 100 and new community algorithms

welcome to optimism, Wieden + Kennedy UK weblog...

Sifry's Alerts: State of the Blogosphere, August 2005, Part 1: Blog Growth

New York Times (Perma)Link Generator


Flickr has some new sorting algorithms, no PageRank hit here, but when it comes to public experimentation in this area they are number one at the moment...

Intercommunication Center

Exactitudes is pretty amazing, photos of people rocking nearly identical styles, done so right...

House Is A Feeling


Black Cat Bone - Burning The Flesh Off Modern Art

The Man Who Made Kathie Lee Cry

Joi Ito's Web: Similarity between contracts and open source code

crap song, vintage Gondry video

fabric merchants as trend forcasters

kobito.mpg (video/mpeg Object)

Courier Dispatch


Nom de Guerre updated site

Human-Centered Design Considered Harmful More from "The Don" Norman -- Activity-Based Design

Pieter Hugo

John Battelle's Searchblog: Traffic of Good Intent

Say goodbye to do or die Bed-Stuy, guess the real question is whether East New York can gentrify before the bubble pops...

The Morning News - No Yellow Jerseys Here, by Geoff Badner & Pitchaya Sudbanthad -2005 Cycle Messenger World Championships

Interbrand: Best Global Brands 2005

Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect, global mobile phone anthropology

blowing (business) smoke

Booking the Bazaar: Mapping multi-level networks in a local cultural market, the academic version of the previous post.

Library Of Vinyl Experience: Blog: Boston Rocks the Commons, poor title for a good post about social networks in the live music economy.

Futura on cycling, left out my favorite story though, of the $18 no lock messengering bike... - Whither the Yuan?

Whiskey Bar: Breaking the Pegbillmon on the China yuan/dollar move yesterday..

China Cuts Currency Link to U.S. Dollar

Global Guerrillas


This Must Be Designed By Idiots/Afke Golsteijn

Google Earth

"The president's first two nominations to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia circuit --- generally regarded as the stepping-stone to the Supreme Court --- went to Miguel Estrada and John G Roberts Jr., who had played important behind-the scenes roles in the Florida litigation."

Billmon on the supreme court nomination

information aesthetics weblog

Steve Job's Stanford commencement address

SF-J on R. Kelly

7 Words You Can't Say in Kindergarten

Joi Ito's Web: PhoneGnome

Revista WOW: cultura digital blog media

apophenia: MySpace -> News Corp.

Rove's Last Stand

Degrees of separation |

Sea Org...

BBC has a light weight report on the future of cities via the TED conference

Food that heats us up

Negri interviews Deleuze

Catholic tastes

David Schomer, espresso godfather..

The Framing Wars



Track of Dreams

426 Front Pages from 45 Countries

Rapha – Performance Roadwear, damn this stuff looks nice, the arc'teryx of bikewear?

- B A R N B R O O K -

SPIEGEL Interview with Bicycle Racing Great Eddy Merckx: "Armstrong Is Damned to Victory"

How Americans Search

The Press goes after Karl Rove, how long will they last? how long will he last? direc.tor: Delivering A High-Performance AJAX Web Service Broker :: Johnvey The selling of the Blogosphere—Technorati's big push into monetizing its treasure trove of data collected about millions of blogs

Joi Ito: The internets

Bloggers Need Not Apply

Brian Holmes - Flowmaps, The Imaginaries of Global Integration

Manuel Castells massive report on the social effects of mobile technology

Matt Cooper's Source, Karl Rove, no frogmarching yet though and Rove it seems is providing a textbook example of how to lie with out technically "lying".

Junxionbox - cellular to wifi converter

Voltaic Backpack, Solar Backpack, Solar Bag

bildwechsel / image-shift

Can't Find On Google

Click opera

Graffiti Analysis can't remember if I saw this before...

Zach Lieberman: drawn

New Models for Design Efficiency: Introducing Otto

Adam's Advice and Reading List for High Tech Startup Entrepeneurs

Gmaps Pedometer

Bicylce Trick Riding no. 2 (copyright March 20, 1899, Thomas A. Edison)


Five Borough Bicycle Club - New York

Bike Hudson Valley

Internet Usage World Stats - The Big Picture - Population Statistics

"Google's chief executive, Mr. Schmidt, calls Google's mission a long-term one. 'It will take, current estimate, 300 years to organize all of the world's information,' he says."

The War on African Poverty, Tony Blair's LBJ problem.

The Greek NY Deli Cup

Foreign Policy Watch, Jeb is fresh out of high school and damn smart, watch this one..

Cope2 True Legend

"I weigh 280 pounds. I ain't trying to get up there.", the NYT on Time Mag's Cope2 billboard. Looked better the first week, well done, lets see if Time can keep it hot or if they'll destroy it...

Hip-Hop's Raiders of the Lost Archives

Library Of Vinyl Experience: Blog: Six Degrees of Reggae Riddims


Art Worlds by Howard S. Becker

Library Of Vinyl Experience

Joel on Software - Introduction to Best Software Writing I -- Links to essays in Best Software Writing I

History of Starbuck's Logo


Spell with flickr

Hardt's dissertation and notes on D&G and Capital

Sierra Magazine's Technology Issue

United States Human Rights Network

Digital 'Antigraffiti' Peels Away the Years

Underground rice


Google vs. Yahoo: Clash of cultures | CNET

Amazin' Avenue :: A New York Mets Blog

Turn On, Tune In, Veg Out, Geek On Neal Stephenson on Star Wars

Nightlife - New York in the 70s, photos

Secrets of the A-List Bloggers: Lots of short entries

Gawker Bucks vs Journalists Bucks



Bad Words: The (Conservative) Case Against Decadent Fonts, this has got to be a parody, please... Actually though what's really twisted about it is how closely it echoes the critical theory line of leftist post marxist style of thinking.

video game music


Whiskey Bar: Truth and Consequences

Oxford Muse - Portrait of Alan Human

Mixtape Crackdown Sends a Mixed Message - New York Times

The porn princess, the Indian computer whizz and the poker bet that made $10bn

Who Will Google Buy Next? (and perhaps more importantly just who have they bought already?)

EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

OOOMS product design

How much is inside?

information aesthetics weblog

Graphical User Interface Gallery

Brockmans Taste for Science


NYC Record Store Mondo Kim's Raided by RIAA

Bike Messengers Take the Street to the Track - New York Times

Buffing Becomes an Inside Job



Yale's Monkey Brothel

Loosing Google's Lock on the Past - New York Times

Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries according to conservatives

Google's long memory stirs privacy concerns - Yahoo! News

General Glut's Globblog

Billmon on the housing bubble, not pretty


'Deep Throat'

Tour de Brooklyn

The Dark Side of Design Thinking

SilentCell Network

The History of Sampling (java/processing applet)

Shaw Brother's Posters

AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries

Leaning Toward Utopia

The New School | New Identity



Mastermix dot org old school pirate bootleg mp3s

DO IT at e-flux

Stanford Institute of Design | | multidisciplinary design innovation center

Institute of Design Strategy Conference


The Attention Economy: The Natural Economy of the Net (think I've posted it before, but its well worth revisiting).

ARS Electronica PRIX 2005 awards - kinda boring this year...

A History of the GUI

Anonymous Blogging Guide (draft)

Global Voices Online


The Digital Genres Initiative

Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology — A Group Blog

Why Cameron Diaz Hates HDTV

廃墟デフレスパイラル ~ぼくたちの秘密の 所~

Resolume VJ Software - ReACT Midi Controler

Google Sets

Waag Society - TOOOL Lockpick workshops


The BookScans Database

Danielle Aubert, excel spreadsheet drawings and more

Shirky: Ontology is Overrated -- Categories, Links, and Tags, my personal take is that "tagging" is way to young to judge, making this piece a bit of a premature speculation. What happens when spam and capital start taking on tags? Once that's done, maybe then we can evaluate..

thought thieves & micro$oft : no rights for film about rights - -- - -- . .- - . .- - -- tobias c. van Veen - -- - -

Josh Marshall on George Washington 1776

Questioning ubicomp, circa 1995


Whiskey Bar: Scenes We'd Like to See

An Interview with Edward R. Tufte (pdf Object)

AlterNet: EnviroHealth: The Food Detective: Michael Pollan discusses food chains, ecological dead zones, and the amazing power of corn.

Class in America: Shadowy Lines That Still Divide - New York Times

Natural Perfumery

Dow Rejects Bhopal Solution; Yes Men Hoax Bankers

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Material Issue

Materials Monthly - greasemonkey: index

TATE ETC. issue 4: Art, Culture and Camouflage

Remaking the Pill Bottle

A Backyard Fountain Like None Before:
water cannot be "scaled" - that is, its performance in real life cannot be extrapolated from a small-scale model. "It has to be done full size,"

moistworks mp3 blog

"Whiskey is for drinking. Water is for fighting over."

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: On (Design) Bullshit

Andrew Otwell on dashboard ambient

Phoneline powered devices

Pitchfork now has a dancehall column!?!

ArtForum: If it's Tuesday - interview with curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist - Interview

Whiskey Bar: The Chicken and the Egg, Part II

Mobile Digital Commons Network

Type 1968

biothing::alisa andrasek:::architecture::design::computation

Nouriel Roubini's Global Economics Blog: Global Imbalances: A Contemporary Rashomon Tale with Five Interpretations...

Critic's Notebook: Art That Puts You in the Picture, Like It or Not

Deitch finally has a site

mendi keith obadike (black net art)

SIVACRACY.NET: Siva Vaidhyanathan's Weblog



mashup: Abstract Dynamics


Contagious Media Showdown

Download Wall Street

Craig's List + Google Maps (much better then it sounds)

Population - New York City Department of City Planning

Looking at the Writing on the Wall: A Critical Review and Taxonomy of Graffiti Texts


Peter Druker on the multinational economy

We eat so many shrimp

Growing Number of Lawsuits Could Hurt Google's Ad Revenue

Kelly Mark: Special Projects: Glow House 2

COSIGN Conference, "The aim of the conference is, as always, to explore the way in which meaning is understood by, or produced with, computers."

{GRAPHICJUNKIES} ____________ So ruff, So tuff, Out here, Baby...

A Wooster Exclusive: Banksy Hits New York's Most Famous Museums (All of them)

Whiskey Bar: In the Name of the Son

Online Extra: Commentary: Apple's Blueprint for Genius

adaptive path ajax: a new approach to web applications


Blogads: reader survey for blog advertising.

Frank Luntz's Republican word strategies for 2005 document (pdf), whoa..


Hotel Debt California

Living Spaces

AOL's Terms of Service Update for AIM Raises Eyebrows

Married to the Hook by Greg Tate (on 50 Cent)

Los Angeles Times: Extreme Cinema Verite

Whiskey Bar: Home Movies

Graffiti Colr Pickr

The Way We Live Now: Our Currency, Your Problem Niall Ferguson on the US Dollar vs Asian Central Banks

Beware the Product Death Cycle, Art Kleiner on the decline of product quality.

EFF: Court Crushes Online Journalists' Rights

Sasha Frere-Jones on ringtones in the New Yorker

Spike Jonze addidas ad, not bad but if this is all that's going to come from his long rumored Harold and the Purple Crayon (aka best book ever) project then its a let down..

S/FJ on the mixtape awards

Raph's Koster's Keynote Address at the 2005 Game Developer's Conference.

John Battelle's Searchblog: Google Updates Desktop: MSFT Will Take Note

"Fuller famously expressed scorn for the idea that a war movie could ever be 'realistic.' He said that the only realistic war movie would be one in which a machine gun behind the screen would fire directly at the audience. (It's not surprising, in Fuller's terms, that Spielberg combines a claim to depict war realistically with an uncritical recapitulation of all the cliches about heroism, etc., that Fuller is rather concerned to demystify). So The Big Red One does not strive for realism; rather, it suggests precisely that war stands so far outside the parameters of everyday experience, and of livability, that it can only be represented as being profoundly 'unrealistic.'"

LRB | Slavoj Zizek : Knee-Deep

Wired 13.03: The UnGoogle (Yes, Yahoo!)

New iraqi flag..

Chris Jordan Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption

r - echos / jerome rigaud / informations flux / electro typo graphisme / electronic installation / media art(maybe I just linked to this, can't remember)

Hunter S. Deep Throat?

In My Backyard, Please: The Infrastructure Beautiful Movement


8 bit Post It..

Will the Bretton Woods 2 Regime Unravel Soon? The Risk of a Hard Landing in 2005-2006 (application/pdf Object)

Whiskey Bar: Hidden Agendas

collision detection: Marxist video game reviews


English Cut

flickrGraph: a good flickr powered social network visualizer

cityofsound: New York Changing: Revisiting Berenice Abbott's New York


Daily Kos :: The rise of open source (well firefox really)

puptastic! a blog about dogs (aka I am linking to this to make my friends rich, give them traffic, ok?)

photos of something big and industrial in the ocean

animated keren richter (video/quicktime Object)

r - echos / jerome rigaud / informations flux / electro typo graphisme / electronic installation / media art

Google Maps



the cobrasnake hates polaroidscene

Paul Krugman slays the social security privatization math

Democracy Now! | Seymour Hersh: "We've Been Taken Over by a Cult"

collision detection: Who's zooming who

Essay: Tool for Thought

Paolo Massa Blog: What is "Tag Spam"? Or better, Tag Spam exists?

Radical Software

Blog Overkill - The danger of hyping a good thing into the ground. By Jack Shafer

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: The Vice Design Issue

BarlowFriendz: The Intimate Planet / World / US - Dollar at mercy of central banks

Frank151 blog

Don Magic Juan

"Young Global Leaders" (pdf Object), "organization" is the interesting column..

keychain plants

blood is the new black go keren!

"You know what the south is today? I brought to the table. From TI to Flip to Banner to Haystak to Trick to a lot of people. What the south is right now is what I had my hands on when I was working at Def Jam and they passed on all that shit. I dont know what it was."

-HoustonSoReal: Interview with Scarface


JB CLASSICS - sneakers

Robert Fisk: Hotel Room Journalism, the US Press in Iraq


Martin Luther King Would Fuck Bush's Shit Up

MICHAEL WOLF | PHOTOGRAPHY | HONGKONG (very nice but very Gurskyesque)

How American are American Brands, and how likable? (graph)

Don't Buy American - Why Europeans hate American Express and Wal-Mart, but like MasterCard and Colgate. By Daniel Gross

History of Urbanization: temporal GIS in worldKit

Nauru - the future of rogue states?

MTAA-RR [ news/twhid/super_mario_movie.html ] Galloway Paper Rad/Arcangel text

Tom Moody makes me think I went to the wrong Cory Arcangel opening last week..

Photos of Tokyo G Cans, Typhoon Drainage System

Thom Mayne: How Did He Become the Government's Favorite Architect?

Gothamist: Mayor Goes After Graffiti

NYTMag Manufaketure (Chinese ITP hacking)

Judy Blame: Never Mind the Bling-Bling

Party Ben

so if pizza slice is the crack of food, then nostalgia is the critics heroin..

lost sounds

agonistics: a language game

Cabinet Magazine Online - The Wall and the Eye: An Interview with Eyal Weizman


Mu chicken video

Welcome to Post-Autistic Economics Network

In the field of prediction markets, what were the most memorable moments of the year 2004?

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam


CTHEORY.NET > Operational Media by Jordan Crandall

The Salvadoran Option

Robert Polidori's Peripheral Vision

The Paranoid Style in American Politics

Jos Parla aka Ease

NUMBER27 / The Work of Jonathan J. Harris

village voice > music >"Likewise New York hiphop stopped being interesting when it stopped being about cracknot just dealing, but the world crack made spatially and racially in the '80s. There are no great Black American novels about the crack epoch yet, only grand hiphop operasBig's Ready to Die, Raekwon's Cuban Linx, Jay's Streets Is Watching, and the grandest of them all, Nas's Illmatic. That album made explicit for all time the difference between the MC who thinks in dithyrambic parables and the one who thinks in lucid paragraphs and lurid photographs. Illmatic owns the crack moment as surely as Hendrix owns Vietnam. Nas is truly hiphop's Scorsese, a gifted storyteller who didn't so much seek out crime and mortality as those subjects found him, cornered him..."

Hiphop Turns 30 by Greg Tate

"Through this location-based exchange of text-messages, the YellowArrow becomes a symbol for the unique characteristics, personal histories, and hidden secrets that live within our everyday spaces."

Can't Stop Won't Stop

I.D. Magazine Interactive Design Awards

E. S. Asia quake & tsunami - a photoset on Flickr

The Economists' Voice (edited by Joseph Stiglitz)

The Shadow Internet

Core77 on the ITP Show

Wired 13.01: The BitTorrent Effect, Clive Thompson interviews Bram Cohen

Slashdot | Neal Stephenson Interview

Gucci Youth's Design Remover

Talking Points Memo breaks down the coming battle over Social Security (in the US) down clearer then I've ever seen it.

The Sentinelese "probably one of the world's only surviving palaeolithic people" and probably safe after the Tsunami.

new Banksy book out now..

The Center for Corporate Policy's Top Ten War Profiteers of 2004

SFJ + Mashups (video/quicktime Object)

Google - we take it all, give nothing back.

InsideGoogle blog

Infectious Greed

Government Names

Top 30 (!) Bun B tracks of the year

weave in they hair weed in they purse

NYT Real Estate As Four

Piet Zwart Institute - The Revenge of the Concept: Artistic Exchanges, Networked Resistance

FM Interviews: McKenzie Wark

animation of tsunami

bloggy: Barry McGee: Smash the State

universit tangente - tangential university, mapping the networks of power

jzellis on rural and urban poverty

Feral Cities

watch your kerning..

Rice University Computer Scientists Find a Flaw in Google's New Desktop Search Program

Permanent Photographic Impressions in Concrete

stamen: mappr: geo-location of tagged images on

The Pinocchio Theory: On Beauty and Being Just

Mariko Takahashis FITNESS VIDEO for being appraised as an EX-FAT GIRL steven johnson interview

Feral Cities

Presstube K-Rad video

"Philosophically speaking, the problem with all this is not that Postrel overvalues aesthetics, but rather that she fails to take it seriously enough." - Shaviro on The Substance of Style

sketch a move The disappearing dollar, how long can it remain the world's most important reserve currency?

Wiring the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

Choose The Blue (political warfare)

Searching for Google's Future

Dollar's Fall Tests Nerve of Asia's Central Bankers

A Field Guide to the Falling Dollar

The magic that makes Google tick

If looks could save by Rick Poynor

wind is the enemy achives

Peter Tunney

BBC NEWS | Europe | Behind the scenes at Kiev's rally/protest/frozen burning man thing

On Evil (and Liberal Democracy): An Interview with Alain Badiou

Frank Rich: The Great Indecency Hoax

What Is Iconoclash? Or Is There a World Beyond the Image Wars?

Blur 02 User Experience : Clay Shirky

heyblog: Design Engaged retrospect

Don't move to Canada, move to a swing state!

Chickenhawk Down

'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida - this stuff doesn't quite pass my personal Occam's razor yet, but I'm watching it..

Stamen Design

we make money not art: A step towards "self-cleaning" clothes

"One of the strangest things about these five downhill years of the Nixon Presidency is that despite all the savage excesses committed by the people he chose to run the country, no real opposition or realistic alternative to Richard Nixon's cheap and mean-hearted view of the American Dream has ever developed. It is almost as if that sour 1968 election rang down the curtain on career politicians.

"This is the horror of American politics today -- not that Richard Nixon and his fixers have been crippled, convicted, indicted, disgraced and even jailed -- but that the only available alternatives are not much better; the same dim collection of burned-out hacks who have been fouling our air with their gibberish for the last twenty years."

- Hunter S Thompson, The New York Times, January 1, 1974

Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Money: Technology-Based Art and the Dynamics of Sustainability

RIP Ol' Dirty Bastard (video/quicktime Object)

Sorry Everybody

Fuck the South


dick van hoff's tyranny of the plug

Slashdot | Google Censors Abu Ghraib Images [updated]

Turn your back on Bush.

Everything Bad Is Good For You: Why Today's Pop Culture Is Making Our Kids Smarter

IQ and (US) Politics

Electoral vote mapping galore

Map of the Youth Vote (aka never trust anyone over 30)

a/k/a GunYoga

Bush's man date

On the youth vote

For the hardcore paranoid, here's your stolen election... Personally I find it a touch silly, Bush won the popular vote and quite honestly the Repugs just outplayed the Dems. Doesn't make it any better I guess.

Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004

provide access to the google desktop search service from remote machines (looks like they may have removed the link or at least hidden it, consider it a warning).

Barlow outside the Iraqi box

Eminen get political

Nike Terminator DPM - Disruptive pattern material

Natalie Jeremijenko: The WorldChanging Interview

William Gibson is back in the blogging game big time.

Damn, this has got to be the funniest thing to grace network TV in a long time..

abe, sleeping on Flickr

Deconstruction and Design

Life With Alacrity: Tracing the Evolution of Social Software

Technology Review: How Technology Failed in Iraq

Are US troops massacring Iraqis?

The Tissue Culture & Art Project + article


Biomimetic Robots

The Pinocchio Theory: Jacques Derrida, 1930-2004

BBC NEWS | Americas | Brazil warned of slum 'bloodbath' aka another bubble of cyberpunk today surfaces.

Perreo Radio Perreo.FM has the Reggaeton online sound


Portable Solar Power System For Laptops

Rising Hegemon: The Debate in Pictures

Facial Corsets


Transstudio, Transmaterial

thickeye: hot.notes

britart & eyestorm franchising reactive surfaces

A Hacker Manifesto


Fear and Laptops on the Campaign Trail

S. Zizek: An introduction to the 150th anniversary edition of The Communist Manifesto

/Melting Planet/

Shaviro on Multitude

Complexification | Gallery of Computation

Respect the tamale kingpin

gsap online^0304 : Francois Roche and Stephanie Lavaux
"(Science) Fiction and mass culture crisis"

"(Science) Fiction and mass culture crisis"

Contrasting Concepts of Harmony in Architecture: The 1982 Debate Between Christopher Alexander and Peter Eisenman

John Bruneau's Interview with Cory Arcangel vs The Stefanix of _SWITCH

The Morning News - Tricks of the Trade

The Curse of Dick Cheney

Resfest starts in 2 days! New York first this time.

"Happiness is an index directly proportional to elapsed time since last mass-media exposure"

Labor Blog

Ambient Executive Dashboard Preview

There's a New World Coming

Wild rumors about Kitty Kelly's Bush family bio

George Lakoff nails the frames of the Republican Convention: Day One

Nietzsche: The Problem of Autumn, photo feature from The Good European by Krell and Bates

Is Zell Miller the Evil Emperor from Star Wars?

Rendezvous by Claude Lelouch.mpg (video/mpeg Object), racing across Paris in 9 minutes..

Critical Mass Arrest video

What To Do If Youre Stopped By The Police

The Village Voice: The Weather Report: Resisting the RNC

Bring me my social networking, friendster looking for advice on where to go?

Six Degrees of Bullshit (a prelude). I've written about this before and you can expect me to write more soon.

bike drag race (1rst person perspective) (video/mpeg Object)

Sex Industry Poised to Profit When Republican National Convention Comes to New York

Tech and Art Mix at RNC Protest

The Man Behind the Cubicle

Benny Boom MoveOn commercial

Photos of Banner Drop on Plaza Hotel 8/26

commercializing parkour

Agenda Inc is now a blog

Internet Gives Teenage Bullies Weapons to Wound From Afar, is far more interesting then the title... Hints of how the internet will reconstitute society.

New Order: 'Confusion' video

olympukes font set by Barnbook, hilarious

Disruptive Pattern Material : The Story of Camouflage

David Ellis Nike Ad

W KTokyoLab, pretty colors...

Who's A Rat - Largest Online Database of Informants and Agents letting the world have its say...

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Liberating the Billboard?

American Dynamics: Big Lies

NLG - NYC, RNC Mass Defense. And if you ever get arrested during the protests: (212) 679-6018

Baader-Meinhof: Interview with Bruce LaBruce

The Alchemy of a Political Slogan


jane dark's sugarhigh!: The Land of 1,000 Bad Analogies, on Gandhi

Feedback Loops, Jace Clayton

London Tube Map overlaid on a satellite photo

One Man's Opinion - Everyone's Got One!

Tidal flow to power New York City

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: What is Design For? A Discussion

Victorious Chavez vows to continue his 'revolution for the poor'

Warner's Tryst With Bloggers Hits Sour Note

pictoplasma conference

elastic space › Time that land forgot

Design Engaged 2004

Coffee Blog

The Great Scam

New Pragmatism

collision detection: Woman molecularly bonds with sofa

D&S get the High Line

Boblbee Hacking


The Paul C story, a beat junkie tragedy

Funky Do Morro has *way* more Brazilian funk then it did on our last visit.

diplo-favela_on_blast-excerpt.mp3 (audio/mpeg Object)

BarlowFriendz: Dancing in the Streets: Revolution with a Smile

List of company name etymologies

The Pinocchio Theory: Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology

Should New York City Secede? - I'd love to see the indy city state, but as a pragmatist I say lets make the 51st state bit a reality.

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." -George W. Bush, August 5th 2004

New Yugop!!!



TypeCulture™ - A Digital Type Foundry and Academic Resource

Material Behind "New" U.S. Alert Is Years Old

TEAM AMERICA: Putting the 'F' back in Freedom...

k-punk: Emotional engineering



Will Ferrell - A message from White House West watch the video my friends.

Trades Union Congress - Nanotechnology could be the new asbestos

cityofsound: Shanghai Diary #1

In conversation with Peter Lamborn Wilson, and man he's not the happiest camper.

I, Republican

Terminal Five | Curated by Rachel K. Ward 2004


safe clothes

Positive America, Positive Democrats?

Is The New York Times a Liberal Newspaper?

"...sure to attract stylists, bloggers and fashion assistants..."

For Doctored Photos, a New Flavor of Digital Truth Serum

Whiskey Bar: Minimum Wage

Whiskey Bar: Building a Bridge to the 19th Century

"that's what rappers do right, they get arrested?"

Godfather to Godfather

Picasso as subversive, the FBI files

Coffee Stamp Cup


The missing Matt and Trey Shockwave cartoons unveiled (update: now that I've watched them I realize that they sort of suck...)

Everything I Learned at MIT

Not Funnies

The Bush-Lay Letters

Fear Factor - Chris Allbritton on Reporting in Baghdad

"I've said it before, and I'll say it again: comics writers like Ellis, and Grant Morrison, and Alan Moore, are really thinking about our culture, and our future, in ways that mainstream novelists and academics and critics cannot match. I get far more from them than I do from "serious" writers like Martin Amis and Richard Powers and Don DeLillo, good as the latter sometimes are. Comics are an oddly marginalized form, even in "popular" or "low" culture (think about how few people actually buy and read Spiderman comics, compared to how many go too see the movie version). But comics, with their low budgets, their innovative mixtures of text and vision, and their unabashed genre thrills and chills, are thrashing out the metaphysics of the twenty-first century." -Steven Shaviro


Coalition of the Billing

Grist Magazine: Environmental news and humor

Stealth Games


Project Looking Glass by Sun Microsystems

A 9/11 Cornerstone, Chiseled With a New York Accent

Sparklines, Intense, Simple, Word-Sized Graphics, revised from early versions.

The Pinocchio Theory: Playlist, summer songs...

Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn images

The Rough Guide to Baghdad

The Chinese Century Daily Log: Knee-Jerk Contrarian Game

Trixie Bedlam

The Pin-up Page, 1940's and 50's Pinup girls, including Vargas, Gil Elvgren, Peter Driben, Edward Runci, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, Earl Moran

DJ Yanster Baltimore Club MP3s

"someone has been shitting in Duchamp's urinal" - JG Ballard interview

Zona 10 Photographs - Helmut Newton - Galera

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: The Tyranny of the Tagline

inating racism� and “empowering women� and put them on two lines in a bold sans serif typeface. Then u

Saul Bass: Logos and Trademarks

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise


Signum: 118 U: The Corporate Body

All Time Top Grossing Documentaries

Ghost Bike Pittsburgh

Purple Emperor - News and Views: In Iraq, It's the Jobs, Stupid

Iraq and FDR's Second Bill of Rights

Health care, Viagra, and the pill - News and Views: More on Stern Labor Speech

cityofsound: Designing adaptability into MIT: Building 20, Gehry, and knocking walls through

Black Panther Party Platform and Program

Alfred Jarry and bicycles

collision detection: A really big truck

woebotnik, cause the future of blogging is text.

Mediawork Pamphlet Series

Bikes Against Bush

new wind

The Gipper's Economy

"You pull up to Applied Minds unimpressed. It's in an industrial area of Glendale (who knew there even were industrial areas of Glendale?) - windowless one-story warehouses with nameplates like "Airfoil Distribution, Ltd" or "Light Plumbing Fixture Manufacturing, Inc." Once inside the non-descript edifice, you're greeted by a low-ceilinged version of an internet start up - the requisite espresso maker, late-modern furniture, flat-screen displays, etc. But really, nothing worth writing home about. In fact, the place felt a bit cramped and claustrophobic.

"That all changed once Danny came out to meet me. After chit chatting for a few minutes, he took me to a small room - no wider than my outstretched arms - at the far end of which stood one of those classic red English phone booths. We stepped inside - a bit cramped - and Danny lifted the receiver and dictated a passphrase of some sort. Presto - the rear wall of the booth opened, and we stepped into - nerdvana.

"From a cramped phone booth into massive pure-white-lit space two-stories high, adorned with all manner of things strange and beautiful. Over to one side stood the Terminator-like skeleton of a forty-foot dinosaur, it's 15-foot pneumatic legs gleaming and exposed. Nearly blending into the walls, itself painted movie-set white, was a tricked out Hummer-like RV refitted as a communications/command center - complete with built-in kitchen and bedroom. The space was a great big project lab, with happy geeks combing over various assemblages of wiring, motors, processors and plans like ants on a summer picnic. It's Willy Wonka's chocolate factory for geeks."


Where did the web go wrong? (or How to keep blogs from making the same mistake). - The Jason Calacanis Weblog -



the disposable sneaker

Ulysses: One Page Every Day :: Daniel W. Drezner :: Tim Berners-Lee finally makes a buck

Erik Nitsche: The Reluctant Modernist

Soul In Code: Viral Media (updated link)

another photoshop classic

The Army Redesigns it Uniforms

Computer Simulation as a Public Participation Tool

Support Viral Media!!! Good cause, give them some cash. While you are at it you can donate to me via the links on the bottom of this column! Thanks!

No Sweat Sneaker Union made y'all!

NSA, Crypto AG, and the Iraq-Iran Conflict, no idea if this is true...

Journals of 2 Ex-Slaves Draw Vivid Portraits

The Market as God

||| The Drawing Center || Playpen: Selections Summer 2004

k-punk: WHY I WANT TO FUCK RONALD REAGAN Ray Charles, 1930 - 2004, Rest in Peace

lostshot Weblog


Dear Mr. Reagan,

thickeye: presumptuous.aspirations - unauthorized art found in met and gug

The Undead Zone - Why realistic graphics make humans look creepy. By Clive Thompson

Infinite Fill

rodcorp: William Anastasi: Subway drawings

Stefan Sagmeister mini-documentary

The Corporation looks like a must see move to me.

The Master Builder, TIME for Halliburton

Building 20

"ForwardTrack is a new system created by Eyebeam R&D designed to promote on-line activism. The system tracks and maps the diffusion of email forwards, political calls-to-action, and petitions. Our goal is to help people understand decentralized networks and see the power of "6 degrees of separation." ForwardTrack technology helps prove that one person can make a difference. "

Looks cool, although it pisses me the fuck off that people keep falling for the utterly bullshit concept of "6 degrees of separation". Perhaps its time I write a more vicious version of Six Degrees of Bullshit... - tobias wong

Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes

Cocaine Blunts & Hip Hop Tapes

Nelson George Blog


collision detection: Saturnian travel literature

Is NYC water kosher?

Elaine Cassel: The Secrets of Surveillance, of the digital sort.

Critical Art Ensemble Defense Fund, which as of this morning has become even more critical, as two members just got subpoenaed by the FBI in the case they are building against artist Steve Kurtz. Kurtz's art materials have been seized and he is suspected of being a terrorist, a charge that is almost certainly not true.

Back to Iraq 3.0: A glimpse of the Baghdad art scene

BBC to use Creative Commons licenses for some material.

Wave Messaging, if I were branding this maybe I'd call it "air graffitti"...

[CTRL] Conference: McGill, Montreal // October 22-23, 2004

Marginal Revolution: Economists and sex

The Achilles' Heel of Fingerprints (

A New Archinect! "Making Architecture More Connected" is what they tag.

Empire Notes on tightness in the oil market

Playlist: Reggae's Riddims and Crews

John Battelle's Searchblog: Google Responds To Gmail Privacy Issues: The Higher Standard

Wayne White

BAGnewsNotes: Not Seeing Eye To Eye

Time lapse of a stencil. Mute your speakers the music is awful...

Thong Blog

"Rezedents Rights & Rispansabilities", by the department of Housing and Urban Development no less...

Official Lynndie England Fansite, and it might not even be a joke...

overstated: Weblogs and authority

Abandoned Asylum

MoCoLoco: Coulheur

How to Make a Fake

Its okay to destroy New York againin the movies.

The World Of Private Islands

'Vaginal Davis? Who's She?' Now You Know

'Star Spangled to Death': Fishnets, Race and Religion in an American Hodgepodge Download My Banners! - says the good Dr. Josh Ellis and he's of course entirely right.

bloggy: Williamsburg Gallery Brunch

Don't Buy It!

The Symbiotic Bacterial Light Project

Good news libertarians, Somali passports have been privatized!

Overheard in New York

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

Summer Stage 2004 Event Calendar

Todd P NYC

zooming from space to rooftop and combining imagery, 3D geography, maps, and business information to give you the total picture in seconds.

The Rise and Fall of Miami Bass

Scary Chicks in Underpants; Lady Marmalade, skip down to nearly the bottom and read the Christina Aguilera bit, classic uncut snark...

LOndon's vice cards

In Ruins


John F. Kennedy, C.S. Lewis, and Aldous Huxley all died on the same day.

They all went to the same place.
Kennedy went to hell because he trusted in the Roman Whore.
Huxley went to hell because he trusted in himself alone and his hybrid Eastern mystic notions.
And, Lewis went to hell because he invented a new god, and he ended his life a Taoist.
We will prove it here."

Public Netbase t0 Institute for New Culture Technologies

Rest Forever in Peace, Elvin Jones


The Lost Washingtonienne (WONKETTE EXCLUSIVE, ETC., ETC.) Belle du Jour meets power politics. Plus ass fucking. Enjoy.

Childless couple told to try having sex

Taking it to the Streets, Graphic design for advocacy

collision detection: "Game Theories": on the economic life of virtual worlds

Do-it-yourself ringtone software encroaching on potential profits, some record labels say

E Y E B E A M Prix Selection

The New York Times > New York Region > City Reshaping Building Codes to U.S. Model

The semio-grads: How an obscure Brown concentration trained graduates to crack the codes of American culture -- and infiltrated the mainstream

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: India Switches Brands

Virgin teens 'have same STD rate'

The Buck Stops... Where? - Stop blaming your henchmen, Mr. President. By Fred Kaplan

"Who knew that dated disco bling-bling makes an ideal motif for a 21st-century library?"

THE FOUNDATION - hip hop history.


The Book of Soyga

The Anti-Olmsted, giving new meaning to the phrase "industrial park".

The Art Buyers' Club of Los Angeles by Guy Trebay

Drinkiing Liberally in NYC

GreenpeaceUSA - Ashcroft vs. Greenpeace

Whiskey Bar: Dawn of the Dead

Lemur genius computer hackers

"Fendi's Juke Box is a $1,500 carrying case for transporting up to a dozen iPods. Designer Karl Lagerfeld modeled it on his own iPod case, which he uses for his collection of 40 iPods."

biopresence, will merge your DNA with a tree!

Many-to-Many: Revolution vs. society

angermann2 Palais Berlaymont recunstructed

Josh Davis needs a studio assistant

PERSONAL DEMOCRACY FORUM... Internet and Politics

Living Spaces

____________________ rebel:art - connecting art and activism: das neue kunstmagazin ____________________


THEY RULE has been updated for 2004! With a blog too. As always much respect to Josh On.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the country of Molvania.

undercurrent discovers the next stage of blog spam

angermann2 Right way - wrong map

Modern Ruins Photographic Essays - Shaun O'Boyle

:: souljerky/threshold ::: Oldschool Flash Fun

"I find The Geographer by Vermeer a nice metaphor of the Interaction Designer dealing with space: tryng to represent the qualities of real space in some limited way, being himself enclosed in a space already full of representations, and trying at the same time to gain hints from looking at the real world."

World War II Poster Collection from Northwestern University Library

Social Design Notes: Sign Up for the Mailing List!

MaxSpeak, You Listen!: SUPPORT THE TROOPS

vestacrest: Art, Protest and Pragmatism

Abu Ghraib and the Avant Garde

The Pinocchio Theory: Sympathy for Lynndie England

the 11-day Rule of Spin

CSS Navigation Matrix


John Battelle's Searchblog: From the Ephemeral to the Eternal

" Located just east of downtown Frederick, CO, The Iron Works Lofts brings the excitement, flexibility and vitality of contemporary urban loft living into a single family detached home context. By placing homes designed using an industrial urban language in a community laid out in a typical suburban scheme we have combined the best qualities of both environments. Decreased traffic, personal yards and attached garages provided the spaces for children, pets and property that suburban home buyers are looking for. Brick fronts, steel siding and loft style interiors provide the texture and uniqueness that urban buyers are interested in. The target market was intended to be young urban professionals, both single people and new families."

Kanye West censored

obscurantist: edges 1

Buy the New Iraqi Dinar???

The Religious Policeman a Saudi blog.

Post Cereal Boxes

300 Images From 1800 Sites, and they are all icons...

Uxa NYC skate vid - News and Views: Race to the Bottom

Destination Marketing

Rest in Peace, Clement "Coxsone" Dodd

Vizster: Visualizing Online Social Networks

AlterNet: The Starbucks Paradox

This Blog Sits at the Intersection of Anthropology & Economics

uhc Collective - This is Camp X-Ray

Conflict Map (shockwave file)

Draw a Fecal Person Contest

The New York Times > Arts > Art & Design > The Modern's Cool New Box: Displaying Art, Not Fighting It

Portable Effects: A Survey of Nomadic Design Practice

Mitch Kapor's Weblog: The Real Terms of the Google Deal

Political Patterns on the WWW -- Divided We Stand -- May 2004. Valdis Krebs releases another iteration of his excellent analysis of Amazon political book buying patterns.

v-2 Organisation | news | On responsibility and hope | weblog | Social Super-Orders?

Conflict Map

The Sect of Homokaasu - The Rasterbator

apophenia: social technology: from MPD to Asperger's?

Pac Manhattan

Of Dada and Dr. Davis, The LA Times on Vaginal crme Davis...

Konono N1: "This band is one of the main exponents of a spectacular style of music which has developed in the suburbs of Kinshasa (DR Congo). The Congolese call it "tradi-modern", in other words : electrified traditional music."

Funky Do Morro, loads of Baile Funk MP3s...

The memorial tra-la-loki orchestra and broken-hearted bullshit band aka lokidesignv6, the excellent Kevin Lo has a new site. What's happened to the collab Kevin?

howies is another politically concious clothing company, let their numbers grow!

One more time around for: The Onion | Bush: 'Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over', make sure to check the date it was written...

Juan Cole on the Iraq images:

"The genteel mainstream news reports of this scandal (which have given it less attention than it deserves or than it will get in the Arab press) have not commented on the explicitly sexual message sent by the abusers, which is that Iraq is f**ked."

The Memory Hole > Photos of Iraqis Being Abused by US Personnel

FLASHPOINT, a disposable projector for political uses, nice.

Marginal Revolution: Facts about Sweden

Ben Affleck lobbies lawmakers to raise US minimum wage, prepping for a political career?

Google Censorship - How It Works

Seth Finkelstein's Home Site

"Say what you like about Edward Weston, but he had an amazing number of gorgeous girlfriends, all more than happy to get their kit off and pose naked for him. He was one of those men who, as they say in America, got more ass than a toilet seat."

Going Dutch - Can Rem Koolhaas hold onto the title of world's most influential architect? By Christopher Hawthorne

New York City Map

r - echos - rebloging / feedonfeeds / permanent reconstruction / personnal news agregator / news scanner

John Battelle's Searchblog: Privacy, Gmail, and Unintended Consequences

Hash, At, Slash, Backslash, Open, Close, Bang William Safire on ASCII...

Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage

melted.light.bolb.hiroshim.jpg (JPEG Image, 401x503 pixels)

HIROSHIMA PEACE SITE - News and Views: Subcontracting: Big Lie of the Economy




Mr. Armani buys a fake Armani watch

Search Engine Wars forum - Searchwars

Malcolm McLaren: 8-Bit Punk, missed this when it came out somehow.

v-2 Organisation | news | Redesigning the 1040: my magnificent obsession, Adam redoes the 1040, nice work, more comments to follow...

WILLFUL INFRINGEMENT: A report from the front lines of the real culture wars

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Catharsis, Salesmanship, and the Limits of Empire

Yahoo! News - German Buys Rights to Communist East German Emblem, for $330.

The Website for Terrorist Networking

c u l t u r e k i t c h e n: Condoleezza Rice, a Sally Hemmings for the 21st Century, one of the best blog posts I've read in a long while.

Core77 presents -- Timex 2154 : The Future of Time | International Design Competition

interactive chandelier

Google Alert

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Malaysian Solar-Hydrogen House

Slice is a blog devoted entirely to NY Pizza!

Human Beatbox Conventionm NYC this weekend!

Crooked Timber: To think that an old soldier should come to this

The New York Times sips the syrup.

"In fact, 'Bergdorf Blondes' makes 'Sex and the City' resemble a carefully constructed anarcho-feminist critique of capitalist society... If you have any sense of justice at all, the publication of this book demands that you rouse yourself from the couch this very second and set out to loot and burn Manhattan. Meet us at Da Silvano and bring weapons." Or so says the NYT, where 'blogging it in' must be replacing 'phoning it in'...

The Boondocks' Aaron McGruder in the New Yorker

Fundrace 2004: Neighbor Search. Find out which of your neighbors gave money to politicians. You know what to do with the Bush donors....

machinista 2004

Adam Greenfield on qualia and Qualia

According to Empire Notes, US and Spanish troops have been shooting at ambulances and closing hospitals in Iraq, violating god knows how many laws, principals and morals.

War Is A Racket - Major General Smedley Butler

An American coup d'etat? (plot against Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1934)

American Dynamics, sneak preview


Blackspot Sneaker production update

bloggy: Pool Art Addict: A New York Underground Art Fair

Here is why you shouldn't vote for Bush

Back to Iraq 3.0: Trouble in Najaf

Blinded by Gmail's Gigabyte? (Jeremy Zawodny's blog)

Tim O'Reilly: The Fuss About Gmail and Privacy: Nine Reasons Why It's Bogus. I don't agree on a lot of the points, but the argument is well made.

Map of U.S. Intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean

Japanification Union Busting Universities

"... The end of July 2002, they need $700 million, a large amount of money for all these tasks. And the president approves it. But Congress doesn't know and it is done. They get the money from a supplemental appropriation for the Afghan War, which Congress has approved. ... Some people are gonna look at a document called the Constitution which says that no money will be drawn from the treasury unless appropriated by Congress. Congress was totally in the dark on this."

That's apparently the bombshell from the upcoming Woodward book. Its a nasty jab, but is it a KO punch?

Carbon fiber skyscrapers and architectural innovation

Q: (Egyptian President) Hosni Mubarak is saying the new U.S. policy on the West Bank could escalate violence. How do you respond to his concerns?

BUSH: Yes, I think this is a fantastic opportunity.

WTF?!? That's really the transcript... Mofo NEEDS to go and November is barely soon enough.

Chomsky's tone tends to annoy the hell out of me, but he actually makes a great point in this post.

MoveOn is organizing a series of bakesales for democracy tomorrow. So find one in your hood, get fat, enjoy spring and beat Bush!

Mapping International News in the Blogosphere

Private U.S. Citizens Urged to Leave Saudi Arabia

"An Iraqi has died of his wounds after US troops beat him with truncheons because he refused to remove a picture of wanted Shiite Muslim leader Moqtada Sadr from his car, police said today."

The New York Times > Arts >Brooklyn Museum: Brooklyn's Radiant New Art Palace

BARISTA: Fallujah continues

The Dark Side of Numbers: The Role of Population Data Systems in Human Rights Abuses.

Iraq's False Promises by Slavoj Zizek

The Pinocchio Theory: Scientific study of physical beauty

ANTIHERO SKATEBOARDS has some of the best web design I've seen in a long while. Make sure to watch the Tent City trailer.

Abu Aardvark: The war of ideas is over

Conscientious: Chemigrams are beautiful

Kanye West = Bad Boy imitator?

The Kerry Tribes - The seven factions fighting for control of his campaign and his presidency. By Michael Crowley

"It strikes me that bin Laden has been going about this all wrong. If he'd just started his own PAC, and spread enough money around, he probably could have gotten Congress to vote to blow up the World Trade Center.

"I mean, why bother with suicide bombers when you've got both major political parties on your side?

"A friend of mine likes to call the Israeli-Palestinian issue the "Death Valley" of American progressives -- a hellish, blasted wasteland that sucks the life out of anyone who tries to cross it. Better not to go there, and instead work the land that can be watered and tilled: health care, the environment, econoimc policy, etc. And for a long time I thought that was good advice.

"But since 9/11, I've come to think that the desert has to be crossed, otherwise the gradual descent into an endless war in the Middle East is going to doom whatever slim hopes there may be for a revival of progressive domestic policies in this country -- much as the coming of the Cold War did after World War II. "

- Whiskey Bar: A Higher Law

angermann2 Embodied information retrieval The edge-notched punch card

Fix for Japan Pop-Culture Addicts

My Doomsday Weapon

While Bush vacationed, 9/11 warnings went unheard. By Fred Kaplan

"Few libertarians may believe in God, presumably because they think the universe was created by the market in a moment of perfect efficiency." Wow, believe it or not I think we've discovered the rarest of anomalies, a right winger with a sense of humor. Libertarians are such easy targets though...

The ONLY Official Site of Terry Richardson

Plans to ring two favelas (slums) in Rio de Janeiro with a three-metre (10-foot) wall have been condemned by human rights groups and the city's own mayor.

Abandoned Bicycles of New York

Inside the fire of Falluja

Deaths of scores of mercenaries not reported

The Feuilleton: Blogging in the Nineteenth Century

Empire Notes is reporting live from Iraq.

Hitler wasn't real, says one in 10 historically challenged Britons

∑ummation: How San Franciscans and New Yorkers Differ, not a bad take at all.

Saturday 17 April, 15.00 sound/surface @ Tate Modern

Saturday 17 April, 15.00

Issey Miyake's Seamless A-POC

Dark Suspicions About 9/11- by Justin Raimondo, who is a bit of libertarian wingnut, but he's also been right at times. Treat as suspect, but do not dismiss outright.

And Other Current TV Commercials of Note


War's Full Fury Is Suddenly Everywhere

"One year later, and Bush has achieved what he wanted- this day will go down in history and in the memory of all Iraqis as one of the bloodiest days ever..."

The Extra Action Marching Band

Walking on Air, Woebot on Shoes

"It's a gross mischaracterization to say the entire country is at war. The entire country is under combat."

Your Government Does Not Want You to See These Pictures

The shorter Condi Rice: "I might have been in charge of National Security, but I couldn't do anything because nobody told me what to do"

The Enron National Security Advisor

Sky Ear

Gothamist Interviews: Clay Shirky, Internet Technologist

Live from a siege

apparently the BBC News tonight wrapped up its 9-11 commission coverage by saying that Rice told the commission that "the president lacked sufficient intelligence to prevent the terrorist attack of 9/11."

Heh, I hope that's true, that it went out on the news that is, we all know the intelligence bit is true...

Lehmann's Log: A Letter From Iraq When Private Armies Take to the Front Lines -- Apr. 12, 2004

Mike's Link Blog - Very Scary Shit About John Ashcroft

RIP Keith Cylar

Over 1m killed on world's roads

Snar 2004

US Army Chief Says Iraqi Troops Took Bribes to Surrender, last May that is, you know when they could have kept the Iraqy Army on payroll and possibly provented a huge amount of disaster...

Kerry: Iraq a Great Failure of Judgment

v-2 Organisation | architecture urbanism | End to ends

"d as I blog this, all the mosques, Sunni and Shia alike, are calling for Jihad..."

Brutal File Manager - News and Views: Reflections: War, Globalism & Sectarianism, is an excellent round up of Newman's very articulate and reasoned leftist stance. It also provides a fascinating glimpse into the infighting that has hindered the left for decades now...

Feral Robotic Dogs

thickeye: girls.girls.girls (+ theory and practice)

Water Cooler Games - video games with an agenda

heyblog: Structure & Situated Software :: a part of the network Weblog: The Secret Source of Google's Power

LOT/EK: Mind Sets

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: The Lying Game No. 2 (Or Vietnam Redux)

The book of pallalink

matt jones | work & thoughts | Royksopping a look and feel

Nathan Newman: Labor Roundup

The Living Room Candidate: A History of Presidential Campaign Commercials, 1952-2000

"We thought about explaining that we were Canadians, but all the American reporters are sporting the maple leaf - that is, when they aren't trying to disappear behind their newly purchased headscarves."

Juan Cole: Shiite Clashes in with Coalition in Najaf Baghdad: Phase II of the Anti-Occupation Struggle Begins, Nine Coalition Troops Killed, Dozens wounded in Confronting Uprising

Just finished Mind Wide Open by Steven Johnson and all I have to say is that Steven Shaviro's review is very much on point, so go read it, and the book of course, if ya interested of course.


Kathryn Cramer: Was Dead "Civilian Contractor" Michael Teague the former Aryan Nations security chief?

The Two Cultures of Design

Lexus luxury hybrid

The Economist on Bush

"Sandra Roelofs, the Dutch wife of the new Georgian president and hence the new first lady of Georgia, explained that her husband aspires to follow in the long tradition of strong Georgian leaders 'like Stalin and Beria'."

Fire Bush

A vibrating condom and an anti-haemorrhoid chair have become the stars of the show at an inventors' trade fair in Geneva.


Kathryn Cramer: Let's Define Mercenary

Who's Got the Acid? - These days, almost nobody. By Ryan Grim

Watch the Kid

Jon Caramanica's Broken Language

Trademark Battles Rage Over Top Soviet Brands

The Journal of Murketing is still email only and still one of best reads online:

Another P&G manager who had convinced an actual, living consumer to spend time with him in a grocery store in exchange for some kind of "research" fee, was surprised when his lab rat requested that fee on the spot, apparently lacking the money to pay for groceries without it. "Due to experiences like this," Ad Age says, "top P&G executives began realizing how many poor people there really are in the world, [and] what a big potential market they made up."

Al Gore is buying a cable network

New CEO for Friendster?

Name Simon Reynold's postpunk book

The economics of a donated t-shirt

angermann2 The Beatles of architecture, which is lots of Archigram links.

Air America Radio, launches today!

Mike Whitney: Rejecting the Language of Terrorism

Political Animal: That Sinking Feeling


Lets build a hell to scare everyone into the arms of Christ, yeah?

The Talk of the Town: Neckface

RUDI: Bookshelf: Classics: Christopher Alexander: A city is not a tree

Ghostface Killah interview, Pretty Toney is due April 20th, 3 weeks y'all! Plus if Tupac is ever coming back to life, that's the day...

the tinyluckyUnicorngenius asks the pertinent questions Chuck D vs. Kanye, Satchmo vs. Dizzy

Design as an Activist Tool

You are where you live? aka what target market are you...

BBC NEWS | Technology | Simputer for poor goes on sale

404 | v.7

Social Design Notes: The Bucket

Edward Burtynsky Photographic Works, currently featuring the Three Gorges Dam in China.

swens blog: Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra MP3 files

Ghostface Killah vs. Random Spam Text

Digitally Mediated Urban Space: New Lessons for Design (application/pdf Object) I am a pirate ?! - another story in the copyright vs. creativity battles...

Congratulations Adam!

red iceberg

Marco Evaristti News | "We should have had orange or red-type of alert in June or July of 2001"

"And now former anti-terrorism chief Richard A. Clarke is beating up on the administration, and the Bush folks are acting as if they just heard last weekend that he had a book coming out. Which is just about true, although the book was physically in the White House months ago."

yuko shimizu web portfolio

it = innovative flash navigation



A Letter from the Texas Border. I'm fascinated with the border towns, the poorest part of America, a long striation between two countries, a world tension. This piece barely graces the surface.

Pakistan at risk of losing hold on tribal areas

"If there were a Shirkys Law, it would be something like The advantages of anonymity grow linearly with the population; the disadvantages grow with the square of the population."

International Workshop on Inverse Surveillance

On Stripping and Writing

Turning the Tide is Noam Chomsky's new blog. Not much of a fan of the man, but worth reading none the less.

alt-rock slow jamz...

"It featured all the trappings of a glorified video game. Thousands of Pakistani army and paramilitary troops played the hammer. Hundreds of US troops and Special Forces, plus the elite commando 121, were ready to play the anvil across the border in Afghanistan. What was supposed to be smashed in between was "high-value target" Ayman al-Zawahiri, as Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf enthusiastically bragged - with no hard evidence - to an eager CNN last Thursday. But what happened to this gigantic piece of psy-ops? Nothing. And for a very simple reason: al-Qaeda's brain and Osama bin Laden's deputy was never there in the first place."

People Tree Online: Bookstore, a gateway to Indian literature.

Whiskey Bar: Richard Clarke Testimony Post Game Show

Dark Future a la Blade Runner: Destroyed Buldings from Sarajevo

Morbid Outlook - Elegant Gothic Lolita

The Postmodern Anarchist

Free the 9-11 tapes!

The Architect's Newspaper

The Pinocchio Theory: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

Dispatches From Girls Gone Wild

Brits Going at It Bluetooth and Nail

TV on the Radio in the Times

Plato, Strauss, And Political Philosophy: An Interview with Stanley Rosen

electric spot sheepworks

Whiskey Bar: Out of the Loop, its spring time, and the devistating Billmon humor is warming back up, holla!

"Dedomenici suggests that the cow is the most technologically integrated of all farmyard animals because modern intensive agriculture, particularly dairy farming, has acted as a catalyst in the cow's evolutionary tolerance and understanding of technology."

A 9-11 warning timeline

The Strategist and the Philosopher: Leo Strauss and Albert Wohlstetter

A Home the Bank Owns

WOEBOT: Gothic Futurist

musicplasma : the music visual search engine

Transcript_60 Minutes_StahlClarke_04Mar21

The Untitled Project

Vidal Sassoon modernist hero?

Do people lie less online?

Asleep at the Wheel, an imaginary ad via Billmon.

"In its Golden Globe Awards decision, the FCC held that virtually any use of the F-word, as it is known at the FCC, was indecent, because it is always sexually suggestive. (For those of you who were wondering, the F-word in FCC stands for federal.). This decision strikes me as fucking implausible. Did that turn you on? No, I thought not."

He Measures Oakland's Beat, and Parks Bloom

Richard Clarke pulls the sheets off of the way Bushco deliberately ignored the threat of Al Qaeda.

Its really tempting to just publish The Journal of Murketing email newsletter on this site. But instead you should just subscribe by following that link above...

Shep Fairey in Inc. mag

Hack that TV

Kinetic Sculpture by David C. Roy

So which MSN persona are you???

Airport Codes: The ABC's A History and Explanation

A Wall Grows in Palestine

if you ever need a vector corporate logo...

The Rumsfeld blatant lie

Calpundit is now the Political Animal

"It may have been the worse strategic blunder since Wilhelm II dragged Germany into a two-front war in 1914." - News and Views: Did the Terrorists Win in Spain?

the kid stays in the picture, perhaps a time for fear has passed us by?

bloggy: Spain's response to terrorism

Christian Nold Crowd Compiler More Thoughs On Terrorism, Josh really nails it here. Terrorism is not the major issue that some would want you to believe. The acts are tragic and dramatic, but really there far deeper and more pressing issues at stake. More in the main bar later...

The Gadflyer: A New Progressive Voice

Bush's favorite terrorist, the Democratic inability...

Wired News: Who's Teaming Up Against P2P? Is the California Attorney General taking orders from the Motion Picture Association (MPAA)?

The english decline?

african oil politics, reads like freeze frames from a thriller, but this the real deal friends. dark gold, dark continent, dark intentions.

Kathryn Cramer: N4610: More Names, a Face, & Some Conservative Thoughts, Kathryn is all over the mercenary plane in Africa story, loads of fascinating details.

the computer in the slum

lebbeus woods:bent bricolages


RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode When You Try to Microwave Them

George Eastman House Photography Collections Online

Lockhart Steele on Berlin

Archined: Glossy with Content, Rem Koolhaus has a magazine.

Don Park's Daily Habit - Korean President Roh Impeached, a Korean American perspective.

Grey Album behind the scenes

"Videos are the new album art in the era of the iPod"

wit & riposte: blogworld, the EFF, and the Chicago School - -- - -- . .- - . .- - -- tobias c. van Veen - -- - -

Hacking BushCheney

v-2 Organisation | Battle of the Celebrity Designer Restaurants | Lever House vs. Brasserie, round for round, blow for blow!

Tyrone Shoelaces: Baile Funk

Tyrone Shoelaces: DJ MP3s

jane dark's sugarhigh!

banksy's the drinker sculpture

"Some anarchists imbued with the festive spirit of May '68 acquired the rights to a Taiwanese film, adapted the soundtrack and managed to infiltrate the local cinemas mainly visited by immigrant workers. Its title, The Dialectic Can Break Stones , was, it seems, an imitation of one of Mao's famous dictums. The pirated plot went something like this: out-and-out war pits two gangs of youths against each other, the bureaucrats against the libertarians. The leader of the latter - we'll call him Ling Pi - goes out alone to fight off 20 of the enemy. His little sister Miu wants to fight alongside him, but our hero puts a stop to that: "Your mistaken political line won't let you come with me. Stop reading the mind-numbing pair Marx and Lenin and get into the complete works of Sade!" Another sequence shows Ling Pi, in full possession of his martial arts, as his forearm chops its way through the ranks of bureaucrats: "You idiots, stop parroting Marchais's editorials from L'Humanit !" The leader of the enemy: "Revisionist, traitor!" Ling Pi: "Now you'll find out about the muscle-power of a pupil of Nietzsche and Lou Andrea Salom!' Needless to say, I was delighted by the film. But it also delighted the rest of the spectators who, absorbed in the wondrous action, didn't pay much attention to the sparkling wit of the dialogue."

"If you see a Swiss banker jump out of a window," wrote Voltaire, "jump after him. There's bound to be money in it."

Vintage Girlwatchers

Cities on the move by Hans-Ulbrich Obrist

Calvino as Urbanologist

In the Realm of Jet Lag

a practice for everyday life

hand drawn maps

Jay-Z Construction Set

WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: Kid Energy

John Kerry's Record: One You Can Dance To

angermann2 Entropic Navigation

Michael Bierut on "Dangerous Ideas, the third biennial conference of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1989

LOKi on Bush 9-11 speach, a typographical exploration.


"the researchers have discovered that authors of popular blog sites regularly borrow topics from lesser-known bloggers -- and they often do so without attribution."

pay for email, with a twist

Sparklines, Intense, Simple, Word Sized Graphics. Edward Tufte releases some drafts from his upcoming book Beautiful Evidence. And beautiful it is indeed. Syndicated Content

Santiago Calatrava's Cantilever House

In Conversation, John Baldessari & Jeremy Blake

SounderCover, mobile sonic disguise

subway systems of the world, presented on the same scale

City Lights Design Competition - Competition Info

Daily Kos || Bush gave terrorist a pass

Cunt: A Cultural History

What's Right With Kerry

radio vox populi: live from the commons

biotechnical art

U-Godzilla vs the RZA

Transcendent Interacitons: Ludicorp's Presentation at the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference

Online vs Print, Newspaper Editions

Heavy Metal Madness: My Smokestack is Bigger than Your Smokestack - Where Stats Come Alive!

"If the Democratic policies had been pursued over the last two or three years, the kind of tax increases that both Kerry and Edwards have talked about, we would not have had the kind of job growth that we've had."

- Dick Cheney

In other words if a Democrat was in the White House we would not have had negative job growth...

'Baby Doc' Duvalier eyes return to Haiti

Stalin's Last Army: Gigantic Commie Crabs Horde Invades Europe!!!

We're Talking Vulva Film Clip

Virtual Feminization Clinic

Protocol: How Control Exists after Decentralization

danwei: Osama Bin Laden cologne

Haiti: U.S. political maneuvering behind the ouster

Balkinization: President Purges Bioethics Council of Unbelievers

The Judith Miller travesty, apparently the New Pravda York Times has failed this hard before... 80 some years ago. But really the Times of late has been a complete embarrassment to NY. | weblog | The problems of visualising social networks...

Scalia asked to recuse himself, from the Cheney case.

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Information Design and the Placebo Effect

Things that are the new black

Levitated | Invader Fractal | Flash MX open source

S/FJ + Arthur Russell + The New Yorker, yum.

Deliberately Concealed Garments Project | Clothing found hidden in buildings

Calpundit once again brings the utmost clarity to an issue, this time Alan Greenspan's fuck over the middle class Social Security game. Once again this is some third world shit, tax the masses and use the government funds to finance an elite. Utterly un-American to the core.

Howard Kurtz in the Dean civil war WTC update

The Economist: A Phoney Recovery

Political Patterns on the WWW -- Divided We Stand, Valdis Krebs updates his excellent mapping of political book buying patterns on Amazon. Its as striking as ever.

Due Diligence has notes from the near future of paranoia and digital security

Josh Ellis hits spot on with the latest from the EFF and the Future of Music Coalition Music Law Summit

upcoming Nike pics

"The essence of good foreign affairs journalism, I gleam from afar, is finding the best bar in the worst city"

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Bruce Mau: The Aura of Power

424 Sound Monster rips up those ring tone beats

humco: exploring fair trade in the garment industry

Quality Propaganda from Ben Cohen's True Majority

s c h e r w a r e

Bruno Latour's Paris: Invisible City is apparently a "sociological web opera". Sort of like what hypertext academics where dreaming of pre dot com, only now realized successfully. Need to spend more time with it to judge whether the web is the most apropos venue for the work...

DetroitYES - The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit Forum

cityofsound: Metaphors for New York

New York 90210

Celluloid Skyline

Scot Hacker's thoughts on the Grey Album, pretty on point, although I'd argue that Jay-Z's talents as an MC are mainly of the subtle sort that is difficult to impress on the non hip hop fan. Took me a long time to appreciate him as a brilliant MC and I love the music...

Brian Holmes, "Reverse Imagineering:
Toward the New Urban Struggles,
Or: Why Smash the State When Your
Neighborhood Theme Park Is So Much Closer?"

" The draw of these shows is obviously their romantic lure: we get to watch in astonishing detail while a couple falls in love. But doesn't the format of the show make it a little too obvious just how mechanical the whole affair is? After all, on every single one of these shows all you have to do is give the guy/gal 25 members of the opposite sex for a few weeks and bingo! With almost computerlike precision they fall deeply in love with at least one of the contestants and usually with two or three of them.

"How is it possible to retain our fantasies about the ineffable and mysterious qualities of love under these circumstances?"

- Calpundit: TV Romance

Cassavetes' Rosebud

Vermin Supreme wants a pony

Senators Stock Up

The Poltics of Typography

Dove Beauty, more signs of marketing's classy, artsy future?

MarketingWonk: Toyota in Exclusive eBay Deal, signs of the future marketing web?

Howard Stern Pulled Off Air, they say "indecency", I say repugnant or not Howard Stern is the most popular leftwing radio personality on the air. Hmmmmm

the Dubya Constitution, funny and not funny at all, simultaneously.

apophenia: echo-chambers and homophily

The best neon sign of all time stood above a cuchifritos joint on 14th Street, just east of S. Klein's...

angermann2 Dislocation: Cut-Up Cartography

Reflections from the Floating World

"We don't support that" and other tales of tech support hell. Makes me like Dell even more, living proof that you can build a company on service. Lets hope others wake to it.

Fuck, as if Bush pushing the anti gay marriage amendment is bad enough, now I have to learn that the proposed language might be a bait and switch banning all civil union protections for gay couples. Does this administration have no shame? Do I even need to ask that?

Bubble Chamber | Processing exhibition, November 2003

A Dialog on ANT

Under the Freeway, by Rob Walker, public space in New Orleans, well worth the read.

Strange Sisters

Education Secretary declares the largest teacher's union a terrorist organization.

Ellen von Unwerth | Revenge

thickeye: decay

Talking Points Memo and Whiskey Bar are breathing fire this morning. Chalabi offers to take the fall, illegal immigrants and more political nastiness...

H.G. Wells alternative to Metropolis?

Design Insurgency, Neville Brody and Stuart Ewen presentation to the AIGA conference in San Antonio, September 1989

Metatempo: Surviving Globalization, Decision Support Systems, Inc.

Even the Religious conservatives get screwed by Bush, is there anyone left who hasn't?

tech ronin: FlipStart Micro PC 1lb, I want one.

Jean Rouch, 1918-2004

Republican Evangelical Jews?

Vietnam Ironies Inside Ironies via Billmon

Selfportrait of a giant squid

Joshua Micah Marshall on the next Republican scandal, yep another one...

The Forgetting Machine

Coming Attractions, the Lords of the Bling, heh. Ja Rule as Golem is absolutely classic...


More Cities Supportive of Gay Marriage and I've got to admit that Newsom has surprised me in a good way as SF mayor. Meanwhile Jack Balkin argues that constitutional change often starts with political action and hits the courts last.

Subway Design

Comme des Garons Guerrilla Stores

Patrick Moore, the Battle for Biotech Progress, sums up some of the inherent contradictions in the environmental movement. Peep the latest Harper's for another eye opener.

WHERE IS THE RUNAWAYCHEF?: S-21 CAMBODIA, the "security prison" for the Khmer Rouge, damn.

S/FJ on Shopsin's with bonus Stienski remix.

sea slug neuron

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: The Final Decline and Total Collapse of the American Magazine Cover

k-punk on warding off America via decay

Steven Shaviro on Bruno Latour the case of Dudley Hiibel

This is Bush's Base?

Cowboyz 'n' Poodles: Checking Out of the Holidae In and letting dem other bloggas know how to get down.

Yahoo! News - Dean to Leave Race, Mobilize Supporters, looks like my 'new DFA' predictions are coming true., an indie iTunes Music Store.

incite - urban mobilities

Bill Bennett, the Dom and the standards of sex scandals

Martial Law in the NYC? Either way the GOP convention in September is going to be hectic in the streets...

BarlowFriendz: My Body, the Fixer-Upper

So much for Kerry's sex scandal

Computer Liberation!

apophenia: Ni una mas! Not one more in Juarez!

"Scott McClellan finally lost it Friday, according to White House reporters."

Southern Raw Divas


Michel Gondry : Steriogram Walkie Talkie Man Music Video, can Gondry do no wrong?

Larry Fink, Fake W Bush


Back to Iraq 3.0: Civil War a Real Possibility

And after blowing a fortune on designer gear by forging his dads signature, he whined: If Dad had got me these things in the first place I wouldnt have had to steal his card.

Forget an Affleck when I begin my own failed engagement to the J.Low I'm getting her this

Question? How old and conservative do you need to be to think that John Kerry hanging with Jane Fonda is a political negative?

the spam blog

The Dubya Abortion? them rumors, they spreading

Kerry vs. Bush, the Vietnam timeline

Kerry vs. Bush, the Vietnam timeline

Bush's driving arrests disclosed, second page of arrest info still redacted.

Six Artists Who Use Maps in Their Work

A different take on North Korea

Design Observer: writings about design & culture: Neville Brody Revisited

Vaginal Davis Blog

danah boyd: revenge of the user

modern day sagittarian

How to steal an election online, step by step instructions, don't have time to process this, but damn, this story gets bigger and bigger every month...

v-2 Organisation | interface usability | Mike Buzzard: the v-2 interview


Joshua Micah Marshall as he often does, make things a lot clearer, this time with the Bush military records fiasco. So what are you hiding Mister Dubya?

Soul In Code: The Next Predator : MIT Aerial Robotics

Khan Job: Bush Spiked Probe of Pakistan

thickeye: the diffused audience

Did Bush Get a Nose Job in the Oval Office? And is that worse then...

Political Wire: Chandler Looks Good With One Week To Go, and he raise $40,000 in 10 days off of blog ads!

danah boyd on Joe Trippi + Manuel Castells on the segregation of information

Timeless Movie Characters: The Ass-to-Ass guy

Eyebeam artist in residence, open call

Calpundit keeps on the AWOL president story

Cinema Redux

Skull & Bones

Is Tony Toast?, don't miss the illustration too...

Jimmy Carter blogs across Africa

Test: Shell Scenario Planning Workshops

Feds Subpoena War Protestors Records

completely surrounded by no trees, TV on the Radio have a blog, yeah.

Style: The Sound, S/FJ chops up the Neptunes/Timbaland axis for the NYTMag...

muted tones // v1

Social capital and a lack of public engagement

-=< Halavais: News Archives>The Third Person Candidate

The Fog of War - Live

The Virus Underground by Clive Thompson with photos by the one Ryan McGinley

gigantic artspace tonight an opening

The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare, Abrupt climate change, brrrr. the blended music authority

Massive Change - Call for Images deadline is tomorrow (today?) Friday the 6th...

Core77 Articles: Insanely great, or just good enough?

Joi Ito's Web: Lunch, the universe and everything with Seth Lloyd one who consumes information.

Snakes in the Bushes

Basecamp: Web-based Project Management, Client Extranet, Project Site System (simple, elegant, powerful, fast, and usable)



Social Design Notes: Protest and New Media, 1787 the roots of non profit tactics.

Reeewind, superbowl style

runawaychef: Central Market at Phnom Penh

Miss Kittin Sonar set

Jim Moore: Dean restocked by the grassroots

Pete Missing's Recycling the Future

How India became the capital of the computing revolution

malevole - Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

A Well-Imagined Star, the Mingering Mike story, damn that's a good read

And its on!

G A P M I N D E R Making sense of the world by having fun with statistics

oh shit... the electronic voting fear grows increasingly legitimate

a time for fear gives the low down on Pakistani nukes My Theory About Dean's Demise: He Got Fewer Votes Than The Other Guys

Andrew Orlowski is talking more shit, this time about the Dean campaign. More on point then usual for once, which means he maybe got 1 out 5 facts right... Follow the picture link though that's a legitimate critique. Cool that Mr. Armstrong credits Deleuze and Lakoff too.

Perfect Storm

"I'm here to announce in front of 100 million people we're still going to download our music free from the internet - and there's not a thing anyone can do about it."

Paul Rand 2: Offense

Paul Rand 1: Defense

"With a heavy dose of fear and violence, and a lot of money for projects, I think we can convince these people that we are here to help them," Colonel Sassaman said.

Dean Campaign Hires Bellhead, worth noting though that this "bellhead" jumped right in and started blogging on day one. - News and Views: NYC Housing Boom- Zoning to Kill It?

Adam please tell me you are joking, please? I mean now that my eyes are open I guess I'll stop using V-2 to describe your site, as its obviously just part of your marketing scheme. And that last name, that's just a way your family markets their DNA. Hell why not just throw away names entirely, or maybe make up new ones every day? That will keep people from marketing themselves and shit you know...

Jeremy Zawodny: Why Google needs Orkut

Whiskey Bar: You Can't Please Everyone, Billmon gets technical and scary on interest rates and dollar exchange rates, for the hardcore only...

Trying to determine what is going on in the world by reading newspapers is like trying to tell the time by watching the second hand of a clock. -Ben Hecht

Daily Kos || Bush's "imminent threat"

| s t r a n g e a t t r a c t o r | celebrating unpopular culture

Venetian spy stories

Dean's VCs Force Trippi to Resign as CEO, the shareholders are confused


Wanted: personal social network coordinator

yep, yep ?uestlove's on the Source's first death

Even the people inside the Dean campaign are comparing it to a dot com now..., Jim? what's up?

David Weinberger has something of a rebutal

Fine-meshed systems: the London tube

Flower-Power Could Help Clear Land Mines

Ben Fry, elegant information visualization

Dean vs. Privacy?, ouch

Bush 2004 Campaign Pledges To Restore Honor And Dignity To White House

Dovester, taking social networks way way back

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's time based layouts

Dieter Rams' ten elements of good design

Cowboyz 'n' Poodles

Oliver Wang's Pop Life

oh shit, Ghostface mix tape joints Beatles samples, hip house with the Mexican samples (Burnin'), freestyles and more, hottt. When's the new record?!?!

fucking a-okay

Crooked Timber: After the New Economy

Pimp Watches - 70's Style vs Future Concepts

Josh Marshall on American Empire

u n d e r c u r r e n t

Many-to-Many: Is Social Software Bad for the Dean Campaign?, Clay Shirky in top form on this one

Whiskey Bar: Davos Notebook

Clive Thompson on social networking

What McNamara Learned from Viet Nam

Whiskey Bar: Davos Discovers the Blogs

Successful Wikis are inherently fragile, says Cunningham, but they show something important: ``People are generally good.''

Cellular pit stops

publisher's clearinghaus

zipdecode - ben fry

The Tyranny of Copyright?

MAKING A KILLING: The New War Profiteers

Moscow House of Photography > Helmut Newton, Retrospective

eyestorm - Helmut Newton - biography by JG Ballard no less

RIP Helmut Newton

Remarks by the President to the Press Pool, wtf is it about our president that he's able to make us go "wtf, this is our president?" with remarkable consistency...



Do plants act like computers?: Leaves appear to regulate their 'breathing' by conducting simple calculations.

Stuck Inside of Davos with the Crawford Blues Again

Perhaps when he (Dean) really delivered that establishment a fatal blow was in the winter when he got all of them (Gore, Bradley, Carter sorta, Harkin, McGreevey, Kamarck -- yes, we saw Elaine, we saw!) to endorse him and then, with them in tow, drove off a cliff.

networks, art & collaboration


collision detection: Campaign '84: The video game!

Distorted: Don't Look Now, beautiful

The Hunting of the President

The Gadflyer: The Future State of the Union

Josh Marshall on state by state organization and internet fundraising, read that and note that kerry raised $365,000 yesterday...

10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Your World, maybe

democratic music taste, and Lieberman wonders why the voters don't relate. Kerry wins this one with the Beatles, although the Stones would have been better. Dean goes for Wyclef and risks permanently losing the vote of all music fans... customized rss search subscriptions

Josh Marshall interviews George Soros

State of the Union as a speech

The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, haven't read it, but the subject matter is right up my alley, we'll see about the politics.

Billmon on Iowa, Organization and Beyond

NEWSEUM: The Commissar Vanishes

Height Politics

State of the Union Drinking Game

low culture: It's a Wonderful Night for a Sundance

Surreal moments serving a mythological president

The Zapatistas at Ten - reflections by John Ross

Myth of Declining Voter Turnout

"Am I the evil genius in the corner that nobody ever sees come out of his hole?" he (Dick Cheney) asks. "It's a nice way to operate, actually."

If I can't dance, a history of a quote

The Iraqi reconstruction business convention. God I love it when Naomi Klein does what she's great at, journalism, rather then kicking utterly crap theories around. Here she covers a convention for business men attempting to bathe in my tax dollars via Iraq contracts. Good stuff.

thickeye: let's get ready to... caucus!

The Gimli Glider

Hip Hop = dinosaur rock?

Will the French Indict Cheney?

NoRelevance - For Lovers Of Visual Junk.

World War 2 Aerial Reconnaissance Photos


receiver writing about mobility and phones

David Ogilvy quotes and quotations

Scalia, and Cheney, hunting together

Houses from the sky

John Dean: The U.S. Supreme Court and The Imperial Presidency

antipopper: purity is expensive, is organic better or just more expensive?

Barlow: Is Spalding Gray Finally Swimming to Cambodia?

eBay sets the rates

Study: Network News Criticizes Dean Most

Dean + Demographics + Lakoff

Afghanistan update

Shi'tes show their strength


If Bush Were Your Boyfriend:

Boyfriend: "Hey, let's crash that party!"
Girlfriend: "Let's invite Jacques, he's always fun at parties!"
Boyfriend: "I hate that French fuck."
Girlfriend: "Why are you so mean to all my friends?"
Boyfriend: "I hate all your friends. We don't need any of them. Just the two of us, baby."
Girlfriend: "You're suffocating me."
Boyfriend: "Can I borrow some money?"

Junk for Code: Domination of nature, Tasmania is trouble

CBS rejects MoveOn Super Bowl commercial

WTC Memorial = James Turrell? Turrell is of course the new black as well...

Mind Wide Open Steven Johnson's latest hits the shelves

some bleep bleep techno for you my loves

Top Ten Reasons Why Bush Wants to Go to Mars

The story of Maher Arar

Hip Hop as business

behind the Von Dutch

"The merger is expected to result in the elimination of about 10,000 jobs"

The merger is expected to result in the elimination of about 10,000 jobs

project video in air

new movabletype software update

Jihad Unspun has a slightly different perspective on the news

Whiskey Bar: The Prisoner

Creative Class War, its Richard Florida writing so filter accordingly.

LBJ Daisy ad

Small Is Profitable

Daring Fireball: The H-Bomb, Apple + HP commentary

Classic election posters (British)

danwei: Saddam Hussein: punk, cowboy, vulnerable old man

President Bush sported heavy makeup on his right cheek Tuesday as he endured the pomp and circumstance of the closing day of the Summit of the Americas, leading some reporters to wonder if his South American critics might have finally gotten physical.

NewYorkish: Trafficking in Dollar Bills

in memory of Guido Crepax

PRINT'EM free Japanese poster designs, lots of em.

9/11 Memorial revisions | photo weblog

Classic Album Covers

Iraq, chaos and banality

magma - rarefuel : a network for visual junkies

Bush in 30 Seconds winners

Abandoned Bicycles of New York

Bush & Co. vs O'Neill

the U.S. military is getting desperate in Iraq

John Battelle's Searchblog: How Superbowl Ad Prices Prove Old Media Is Splintering, prove is probably the wrong word, but interesting none the less

Sowing the Seeds of GOP Domination

thickeye: Perceptual Moments & Consciousness thickeye on Oliver Sachs

In the River of Consciousness, Oliver Sacks on the the perception of images

old school info addict

Why The O'Neill Revelations Matter

UCLA Hammer Museum: Lee Bontecou

WOEBOT: Milkshake a visual history

the internet as mass therapy

Confessions of a White House Insider

Ben Fry, artistic information visualization

Ashley Wood: Artist

Most Americans have more debt on their credit cards than money in their mutual funds

Own Grand Royal

Happy Birthday Tintin!

The real Iraqi radiation threat (and it ain't from Saddam)

Mayberry Machiavellis in Space

"a blind man in a room full of deaf people"


beautiful equals usable

Gladwell archives

David Crawford - Stop Motion Studies, watch the faces

Survival Research Labs play Vegas!

Witold Riedel illustrations

Please mistake me for a hit, Sasha Frere-Jones kisses Swizz Beats bye bye

social circles visualizes mailing lists

space and culture

Tina Brown Translated

Photoshop's built in censorship

Dean gains 6 inches in just 1 minute!, warning its on Rush Limbaugh's site, but if you've got a gas mask you can learn a bit about media manipulation.

rhythmic danger, the zone of fruitless intensification and the death of jungle, aka Simon Reynolds in absolutely top form. Holla

Acid test illustrated

The Break in + press release

Gary Hart for Colorado Senator, please?

a dean (not Howie) on academic credit for blogging

Wooster Collective calls for a naming of a movement, I call it "post graffiti" but it sure could be better then that.

sponsoring bands like skaters, when do they start doing artists?

Citta Violenta

Hustling Novels Underground

Speakerboxx x/The Love Below vs. MTA2 Baptized in Dirty Water "When the album finally dies, then and only then will we come to appreciate the value of filler"

Design Reflecting Pools Selected for Ground Zero Memorial

John Battelle's Searchblog: Stats and Trends in Online Media

The Plame Affair continues

Fourth Annual Weblog Awards, go nominate y'all

Agenda - American Brandstand 2003 Wrap Up, 50 Cent push Mercedes to the top, and then what?


Greenfield on Korea in top form no less

japanther is the new Big Black

Trust, Institutions and Institutional Change: Industrial Districts and the Social Capital Hypothesis (pdf) is unread my me.

the iPod mini is small, not cheap

underground meat, overground disease?

Leaderless Resistance Today, well in the spring really, but it's a history anyways...